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Shoes and MOT’s!

Caitlin is now all set for school!  We have been to Cheshire Oaks and got her some bargain shoes and while we were there we got some for Noah as well!  After shopping we went to the park for a quick catch up with Ed and Lucy.

Tuesday I phoned to book Elvis his MOT and they said to come down in an hour!!!  Richard was in bed so I couldn’t check my lights or anything…so I thought I’d chance it and just sort everything for the re-test.  An hour and a half later I got a call to say Elvis had PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is fantastic news as it means Richard won’t have to waste any time working on that!!

We then went to Ed and Lucy’s for a little party tea!!

Austin really enjoyed the cake!!!

When we got home it was time for Nanny, Grandad, Amy, Tina and David to visit for Caitlin’s birthday!  She opened lots of presents but all with a theme….shoes!!!!!!!!!

She got ballet, tap and some sparkly silver shoes!!!!  She also had a few other pairs of shoes on her wish list!!!!  Then it was time for bed ready for her birthday outing tomorrow….


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Holiday part 4

Near to where we were staying was Holy Island which you can drive to when the tide is right.  We liked the sound of driving in the sea so we went on the Friday!!  There was the old abbey there….

Very strangely there was a little boy practising his archery skills in the grave yard!!!!!  A bit disrespectfully we thought which prompted a big conversation about what/who was in the graves!!! 

After walking around the abbey we walked down towards the beach to eat our picnic…

…and check out the boat sheds…

It then started to look like it was going to throw it down with rain so we set off to the caravan..and sure enough we only just made it back to the mainland before torrential rain started!!

Throughout the week we also used the pool a bit which was nice and quiet, but no photography allowed!!!

On the Saturday we headed home via a pub lunch with Richards friend in Morecambe…..

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East Links Park – holiday part 3

A friend had told us to visit East Links park while we were up that way so on the Thursday we went.  It was dry which was good but a bit cold.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the park, it sounded really good on the internet but sometimes these places sound like there is loads to do but when you get there it’s not that good.  We arrived just at opening time and straight away Noah spotted some ride on tractors so we had a go on those….

As it was term time in Scotland it was pretty quiet.  Next we went on the trampolines and a giant jelly belly which was kind of like a bouncy castle with no walls….  Then we went into the giant castle play area.  There were 2 ways up to the top, along a wooden sloping walkway or up a rope bridge type walkway!  It went quite high and led to a giant slide.

…that’s Caitlin right at the top!  Underneath the rope area there was a rat run!!  Lots of tunnels all around the edges…..

From the top we spotted some pedal go-karts which Noah really liked the look of so we went over that way.  On the way we noticed the train was about to set off so we had a quick go on that which meant we could see everything and work out what to see next.  We had promised the go-karts so we went there…

…this was definitely Noah’s favourite part and he refused to get off he loved them so much.  So he stayed there while Caitlin and Austin went over to the play area….

It was then time for some lunch and straight after that Noah wanted to go back on the go-karts!!  They sold them in the shop, it’s a shame we don’t have more room!!!!

We decided to see some of the other bits before going back on the go-karts, so we walked around and fed the animals…

There were some go-karts for 4 people so we took 2 of those out and had a bit of a race before me and Richard got worn out and we had to come back!!  We walked around the maze, tried out the indoor soft play and climbing wall….

…and of course had another go on the go-karts!!!!!!!  Then there was just time for a walk around the small animals and an ice-cream before we had to set off.  There was tonnes to do there, it completely filled our day! 

In the evening we played in the arcade again…

…and played bingo!!!!!!

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Holiday part 2….

Monday was rainy…..  We were amazed at how nice the weather had been on Sunday so when it rained on Monday we weren’t surprised!!  We decided to brave the rain and go and visit Bamburgh Castle.

It was a really big castle and quite a lot of it was inside so although we got pretty wet it wasn’t too bad and it wasn’t cold which always makes rain a bit more bearable…

When we got back to the caravan we decided since we were already wet they could go made in the puddles!!!  So we sat inside and watched Caitlin and Noah from the window!!

