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Royal Wedding and the street party

This morning we got up and got dressing into our red, white and blue clothes (and red and blue nails!) ready to watch the Royal Wedding!

I was a bit concerned because Noah and Caitlin both thought they were actually going to the wedding in London!  Also Noah was convinced that Kate would grow wings when she turned into a princess!!!

We started watching and Caitlin was very confused as to whether it was actually happening right now and how they got into the tele!  She then became quite concerned about why the police had guns!  It was non-stop questions throughout the whole service….what car is that, how many exhausts does it have, why is the back completely glass…from Noah!  And who is that, where’s Williams mum…from Caitlin!

Noah as usual came out with some very funny statements…when Kate paused at the top of the aisle…he asked if she was in the queue to get married!

After the service we went around the corner to the road behind us that was having a street party… was fantastic, we had a great day! 

There was loads for the kids to do… making….

…bouncy castle and decorate a biscuit….

…face painting (Noah asked for a mini with an exhaust!)


…flags to wave….

…Austin joined some other little ones painting the wall with water….

The highlight for Noah was getting to play football with the bigger boys….

They all played all day and had a fantastic time.  We ended up staying quite late….

…until they were so worn out they couldn’t play anymore!!


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Royal Wedding build up

Caitlin and Noah’s schools were both celebrating the Royal Wedding….  Caitlin had to make a hat over the Easter holidays which she loved doing….

…and they had to wear it during their street party lunch.  Caitlin’s best friend won the hat competition!

Noah’s school had to dress up in a wedding outfit, so I made him a union jack waistcoat!!

And in the morning he was going to a nearby school who were having a street parade to watch.  I volunteered to help out walking them all to the parade.  I’m not sure if I should be flattered that they think I’m really capable or if they were trying to scare me off from future trips!  A few other mum’s helped and they had 2 children to look after, I had to take Austin in the pram but I still had 3 nursery children to look after….and one of those was on her first day!!!!  Anyway we walked to the parade and made it just in time which was good as it meant no waiting around for it.

The kids had all made St Georges flags and had a fantastic time waving them as the parade went past.  Although I think Noah was a bit disappointed as I think he thought he was going to London!!!

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Back to school….

…for Noah!  So I gave Caitlin the choice of what she wanted to do…and she picked softplay!  Very boring…but that’s what she wanted so we did!

After we’d picked Noah up from school they opened their parcel from Nan and played outside with the bubble swords she had sent them for Easter….

Austin didn’t quite get it and just kept getting a mouth full of bubble mixture!!

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Mini’s v Beetle’s

Today we went to York Dragway for mini’s versus beetle’s.  For the past few years the weather has been pretty bad but this year seemed ok.  We sat on the grandstand and watched the qualifying runs and ate our picnic….

Then once the mini’s had run and it was just the run what you’ve brung section we went for a wander in the pits Caitlin obviously found the pink mini (there’s usually one!!)….

I liked the rat look beetle…..

Then it was time for the jet cars first run of the day.  It uses 40 gallons of fuel on the 1/4 mile run and is very loud….i’ll try to upload a video….

We then stayed there to watch a few more mini qualifying runs….

..before going for some ice cream and to see some more cars.  Noah was very impressed with the spoilers!!!!

After the mini’s and beetle’s had gone head to head….the mini’s lost…booo…there was one last run by the jet car…

We’d lost one set of ear defenders so Noah decided to put his hands over Austins ears!!

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Easter Sunday

The Easter bunny called……..but his route had obviously been a bit hot because the chocolate mini he was delivering was a bit melted…….

…I’m not sure Noah even recognised it!!!

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A couple of weeks ago someone ran into me on the motorway.  I was completely stationary so there was only minimal damage but it needed repairing.  The guy who ran into me worked in a body shop so we agreed he could repair the damaged bumper.  So today I went to drop it off in Bolton and while it was being fixed we went into the town centre.  We went around the shops which were just smaller versions of the ones in Manchester so pretty disappointing really.  We also checked out the elephants dotted around town….

