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Hedgehogs and bowling!!

Today me and Austin have been making hedgehog costumes!!!!  Austin really did not enjoy the experience…either the making – he was very bored and kept trying to walk on the very new and hence slippy floor at Louise’s and falling over!!  He definitely didn’t enjoy the modelling……

There are a few more prickles to be added but you get the gist!  We just hope it’s big enough for the actual acting hedgehogs as we had to make do with a pair of trousers for fabric which limited the size!!!

After school as Richard was on earlies and so finished early, and we had tickets for 2 people to go free we went bowling!!  Somehow after a terrible start Richard won and Caitlin came 2nd!! 

Noah has decided to start adjusting the ramp and so his bowling has deteriorated!!!!!  We then went for a nice meal where Noah amazed us and ate a huge pizza!!!!!!


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Stairs here we come!

Austin has developed a great liking for the stairs!!!  The second we open the living room door he’s out and up the stairs!!

Unfortunately he still does not have a clue how to come down other than throwing himself down!  He is also practising his walking and generally finding all dangerous objects which given our current building situation is a lot!!!!!!

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Step, step, step at exactly 11 months old!

Today Austin is 11 months old!!!!!!!!!  That is so close to a whole year it is scary!!!!!  He has completely mastered crawling and lets go and stands regularly (apologies for the mismatch of clothes he as having a bad day…that was outfit number 4 after 2 exploding nappies and a spilt drink!)….

And this afternoon he took 3 steps!!!!!!  He is just 5 days slower than Noah and 4 days slower than Caitlin!!!!  He refused to perform for a little video clip but never mind.

Austin is still a happy and content little soul…apart from while we eat our tea which he seems to have taken great objection too and screams blue murder at!!  We give him the same as us to have a munch on but he doesn’t care, and he stops instantly as soon as we stop eating and do something else…we don’t even have to start playing with him…odd!! 

He can climb a few stairs and is a magnet for finding our baby dangerous areas – which since building work is still going on there are lots of!!  He’s in all the cupboards and loves the dishwasher.  He’s also tall enough to reach the kitchen table as we discovered when he pulled a plate off and broke it!!!  He also likes to shout a lot and tries to copy what everyone is saying.  He has 9 teeth – the front 8 and a molar??!!


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Riding a bike…it would seem you do forget!!

Today I promised that if they ate their dinner really quickly I’d take them to the park on their bikes.  As the bikes have been at the old house they haven’t ridden them for ages….  Just after they finished dinner it started to rain…..  At the suggestion of postponing the ride there were lots of tears…so out in the rain we went!!

Noah used to be really fast on his bike and pretty good at it…but it would seem that once you can ride a bike you never forget because Noah couldn’t even figure out how to pedal!!!!!!  We left Austin behind (with Richard!) and off we went.  Both of them instantly veered off the pavement and into the road!!!!  So I sent Caitlin back home while I took Noah.  He was hopeless, couldn’t steer or pedal!!  We got as far as the end of our block then we turned round to go back home.  On her second time out Caitlin was much better and kept it on the pavement and peddled and steered and we got all the way around the block.  Now that Caitlin was refreshed on how to ride a bike we went back for Noah…..

He managed to pedal and steer but even after going all around the block he still was nowhere near as good as he was last summer!!!  We were all wet but they had fun!!!


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On Noah’s birthday some of his friends couldn’t make his bowling party and every time we rearranged someone was ill….finally today we all made it!!

Noah spent most of the time chasing Katie around trying to kiss her!!!!!!!!!  She wasn’t keen!! 

He spent so much time chasing her and not concentrating on his bowling that he came last!!!!!  Austin was just happy to stand at the bowling balls and grin!!

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Drifting and flying!!

Just incase the stunt bike yesterday didn’t give Noah enough ideas today we went to watch the drifting, freestyle motocross and monster trucks…..  After a very boring hour’s wait we finally got in!!!  We then had to wait for that set to stop drifting so we could cross over the track and get to the empty viewing area so we could actually see!!!

Noah and Austin loved watching the drifting…

Austin is getting very good at standing and still seems to prefer walking to crawling!!  We stayed in our excellent spot to watch the freestyle motocross which had them all fascinated…

…and then we watched the monster truck….

