Cancelled camping!

Alfie is broken…his clutch is stuck and so we can’t go out in him.  We were supposed to be camping in him tonight but obviously we’re not.  We did debate going but staying in a B&B but it was pretty expensive so we have decided to set off tomorrow.  Since the weather was good we distracted the kids with a BBQ and playing in the garden.  Caitlin was playing on her pedal racer in her flip-flops!!  Not the best shoes for the job….

They also rode their bikes around and pretended they were in the Olympics….

…which got more and more serious!!  Noah was in charge of teaching everyone the proper starting position!!!!

We then had a BBQ cooked on GOA the BBQ car!!


We decided we really should invest in some headlights for him!!!!  And maybe even a grill!!

Austin even tried the sweetcorn….

The weather was lovely and so we stayed out in the garden until the sun went down..not great for the early start tomorrow but never mind!!


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