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We needed some shopping in town so we met up with E to have a play in Urbis once we were done.

On the first floor was fashion by a designer neither of us had heard of…  Obviously someone important because Linda got told off for using her flash on her camera as it damages the dresses!!!!!!!!  Its a very good job they didn’t see Noah run along side the catwalk display batting the bottom of each dress as he went along!!!!  Far more risky than a flash, although his hands were clean!!

Caitlin and E had a dance to the catwalk music and then we went downstairs away from the very expensive and delicate dresses before we had a disaster….

Downstairs was a gardening exhibition where Caitlin smelt some flowers while Noah climbed the stairs taking great care not to knock the display flowers off!!!!!!!

There was also a dressing up shed which they all spent ages in!

Before getting creative…  First they coloured butterflies in, then they coloured owl and bat masks, well Caitlin didn’t do much colouring she concentrated on putting glue all over hers not that she stuck anything on!!!!  Then Caitlin coloured a plant pot and planted some runner beans.  Hopefully they will survive better than the sunflowers which we discovered yesterday have been mostly eaten!!!!!!


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Today we went to see E,  we had a great time playing and reading.  Noah also got his birthday present which was a fantastic car puzzle and a car transporter.

L made us some spaghetti bolognese for dinner which was very nice and both Caitlin and Noah polished off huge portions!  After that E had made some cookies which had milk in (they weren’t initially for Caitlin but we are supposed to test her with milk occasionally) but she had one.  So far so good, she hasn’t reacted!  They didn’t have much milk in but even so its a very good sign.

Here’s E making her cookies …… (I pinched the photo – and all of the other ones below – from L at Chronicles of Squidgy Boo (link on the right), so Thank you L!!)

Here they are playing…. L’s camera is so so clear and her timing is always really good too, look at this pic of Caitlin it is amazing, I love it!!

And she also managed to get them both looking at the camera, always a tough task…

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School holidays!

Today we met up with Lucy and Ed who are both on half term.  We were worried that being half term it would be busy….but the wacky warehouse in Alderley was actually closed because it was half term!!!!!!!!  To me that makes no sense….why close a childs play centre during you busiest time???  There wasn’t a party on or any other event they just said they shut in the mornings during school holidays!!!???  So off we went to find another place which we did….

How similar do Caitlin and Lucy look in this picture??

And here is Caitlin and Noah playing on the small slide….

Although most of Caitlin’s time was spent playing on this slide which was as steep as it looks!!!  Loads of kids were too scared to go down it but fearless Caitlin just kept going down it!!!


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Caitlins friend is famous…

Every Wednesday we go to the pub and Caitlin has 2 friends there. They are 2 goth hippies with a dog and they always say hello to her and she always goes over to have a distant look at the dog. She then always says goodbye to them. They are really nice, we’ve no idea what their names are but they are very friendly! We are 99% certain they are in the semi-finals of Britains Got Talent!!! Caitlin’s friend is the middle one, and we are sure that her “costume” is just another of her everyday outfits!!

So we need to vote for her!!!!!!!!

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Mini Se7ens

Today we have been to Oulton Park to see the Mini Se7ens race.  It was a bit windy and cold and we forgot their coats so poor Noah spent most of the day in the pram with my jumper on!  He did get out to watch the minis race and also have a play on some cars carved out of a tree trunk, which was really cool.

We also had a wander through the pit lanes where Caitlin (who got the only coat we happened to have in the car but was still freezing!!) got to see the pink mini which she loved and also a kart….

These tiny cars were amazing and got up to speeds of 135mph on the track!!!!!!!!!!!  One crashed and was unrecognisable as a kart but apparently the guy was ok!  The owner of the kart above said Caitlin could sit in it but she was too shy!

Caitlin also loved this mini!  It is a Zcars mini with a motorbike engine in the back!  Combining her 2 great loves of minis and motorbikes!

Although the highlight of the day for Caitlin was watching 2CV’s race!! She has been talking about these since we set off for home!