Once it was time for dinner we decided to walk over to the Trafford centre as the facilities were frighteningly bad at the drifting!!!!!!  So once we were fed and toileted we headed back to find far too many people for the viewing areas and so we had no chance of the kids seeing anything.  We went for a walk around the display areas and Noah loved looking at all the pimped up cars!!!

A few of the cars were up on axle stands being tweaked for the next round of drifting and he tried to climb underneath them to see!!!!  He insisted on me taking photos of him with the ones that had their bonnets up!!!

…and blue ones…..

He also got to sit in a stock car again…..

Caitlin had the chance to sit in the stock car but the man was too scary!!!!!  She was much happier once we went to the starting line to watch them all line up and set off with their exhausts popping!!!

Austin liked watching at the start line too….

Once we were done we headed home where Noah continued to re-enact the stunt bikes and monster trucks!!!!!!!!


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Totally (not) transport

For the past few years we have been going to totally transport in Sandbach.  Normally we go on the Sunday but Saturday is advertised as “family day” so we went then instead.  It was a good day and the weather was fantastic but totally transport it wasn’t!!!  There were some remote control trucks being driven around which Noah loved….

We had a wander around and saw a lovely old fire engine…

…and went on a couple of fairground rides and went to watch the parade.  Last year we were in the parade and it took us hours to get around there were so many cars, trucks, traction engines etc in it,  but this year the parade was over and done with in about 10 minutes….

Austin (and the others) still liked it though….

We then went for some dinner where Caitlin got to meet the carnival princess!!!!!!!  I think that made her day!!!  She loves carnival queens and princesses and wants to be one when she grows up…..

and after that was a motorbike stunt rider…

….Noah completely loved this (the trucks were forgotten!!), he stood watching without taking his eyes off him for the whole thing!!    There was time for a quick ice-cream by the flowers and then onto Lucy’s birthday party….

…where Noah recreated the wheelies and riding standing on the seat that he’s seen earlier…hmmmm!!!!!!!

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1st day of school

Today was Noah’s first day at pre-school.  He has been excited for months and months and finally his day has come!!!!!!  He packed his bag with his spare clothes and off we went.

(he was a bit cold in the photo!)  He ran in the gate and straight through the door barely saying goodbye!! 

Two and a half hours later I went to pick him and Caitlin up….  Out came Caitlin, eye’s looking upwards saying…Noah won’t come out!!  At their school they call them a couple at a time depending who’s parents are there first, sometimes before the story is finished.  The story hadn’t finished so he was refusing to come out until it was which makes sense!!  He was a bit disappointed that he hadn’t got to draw but was pleased he had played in the water and in the ball pool.  He is very excited about taking his new lunch box tomorrow…lets just see if he actually eats any of it without me to force it down him!!!!!!!!


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This afternoon we went back to see the nurse (and doctor) about the lump in Noah’s neck.  It has got bigger overnight but he’s still perfectly well with it, apart from complaining it hurts if you press the actual lump, but he says his throat doesn’t hurt otherwise.  We saw the nurse and she called the doctor back who she’d called yesterday.  They are both a bit confused that it is quite big but he is otherwise well.  They checked the glands at the tops of his legs, his stomach and his armpits (all of which he found hilariously funny!!) but they were all fine.  His ears and throat are clear of visible infection and although there is a tiny bit of swelling on the other side of his neck that hasn’t worsened.  He doesn’t have a temperature either….  So they have given him antibiotics and will see him again in another 48 hours…… when if the antibiotics haven’t had any effect they’ll do blood tests. Very strange!!  Also very annoying as none of the kids have ever had antibiotics before so he has ruined our amazing record….. Ah well just hope the lump goes soon because it looks awful!!  Luckily they did say he was fine to go for his first day at school tomorrow!!!!

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No more wawling….

For a few weeks Austin has been doing a strange walk/crawl type thing….  He’d get up on his feet but still with his hands on the floor and walk towards his hands collapsing when his feet got too close, then putting his hands further out getting back up on his feet and walking towards his hands again…  I’ve been trying to video it because it is quite funny but with no joy.  Anyway today he started properly crawling (at long last!!!!!) so I think the wawling will be no more as it was very very inefficient so I’m sure now he has figured crawling he’ll do that instead.  Quite sad really as I used to find the wawling very funny…..

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