A visit to Nanny and Grandad’s

After the kiddy karts on Wednesday I dropped the kids of at Nanny and Grandad’s for a few days.  On the Thursday they went for a ride on a bendy bus to the airport.

Noah loves bendy buses…..and because Noah does…so does Austin!!!  Noah really wants a double-decker bendy bus…I’m sure they don’t exist either in real live or as a toy!!  At the airport they saw the old yellow submarine model from the Liverpool garden festival!

My Mum has a photo of me and my sister by this when we were little…I’ll have to look for it!  After looking around they went back on the bendy bus!

In the evening Noah went to watch the Liverpool youth team play.  Caitlin was a bit miffed she didn’t get to go so my Dad has promised she can go next time.  Noah was very impressed with himself that he managed to stay awake until they got home at 11pm!

The next day they all went to Martin Mere….where they built a den…

…got to go canoeing….

fed the ducks….

had a walk on some stepping-stones….

and made some clay models….

They had a brilliant time and came back knackered!!!


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