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Happy halloween and Guess What!!!?????

Today has been Halloween and we’ve been to a few parties!!

First thing we went to Jitterbugs to meet Gemma and Abigail. Katie was in school (hope her cold hasn’t developed too much?) Caitlin LOVED playing with Abi, they spent ages running around together and really playing together rather than their usual just having a good time separately. They got very excited throwing themselves off everything so much so that it was very hard to get any good pics as they were moving too fast!! Here’s the best…



Then on to the Guess What!!!!!??????? Noah finally crawled……. forwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried for ages to get a video of it but failed so you’ll just have to believe me or ask Gemma since she witnessed it!!


After Jitterbugs we went to C & M’s halloween party… where we had lots of party food, pass the parcel and went next door to trick or treat where Caitlin got a special dairy free treat bag!!  There were also loads of cool bugs in the pass the parcel and the party bags!

all2.jpg      all-trick.jpg


After this we quickly went home where Noah demonstrated his forward crawling again!  Then onto Mini Club where Caitlin wore her other halloween outfit….

 c3.jpg          n6.jpg




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Just playing….

Today we went to playgroup, then to the pub for dinner.  A usual Monday!!!

Noah still can’t go forwards but he has been working on standing instead and now pulls himself up on everything!!  Caitlin however has decided that under the settee is the place to be….

ca.jpg    cn1.jpg

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30th birthday party

Aunty Amy is 30 today!!!!  Happy birthday!!!!!!!  We went over to see her and give her her presents.  She got lots of PJ’s and we also gave her a campervan lamp or as Caitlin would say an amalam lamp!!  Here is Amy with Caitlin and Noah….

ac.jpg     all1.jpg     an.jpg

On her cake was a photo of her when she was little.  Caitlin looks a lot like her just with curls!!!  I’ll try to find my version of the picture and take a pic of it….

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Track day

With no Caitlin or Noah today we’ve been watching friends do a track day at Oulton Park.  The weather was good to begin with then it started to rain…bad for the competitors good for us the spectators!!  During the rain we saw a few spin outs, but none from our friends!!  Here’s us watching them…


Spam was in the blue saxo…



And here’s Keith and Sarah in the silver saxo and Spam again in the blue one.  I’ll leve it to you to decide who’s just overtaken or is it about to catch up?????


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Park and Ratatouille

I’ve not posted for a while so heres a bit of a catch up!!

On Wednesday night we went to mini club as usual…here’s a picture of Caitlin sitting at the table looking cute!


Thursday we met some friends for lunch and park…  Noah was still a bit coldy and it looks like Caitlins catching it too as she hardly ate anything.


 Today we went to the cinema to see ratatouille.  It was Noahs first trip to the cinema and he wasn’t all that impressed really.  On Caitlins first trip she was stunned by the big screen and noise.  Noah was more interested in smiling at the woman behind us then fell asleep!  Caitlin seemed to like the film.

And now this evening they have gone to stay with Nanny!!!



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Staying in sick

Noah is sick…he has got a cold.  He spent most of the night coughing and generally unable to breath properly!!  Today I tried to get him to do some clolouring but he just ate the pencils and the card!  Its a good job I only put thumbnail pictures on (for the benefit of our dark age relatives who only have dial up…but I doubt they actually read this..) so you can’t see his nose!!!!


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Half term….

This week is half term so no play groups!!  Its actually quite nice to have a break from them and have a few lazy days!!  This morning we cooked hot pot, here is Caitlin peeling potatoes and Noah playing under the dishwasher…

c1.jpg        n4.jpg

 Noah is also 8 months today… here are side by side pics of him and Caitlin at about 8 months…



 I can’t believe how much more hair he’s got…its very unfair really since its more important for girls to grow their hair….  Apart from the hair they look pretty similar.

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Lyme Park and Nandos

First thing this morning Noah played under the settee as usual! He can crawl backwards and normally if he hits a wall he just turns and then continues backwards, but once he gets under the settee he can’t turn and so stays playing until he gets bored….


This morning we went to Lyme park for a run around. Caitlin chased some horses and Noah balanced in a tree trunk!! Afterwards we played on the swings.

ntree.jpg cslide.jpg nswing.jpg

For tea we went to Nandos, where we discovered Noah REALLY REALLY doesn’t like peri peri! He got very upset and screamed for about 5 mins after he had a bit of chicken with the mildest sauce they do. He loved the frozen yoghurt and vegi burger though. Not sure about the lettuce!

nnan.jpg cnan.jpg


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Today we have just been playing! Firstly we went to the play group at Valley School. This playgroup is good because there are lots of helpers so either Caitlin or Noah get played with while I play with the other.  Afterwards we went for tea at Lucy and Ed’s, then Lucy, Caitlin and Noah had a bath!!

As you can see Noah isn’t overly impressed at being surrounded by girls!!

all.jpg              n3.jpg

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Wythenshawe Park

We have never been to Wythenshawe Park before but it is great!!  There is a massive indoor bit with flowers, birds and fish.    Noah enjoyed squashing the plants….


Caitlin enjoyed running round and leaning over into the ponds with O her friend.  They looked very co-ordinated today!!!


 We’ll definately be going back, there is a bit with animals but we didn’t have time for that and I think Nan would like it so when she visits next we can go there….


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