Also while we were in the pit lanes they had a play on the podium…. We also have a photo from last year on the podium so you can compare how much they have grown…  We thought it was hard to get a pic last year with only Caitlin moving but this year was nearly impossible!!!!!

Today was very very windy and on the other side of the track a tree got blown down and crushed an Audi!  The owner had just got out and was very shocked to say the least!  Being nosey we decided to take a trip over… So we decided to drive, which according to our directions was just go out of the gate turn left and the entrance is along there.  We could see people over there so we assumed the entrance must be open, so we got to an entrance that was shut and thought we must just need to follow the track round a bit more….so we kept turning left keeping the track on our left!  After quite a while an no longer being able to see the track we assumed we must have gone wrong so we turned around…. Only to discover this………

LOADS of cows wandering down the road!!!!!!!!!!!  Ages and ages later we made it back to the track, only to discover everyone else was leaving so we left too!

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Never assume!!!!!!!!!

I assumed that paints described as no mess, no stress would definitely be washable!!!!!!!  OH NO!!!!!!!!  They are brushless paints where you just dab the sponge on the end of the bottle and so I thought would be great and as they say less mess!!  I suppose they were less messy than regular brushes and pots….but Noah ate his a lot and got it all over his hands, and in his ear and on his cheeks etc!!!!!!!!!

This is them painting (and eating!)…..

Caitlin then decided to copy and put both of her hands in a big splodge of green and black.  No problem I thought, and packed the paint away and got some water to wash off the mess…..  HA no washing this paint off!!  So after gently scrubbing with a scouring pad (they were laughing so it can’t have hurt!!)….this is what resulted….

The photo doesn’t do it justice…Caitlin has green tinted arms and very green hands…she looks like the incredible hulk!!!!!!!  Well a very slim version!!!!

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Out alone!!

Yesterday Caitlin went out alone! Lee a friend of ours and his girlfriend Jenny took Caitlin to see the engines at the Museum of Science and Industry. Caitlin loves Lee and plays with him every Wednesday at the pub and the engines are one of her favourite places to go so she had a great time. They made badges and played with the waterwheel.

Me and Noah just played in the garden, then Noah was really tired and slept for nearly 2 hours!!!!!!!!! I didn’t know he could sleep for that long in the day, must have been the fact no-one was there to miss him and prod him to play again.

And later he tried on his beach wear ready for our holidays!!!!!!!!

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Caitlin and the Queen

The last few days Caitlin and Noah have been with Nanny while I had to work!!  They have been to arts and crafts at the library, for walks in the park and today they went to town to see the Queen who was supposed to be visiting!!  Unfortunately they didn’t get to see the queen so they then went to a lake, but that had had the water drained out of it, so then they went to some caves.  They had lots of fun even if it didn’t all go according to plan.  No photos I’m afraid as they were with Nanny….

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I GOT IT!!!!!!

I have just been told I am definately getting made redundant!!!!!!  My finish date is June 30th which is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This means I’ll get paid loads to quit my job which I was considering anyway and it means we can afford the house we really like so long as we can sell ours!

Just need that bathroom finished now!!!!!!!!!!  Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yesterday we went shopping with Nanny and Amy, looking for swimming costumes to take on holiday!! Noah has virtually outgrown his before we even got it packed for last years holiday so he definitely needs a new one. Caitlin has had the same one all her life and it still fits, but Nanny insisted she needed a new one! So we chose a sun suit for Noah…but they didn’t have his size and a tankini set for Caitlin but surprise surprise they didn’t have her size either! So we have to go back again.

We went to the Trafford Centre and went to the new extension but a lot of things were still not finished, but it was still good. Here is Noah by the fountain …

Yesterday I was on my childminding course, which is going well, although I think the others think I am a swot since I got 9 out of 9 on the test and others only got around 5 out of 9…. Some of mine was down to luck since the questions are quite ambiguous.

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