They had a great time and we had to drag them in shivering and filthy ready for a bath and bed!!

Tuesday was also forecast to be rain so we went to Scotland (Edinburgh) for the day.  Where we were staying was only about a mile away from the Scottish border!  Caitlin and Noah were fascinated by the fact we were driving to a different country and we didn’t have to go on a plane or train under the water!!  We struggled with what to do in Edinburgh as there was tonnes of things in the guide and we had no idea which were any good!  Just as forecast it was raining so we went into the art gallery while we decided what to do.  In Manchester the art gallery is really child friendly with loads for them to do but when we asked the woman on the door she just laughed at us and said there was nothing for children!!  And she was right!  As soon as we came out of the gallery Caitlin managed to skid in a puddle on a grass area and was covered head to toe in mud and was soaked!!!!!!  So then we spent about an hour getting her a replacement outfit!!!  It’s really hard to find the shopping area of Edinburgh…the next was tiny and rubbish!!  Then we headed up to the monuments (which were right at the top of a hill) where we got a great view of Edinburgh…

 ..and a few photo’s…

…..we then headed back down the hill…

It was getting quite late so we decided to go to a science museum which was in the old part of the town.  We should have gone there earlier because there was loads going on, lots of street entertainment and better shops!!!

This man jumped off his box and scared Noah half to death!  Ever since he has been convinced the sword man is coming to get him!!!!  We also went to a toy museum and then for some tea.  By then it was quite late and we went back to the caravan with 3 sleeping children!

On Wednesday we went back to Bamburgh beach but it wasn’t as warm so we didn’t stay for too long but they still loved playing in the sand.  Later on we gave Caitlin and Noah some money to spend in the arcades at the holiday park.  They tried to win a peppa pig and a spikey woo from the grab machines but they are a con and impossible and so we persuaded them to play the 2p drop machines!  Noah won 2 cars (and a lot of 2p’s – and also spent a lot of 2p’s!!) and Caitlin won a sparkly box!!!!!!!  We then went to watch the evening entertainment!!!

They all loved it!! It was very cheesy and Noah was right at the front of the stage joining in!!

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Our holiday in a caravan! (part 1)

After months of dithering about where we were going we finally booked somewhere the day before we were leaving!  We decided against going abroad incase we got stranded by the air strikes and we missed out on the ferry crossings because we waited too long!  So we ended up on a caravan park!!  We paid extra to have a new caravan in the hope it wouldn’t be too scruffy and horrible!  When we arrived the caravan was pretty nice and new, and clean….  It had 3 bedrooms….they were tiny, you could barely walk down the side of the bed but it was clean so it was ok!

On the Sunday we drove to Bamburgh because someone had told us the beach there was really nice and it was gorgeous!!!  Really soft sand and it was singing sand!!  Thats sand that squeaks as you shuffle your feet through it!!

And the weather was fantastic!!!!!!  We’d gone armed with jumpers and rain coats assuming it would rain and be freezing but it was actually really hot.

We hadn’t taken a picnic so we had to leave once Austin started to get hungry but they loved playing in the sand and paddling in the sea.

After we left the beach we drove a bit further along the coast to Seahouses for a chippy lunch.  That seemed to be all there was to see there so we left and went back to the caravan via a supermarket shop!!

Austin was really funny in the caravan!  He seemed to be really struggling with the size of it, he kept crashing into the walls….he’d take a few steps hit the wall, turn around and immediately hit the opposite wall!!

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Our busy week

On Sunday 15th we went to Drayton Manor park for the day with Nanny, Amy and Tina.  It’s a really great place for little ones, loads of rides for them and also still quite a few for adults.  There were a few rides Noah wasn’t quite big enough for so we missed them out but there was still more to see than we had time for!

