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Family outing!!

Richards funny shift pattern at work means he’s sometimes off during the week so today we took advantage and went to the museum of science and industry.  We had a great time in the room all about jobs through the ages in Manchester where there was some dressing up outfits!  Noah dressed up as an astronaut and Caitlin dressed up as Roary!!!!!!

Then we went to the xperiment bit and hoisted the mini up!!!

And saw the Vimto exhibition which was pretty poor really… Then it was onto Caitlin’s favourite part of the museum…the engine room!!!!!!!

She loves them, she just stands for ages staring at them!!!!!!  Noah also liked this room as it had lots of trains!

Getting home was a bit of a nightmare as the trains were all cancelled so we had to squeeze on the replacement bus!  It only took us about 3 hrs to make it home!!!!!  Admittedly we did have a 1.5hr break in that travel time where we realised we’d be home way to late for tea so had to go find somewhere to eat…but still 1.5hrs to travel 3 miles isn’t good!!!!!

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Auto 66 hill climb and sprint finals!

Today we went to see the finals of the Auto 66 finals at Elvington.  Richard knew a few of the people competing from the 16V mini club.  It wasn’t a good track to spectate at as you were only allowed onto the start line and not anywhere around the actual circuit but we still had a good day.   Caitlin and Noah made friends with Madeline and her dog Ruby……

They both loved watching the cars and bikes as well.  Everytime Noah sees a car racing he says “deady doh” which is steady go!!!!!!! Then he stands there shouting brrrmmm and neeooowwwww!!!!

Inbetween the racing they did a bit of racing of their own…..

….and played in Elvis!  Ever the safety concious one Caitlin even put the seatbelt around them both…

Unfortunately Madelines Dad who was in this car….

(and a very nice car it was too) rolled on his last lap because he clipped a hay bale on the edge of a corner!  He is fine but “General Lee” his mini isn’t!!!!!!  The only consolation is that he had managed to improve his times on every lap and won best novice in the competition!!!

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Fame and helping!

So here is a scan of Mini Magazine……….  They are right at the top in the middle…

Today they have been helping Richard tidy up the garage…. I just thought they looked a bit funny in their giant gloves!!!!!!!!

and Noah…..

Thats it really…we’ve had a quiet week after our travels….

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Caitlin and Noah are famous!  They are in this months Mini Magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Its not in the shops just yet but as soon as it is I’ll scan/photograph it and show you all!!!!!!!!!!

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On the Sunday me and Richard left Caitlin and Noah blowing bubbles with Nan and went off to see Nickelback at Wembley arena.

We had a great night, I was really annoyed though because I assumed cameras would be confiscated so I didn’t take mine but it turned out I could have.  So these are the best pictures I could get…..

Yeah that could be anyone but its not……..  Also there was a mobile beer barrel walking round which was cool…

We stayed overnight at Alex and Brian’s flat then it was time to head home on Monday…..  So we collected Caitlin and Noah and said goodbye to Nan…

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A visit to Grandma and Grandad

On the Saturday again since we were nearby we paid Grandma and Grandad a visit.  Caitlin and Noah loved their garden and had a great time having wheelbarrow rides around the garden…

They both thought it was really funny and kept getting back in when ever the rides stopped…

Then Noah decided to show his intelligence…..

This is him inside the cats outside shelter!!!!!!!  He is quite clever really (he can say loads of words and knows lots of animals and is even starting to count) but quite often he has no sense at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A visit to Great Grandma

Great Grandma lives on the south coast so we decided as we were so close we’d call in for a visit since she hasn’t met Noah yet….  Richard did try phoning before hand to warn her we were coming but all he got was someone saying hello a lot on the other end.  Turns out she didn’t have “her ears in” and so couldn’t hear us.  She didn’t seem shocked to see us it was as if we call in all the time (the last time we went was when Caitlin was 4 months old!!!!!!!!!!!)  She’s 91 and is still knitting and doing cross stitch etc and apart from a bit of a bad memory is really well.  I thought it was very funny that when she was going through all of the photos of her great grandchildren she said and these are Andrew’s son’s children he’s got a girl and a boy….yep that’ll be Caitlin and Noah the 2 in your garden!!

Getting a photo of both of them with her was virtually impossible, but I did get a good one of her and Noah…

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