Number 3!!

A little sweep stake for number 3!  I thought it would be nice to record everyone’s guesses with regard to baby number 3 and give a little prize to the person who guesses most correctly what number 3 will be like!  I thought I could award one point for each correct answer with the point for weight etc going to the person who guesses the nearest (or a point each if 2 people get it spot on!).  To help people who didn’t “know” me when I was pregnant with Caitlin and Noah I have given some information to help you with your guesses on each question!  The prize won’t be anything too exciting just a box of chocs etc for the winner…..  So here it goes!

1. Boy or Girl?  I carried the same for both Caitlin and Noah with no symptoms for either pregnancy and its the same this time!  The only difference I can find is that my hair and skin went (even) drier with Caitlin and got slightly greasier with Noah, this time they have gone drier again but I have no idea if that is any indication!!

2. Date of birth?  Number 3 is due on May 22nd – I went into labour on Caitlin’s due date and she was born 2 days later, with Noah I went into labour 2 days early and he was born on that day although they were both born on a Thursday and my Mum predicted that so maybe a Thurs again!!??

3. Time of birth?  Caitlin was born at 1.26am and Noah at 8.25am by my watch but the absent midwife insisted on writing down 8.35am….given she wasn’t there I think she has a cheek correcting us but I suppose it’s official statistics that count here!

4. What weight?  (In pounds and oz please lol) Caitlin was 7lb 12 and Noah was 9lb 3.

5. What length?  Caitlin was 53cm and Noah 55cm

6. Head circumference?  Caitlin was 34cm and Noah 36cm

7. Length of labour?  Caitlin was 30.5 hours and Noah was 4 hours – both from first pain to birth.

8. Hair colour/amount?  I may have to eliminate this question later if we can’t agree on the actual answer!  Both Caitlin and Noah were fairly bald at birth and remained so for quite a while!  Both are very blonde now but Noah had a bit of a ginger tinge when he was born…….


Thats all….. now the one condition of entering is you have to give one name suggestion to go with your choice of boy girl!!  It won’t affect you’re chances of winning any points but we always struggle for names so a few suggestions are always welcome!!!! :-)!!


5 responses to “Number 3!!

  1. 1. Girl
    2. 14 may
    3. between 3pm and 7pm
    4. 8lbs 8oz
    5. 54cm
    6. 35cm
    7. 3 hrs (but I really do think it’s going to be quicker lol like 1 hr)
    8. I’m going to say BALD w/ some blond fuzz

  2. Richard

    1. Girl
    2. may 22nd
    3. 1:30 pm
    4. 7lbs 10oz
    5. 52cm
    6. 34cm
    7. 6 hrs
    8. Blonde, but more than Caitlin had !

  3. 1 – Girl
    2 – May 20th
    3 – 5.30am
    4 – 9lbs even
    5 – 54cm
    6 – 35cm
    7 – 2 hrs
    8 – going to be different and say a nice head of dark hair 🙂

  4. I think I’ll have a guess too….
    1 – Girl – although I have been so certain both times before and also been totally wrong! So very unsure this time but still guessing all the same! (Have prob jinxed all girl guessers now!)
    2 – May 21st
    3 – 1.00pm
    4 – 8lbs 12
    5 – 53cm
    6 – 34cm
    7 – 12 hrs or same as last time and shock me by being super quick like 30mins!!
    8 – Bald but blonde

  5. SCM

    1. Boy – purely as everyone else gone for Girl

    2. 21 May

    3. 2pm

    4. 8lb 6

    5. 53.5cm

    6. 35cm

    7. 2hrs

    8. Blond fuzz/almost bald

    Alfred, Gabriel, Samuel, Albert for a boy
    Charlotte, Gabriella/e, Graciela (Grace), Amelia for a girl

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