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Last day!!

Today is my last ever day at work…well official work, I do intend to do some work in the future!  Its great we’ve been out for a pub lunch and I got a collage of all the do’s etc I’d been on….

We’re also off on hols so see you all in a week with a big long update!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Another party…

Its party time again!! This time it was Katies party…. They had a great time playing in the sand pit….

Then it was time to have party food….  Abigail (Katies sister who is the same age as Caitlin) didn’t used to be able to have milk so her Mum is also an expert on milk free and had lots of things for Caitlin!

Then there was party games…

The star attraction was the guinea pigs….

Then there was just time for Abigail and Caitlin to have a little play at shops before home time….

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Not wanting to be left out…..

Caitlin has also grazed all her face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She fell over her feet at the park the clumsy clot!!  Hers isn’t as bad as Noah but still we now have to take 2 scabby faced kids on the plane they are never going to belive we’re not bad parents!!!!!!!!

She has also had a great time today helping Richard build his birthday present…..

She really is obsessed by engines etc! I think we may have overdone it on the brainwashing!!!!!!!!!

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Richards birthday party…

Tonight we had birthday tea for Richard….  Cailtin ate crisps sandwiched between cucumber….

And Caitlin and Noah both did cheers!!!

Then it was time for birthday cake, decorated by Caitlin and Nan…  Complete with candles to blow out…

And then all that was left was to eat it!

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Party and A&E!!!!!!

This morning we went to E’s birthday party.  It was brilliant, she had bug shaped cakes which I forgot to photograph and butterfly sandwiches.  The all sat on the picnic blanket eating their food…

Then they played on all the toys in the garden before the birthday cake was brought out….  It was a big hit, we even found big chunks of the candle missing after we left it unattended!  We’re not sure which child ate it but a certain 16 month old had wax pieces on his tshirt!!!

Then there was silence while they ate it….

Then it was home time……………………………………

Hmmm A&E!! We were having a great time at Squidges party and just before going home we took a trip to the bathroom! Noah was tired so I took him with us…should have left him to cry but hindsight is a great thing!! On the way down I was infront of him and he pushed between my leg and the banister, as soon as he got free the momentum catapulted him down the stairs and I just watched him fly through the air, land on his face and bounce back off it flipping over and landing at the bottom where Lindy picked him up. She then just saw blood and lots of it!!!! I took him and Victoria went to get something to mop the blood up with. There was lots and lots of blood so much so none of us could tell how badly cut he was or if his teeth were ok! Poor Caitlin went pale and started crying asking what was wrong with Noah. Lindy and Vic took turns to look after Cailtin while we tried to figure out how much damage Noah had done, with all the blood we couldn’t so we decided to go to A&E. Lindy came too to watch Cailtin and Vic took care of locking up. Once we got to A&E the bleeding had pretty much stopped and I could tell he was essentially fine, just a very fat lip. Caitlin had calmed down now that the hysterical crying had stopped, and so Lindy left since we were all fine. So he is fine, shaken but fine! Here he is straight after A&E and also this morning now that the swelling has taken effect….

Doesn’t look good but it really doesn’t seem to be bothering him in the slightest. He ate all of his tea and more last night and slept through.

Me and Richard went out for tea and a drink for our anniversary and his birthday….


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Today is Richards birthday…..  So we had presents and cards….

And kisses….

And cards….

Then after all that its also our wedding anniversary so there was MORE presents!!!!!!!  I got Richard some plants, a tomato, a chili pepper and a sweet pepper as this year is 4 years and the traditional present is plants, books or amethyst.  Richard got me some gorgeous earrings, which are amethyst…my favourite colour!

The celebrations still aren’t over….its also E’s birthday (Caitlin’s friend) so we are off out for her birthday party in a bit…photos etc to follow!!!

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Playgroup and Park

On Sunday Nan arrived to help out with looking after Caitlin and Noah while I did my last week at work.  On Monday they went to playgroup where they had a great time in the cars and on the slide etc.

Then it was time for tea….

Then today, they all went to the park for a play on the swings and to feed the ducks.  Aparently Caitlin was nearly scared to death when the duck ate her bread!!!!!!!  Noah just chased them all…

After the park and when Richard got home they all played in the garden!

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First Aid!

Yesterday was the last day of my first aid for childminders course.  I passed the test with 28 out of 30 and am now “qualified” to deal with any first aid emergency.  I have been practising my bandaging on Caitlin and Noah, and that is now the favourite game!!


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Chester Zoo

Caitlin was very very excited when I said we were going to the zoo and for the first time in her life she asked are we nearly there yet on the way… We went with L and E and saw fish, elephants, deer and more! The only problem with zoo’s is all the photos are just of backs!!!

In that last picture we are waiting for someone to come and retrieve E’s shoe which she dropped in the deer enclosure!! Luckily an attendant was passing and she found a zoo keeper who was willing to go in and get it for us… Good really or E would have had to be pushed around all day and I’m not sure she would have liked that.

Then we cheated and sat them on top of a sign….. Only one penguin was good enough to sit behind the sign for us though!

Then we stopped for a picnic….

After that we cheated and took a photo with a fake animal and some flowers!!!!!!

When I asked Caitlin which bit of the zoo she liked best she said the engines?? I don’t remember seeing any engines, but maybe I missed them!! When I asked which other animals were her favourites she said the snakes! We didn’t actually see any real snakes but we saw these which are a bit similar and she does look like she’s impressed….

Noah’s favourite part seemed to be the very expensive balloons going past (£5 EACH!!!!!!!) and the monorail passing! Every time he looked up and said choo choo!! Oh and he also loved the fact he was free and could run away!!!

Thank you to L for the hula hoop photo and the last one of Noah :-)!!

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Locked out!

When I went to collect Caitlin and Noah from Nanny’s house yesterday this is what I found….

An emergency picnic!!!!  The lock on my Mum and Dads house had stuck and they couldn’t get in!  They had been for a walk in the park and were waiting to see if my key worked in the lock, but I didn’t have my key.  So my Dad had to smash the window to let them in!

Also while at Nanny and Grandad’s they have been down to the river for a walk and to feed the ducks.

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