Most rides were even ok for Austin as long as we went on with him.  He must be a real daredevil because he was loving all the slightly scary rides!  There was a rollercoaster type ride which went out over the lake and since Austin was allowed on it I persuaded Nanny to go too….it was a bit much for her but Austin thought it was great and was shouting ‘gain, ‘gain when we got off!!!  I have to say it was pretty fast and you weren’t held in very well so I’m not convinced it really was suitable for 1 year olds!!  There is a whole section devoted to Thomas the Tank which was good…

…a dinosaur trail….

…a zoo, a boat ride (which we didn’t have time for) and lots of rides we didn’t get chance to try!  We were there for almost 8 hours!!  They were exhausted but loved it!

On the Monday we went over to Nanny’s and I went out to look for garden furniture for our progressing garden (photo’s to follow when the rain stops!!!!!!) but I didn’t find any!

On the Tuesday we went to the museum of museums!!!  And yes it really was as strange a place as it’s name suggests!!! It’s not finished yet so it was free, which was good because if we’d paid we would have been upset!

There was a mini there but I didn’t get a decent picture of them with it!  It kept it busy for a while on a very rainy day but I don’t think the kids were overly impressed with it!!!  And we wouldn’t go back…even while it is free!

Wednesday was a trip to the park while the rain stopped for the morning!!  In the afternoon we had to be home for someone to come and quote us for a loft conversion.  We’ve decided to go ahead so fingers crossed the job’s worth’s at the council take pity on our exploding house and let us have an extra bedroom in our loft!!

Thursday was a trip to a further afield park but my photos are on my phone so I’ll add those later!  We had to cut our trip short to come home and watch the paint dry on our doors!!!!!! 

Friday we met up with Caitlin’s best friend from school.  It was raining yet again and so we just went to a soft play.  Noah was a bit disappointed that his friends from school weren’t there but they all had a good time!  We then got home and finally booked a holiday…which meant we then ran around like lunatics packing for the rest of the day!!!

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Very busy!!

We’ve not been eaten by aliens…we’re just very busy!!

Out everyday!!  Might have been a bit enthusiastic with our school holiday plans!!!  Lots of decorating and housey stuff going on (which meant no computer)!!!  Looking for a proper holiday!!  Sorting Caitlin’s birthday out…..

We’ll be back with loads of posts soon!!!!!!

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Final swimming lesson

Today was the final lesson in their crash course of swimming.  They are so much more confident in the water now it is great.  Although really we should have done it after our holiday as their fear of the water is normally a pretty good safety feature in that they would never fall in!!!  They are also booked in for weekly lessons on Sundays from September. I really wanted weekday lessons but to do that meant they would be on separate days.

At the end of the lesson today I was expecting a certificate to say they had attended but they got an award!!!!!!

I can’t really figure out what it is for but it is the puffin award….

I am also not 100% convinced they have legitimately earned it which if not is very annoying (a bit like the prize in every layer of the pass the parcel thing!!!!!!) but they loved getting it!  Now we need to figure out where to sew their badges!!

While I had my camera out I took a photo of the 3 of them!  I have given up trying to get a decent photo of all 3…it is completely impossible, but this is a good try!!

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A spot of rain!!

I am on garden watering duty, but given today’s downpour I don’t think I am needed!!!!!!  This is the road to our house……

I think the water came right up to where Caitlin and Noah are stood while it was raining as there is a line of leaves and wash up there!  We had to take a massive diversion to get home, but Caitlin and Noah loved seeing the flood!  According to the BBC our area was the worst hit today…  I can’t believe how heavily it was raining it was ridiculous, with hail and loads of thunder and lightening….wish our summer would arrive before the schools go back!


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Swimming lessons 3 and 4!

Didn’t get chance to update on the swimming lessons yesterday!  They are still going well, they are getting braver and braver every day.  Caitlin’s favourite part is “blast off” which is where they kick off the wall backwards towards the teacher.  She seems to be quite good at that bit and pushes right off without the teacher holding her!  Noah’s favourite bit is jumping in even though when he does it he barely jumps…more sort of stepping into his teachers arms!  It’s a shame tomorrow is the last lesson, until they start going in September, hopefully they won’t have forgotten it all by then!  Or even better we’ll get a holiday and they’ll progress even more!!

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