There was also an Easter celebration going on so the kids joined in the colouring table.  A very strange woman who was walking past came over to shout at me and the organiser for letting Austin colour with pencils!!!  She went on and on about how they are dangerous and he could stab himself with them….I always find the nutters while I am out and about!!  I thought the car wouldn’t be much longer and there was a park opposite the garage so we walked there.  The guy fixing the car should have warned us about the park!!  It was full of drunks!  Noah managed to befriend one of them and we were trapped talking to her for ages!  She was completely harmless but her language was a bit colourful so not really the sort of person we wanted to be stuck with for ages!!  While we were in the park Caitlin and Noah picked some dandelions……

….they are so different!  Caitlin had a lovely bunch of dandelions…Noah had a squashed handful!!!!!!!

After Bolton we headed over to Abigail and Katie’s for a BBQ and then I went out for drinks with Gemma!!

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The park tour continues….Bramhall park!

The sun was still out!  I can’t believe how good the weather has been for these holidays, it’s been fantastic and we’ve had a great time!  Today we met Caitlin’s friend in Bramhall park.  We played in the park for a while then had our picnic.  Just after the picnic Austin managed to fall over into a big patch of dusty mud….

After we cleaned him up…we went back to play….

…and spin….

This was the last proper day of the Easter holidays and after our rubbish illness filled Christmas holidays this holiday has been great…brilliant weather filled with really simple park trips and picnic’s!

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Bruntwood park

The sun continues and so we had another park trip!  Today we went with my Godson and his mum.  He has just got a balance bike which we are thinking of getting Austin for his birthday and so Austin could have a go…..

He seemed to get how to work it straight away and loved it…  Noah also rode it but I didn’t get a photo of him…not sure how since he was on it the most!  Maybe because he was super fast on it??  Caitlin also had a couple of goes….

We also played on the playground which they all loved….

We had our picnic, played some more, rode some more and then it was time for home.

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A reunion

Today Caitlin had a reunion!!!  I think it’s quite funny that at just age 5 she has a reunion to attend!  Last year her nursery class was full of lovely kids, but when they went to reception they were all split up into the surrounding school, with only 2 going to Caitlin’s school.  The parents have all kept in touch but the kids haven’t all met up since last year so I arranged a reunion!

We decided to meet in Lyme park and 12 of them turned up some with siblings so we had a pretty big group.  The weather was gorgeous and the kids just picked up where they left off…it was as if they were all still at school together.  We started off in the new play area which is great but Austin kept running off and wandering into bits that were way way too old for him.  After we’d played there for a while we walked up a hill were we had our picnic and then the kids all played on the side where there was loads of hidey holes and bits to climb on….

Austin had a great time at the top of the hill playing with one boy’s older sister…

..apparently she had a great time looking after him too.

We then went back to the lake where we had ice-creams and a paddle in the water…

…and a play with some old tree stumps…

…before it was time for home….with plans for another reunion during the summer.  I hope we stay in touch….this year at nursery the group isn’t as friendly…the only friendly ones really are those that were there last year as well.  I doubt there’ll be any reunion for Noah’s class.

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Sandbach Totally Transport

Today we went to the Sandbach Totally Transport festival and it was lovely and sunny which strangely it quite often is!We saw lots of trucks…..

…..and had a sit in some old farm trucks….

On the way to the park to eat our packed lunch we passed the police display and Noah got to test out the back of a police van!!!  He loved it….

…and Austin even found an Austin…..

…and Caitlin found the carnival princess that she met last year.  Amazingly the princess remembered her….Richard thinks this is because Caitlin is the only person who has ever been star struck enough to ask for a photo with her!!!!!!

After Sandbach we went around to a friend’s house to wish her a happy birthday!  Austin had a fantastic time washing their wendy house…..

…good job it was so sunny…although he did have to borrow some clothes to go home!

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