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Noah has got his nursery place

Today we went to playgroup at Caitlin’s school and I got talking to one of her teachers who told me Noah definitely has a place after Easter.  I then asked which days…I was really praying for 2 full days and a half day so that I wasn’t running back and forward to school 3 times a day.  She then went to check and they have their list from the council and he has Wed afternoon and all day Thurs and Fri…yipppeee!!  I won’t get my official letter for a few weeks but at least I know and can now look into some baby things to do with Austin on those days!!!

They have told the kids at nursery that Noah is coming and apparently they are all very excited!!  I’m not sure they know what chaos is about to descend but Noah is excited!!!  And with full days he will get to use the lunch bag he got for his birthday!!!!!!


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Oh to be so popular!!

Caitlin seems to be really popular at school…and today we arrived in the playground for 2 of her friends to run up and hug her.  Then they started pushing each other away from her saying she’s my friend!!!!!  It was very funny..poor Caitlin just stood there not really knowing what to do!  Eventually I got them to agree to hold one of her hands each and race to the wall and back!!  I thought it was very funny to see her having people fight over her…nice to know she is so popular :-)!!

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Noah is 3!!!

Noah is 3…where have the last 3 years gone??? 

Noah woke up seeming a bit better on his birthday morning…..although I wasn’t sure that meant anything since most days he seemed better in the mornings….  He opened his presents and actually played with them….

Caitlin went off to school while we had a lazy day and I made a car cake!!!!!!!

Noah seemed to stay seeming relatively well all day which was good….  So we braved his party!  The party started with Noah and 9 friends going for a junk food tea which all went well, we then went bowling!  They all seemed to have a fantastic time.  They all got on really well, everyone took their turn and there was no fighting!!!

The adults all seemed to have a good time too, everyone was talking and dancing away to the music!  Noah and squidge had the top 2 scores…you can tell they bowl often!!!!!  After the bowling it was time for the cake…

If you want to see some dancing pictures you’ll have to head over to Squidgyboo…

…and a better photo of the cake!!!!!


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Let the party weekend begin!!!

The weekend for Caitlin was party central!!!  She had 4 parties to go to.  First on the list was a boy from school.  He was having a football party and when I first told her what it was she said she didn’t want to go…  I then said her best friend E was going and so she said she wanted to as well.  It turned out not to be just specifically football but just lots of ball and running games.  Caitlin wasn’t too sure at first and was scared to death at the ghost busters game where they all chased each other around and roaring at each other.  By the end of the party she had warmed up to the idea of being a bit boisterous….

Just after that party Nanny, Grandad and Amy arrived to join Nan in a family party for Noah.  By this point Noah was definitely not well….  He just about managed to open his presents but just opened them and put them to one side saying he would play with them tomorrow!! 

We stuck with going out hoping it would bring him back to life but once we got out he just sat there about to fall asleep….

…and soon after he did fall asleep!!  Austin however had a great time watching the world go by in his highchair…just look at those 2 new teeth!

Noah just about made it home (in the pram) and blew out his candles, took one bite of cake and then begged to go to bed!!!!!  Not at all like him to refuse cake!!!!

Sunday was a similar story for Noah…he woke up with a bit more life but by the time it came for Caitlin to go to another party, this time a little girl from school, he was lifeless and falling asleep….

Austin seemed better than he was on Friday, I’m assuming his was a bit of his cold and his teeth.  He had a good time cuddling with Nan though…

Caitlin had a fantastic time at today’s party.  It was at a soft play so no scary games!!!  In the evening we had pizza but Noah ate none of his again and begged to go to bed early!!!

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Off to the museum.

On Friday I couldn’t figure out if Noah was ok or not…he didn’t seem as hot but still had a cough….but seemed a bit more lively so we ventured out to the museum to meet someone from Caitlin’s school who has a brother the same age as Noah.

It was not fun!!!!!!!  Austin cried almost the whole time…he even cried if  picked him up!!  I couldn’t carry him so I put him back in the pram and he cried more!!  I tried feeding him, capol’ing him, ignoring him..nothing worked!  We hadn’t planned on staying long anyway so we did a quick tour around visiting the animals and dinosaurs…

Noah was still coughing but seemed to enjoy himself…

On the journey home Noah started moaning and he seemed to deteriorate from there…back to being boiling hot and very very tired…

And then Nan arrived to 2 sick children….not much fun for her….  We had home made chinese for tea which Noah ate none of and then went to bed early!!!

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Sick sick sick!!

On Tuesday night Noah started with a cough…  He got himself all worked up coughing and so couldn’t breath properly so I took him into our bed to calm him down, which he did and so he stayed there sleeping, sweating and coughing all night.  On the Wednesday we stayed in while he just sweated, whined and dozed on the settee….  He had another restless night on Wednesday but seemed a bit better on the Thursday so we ventured out….

He was still pale but played in the soft play.  We’d gone with Linda who was supposed to be taking Noah’s photo for his birthday – such a great alternative to more toys!!!  Noah wasn’t very obliging though, he was tired from playing and although he had been better in the morning he seemed to be getting ill again.

In the evening he seemed ok just tired….

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Another half term outing!!

I love half term….and any school holidays!!  Most people dread them wondering how they’ll entertain the kids, but I love not having to rush around and being able to let Caitlin join in everything.  Today we went to our newly found soft play and even though it was half term it was still fantastic!!  Normally at half term these places are stupidly busy and the food rubbish..but although it was busy they had let just the right amount of children in and the food was still fantastic.  We went with my God son and him and Austin had a great time playing in the baby section….

…even though Austin is still very snotty!!  Look at those cheeks!  He’s also just got 2 more teeth, his top front ones, and you can see the 2 next to those just coming too!!

Caitlin and Noah played together on the bigger bit and in the very popular chair….

Noah also got his first birthday presents!  Some cars and some mini pj’s…he loves them both!!!!

When we got home we had pancakes which were very nice, but the highlight of Caitlin’s tea was getting some ice from our newly plumbed in ice dispenser!!!!!!!

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