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Its a miracle!!!!!!!

Today we have been to the farm open day at my work.  I’m not 100% sure what goes on at the farm on my works grounds and bearing in mind where I work its probably best not to spend a long time thinking about that aspect!!   Anyway every year staff are allowed to bring their kids on site for a visit so we did along with Nicola (who I work with) and Sophie (her 4yr old)…..

Normally Caitlin is scared to death of animals and this first picture is one of her being brave and getting close to them!!!  At first she wouldn’t even walk down the path between the stalls….


Noah on the other hand loves animals and is quite happy to stick his hands right into their mouths….


As we walked round Caitlin seemed to be getting braver, not sure if this was because of the influence of Noah and Sophie….


When we got to the part where they could hold the lambs I thought Caitlin would run a mile…. But no she actually held the lamb…..


Then when Noah had a hold, she was obviously enjoying seing the lambs so much she went and stroked Sophie’s lamb……

 cslamb.jpg      nlamb.jpg

So there you have it…in one hour she went from not even wanting to walk past their stalls to actually holding it! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Eureka we’re rubbish at painting!!

This week we’ve been busy painting (very badly!!) but managed to get time to go to Eureka…

We’ve been before and it was good but we didn’t get to see everything so we went back. We went with a few others including Abigail and Katie (or as Caitlin calls them AbooKatie) This time if you dressed as a dinosaur or an explorer then you got in for free so Caitlin and Noah are both dressed as explorers, although it just makes Caitlin look like a boy!!!

Caitlin enjoyed scanning her shopping in the minature supermarket and Noah was very pleased to have found a ready meal!!!!!

cscan.jpg nfood.jpg

Then we went to the part all about cars and engines where Caitlin practised changing a wheel!!


Then we went to a section for under 5’s where Noah made a friend….


When I tried to sit Caitlin next to the Cyote she screamed the place down and ran a mile!!

Then we went to the body section where Caitlin compared her teeth to the giant ones!!


We had a great day but were all knackered by the time we were done!! Then it was back to painting…we have discovered you can’t cover silk paint with matt paint!!!!!!!! If you do it seems to dry with loads of very fine cracks in it.  Lets just hope people view that wall in the dark!!!  Our neutralising is soooo slow (we are wishing we hadn’t painted every room in the house really wild colours needing 4 coats to cover up!!) lets just hope the house we like doesn’t get sold….

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Nan sent some parcels for Noah’s birthday and as Royal Mail is sooooo bad we only just got them!  Inside was a sunflower kit, so this morning we planted the seeds and decorated the pot.  Caitlin added the water to the soil (and flooded the kitchen in the process!!) and stuck stickers all over her pot.  Then she added her seeds, now we’ll just have to water them everyday and watch to see if they grow…….


Also in the parcel was a tshirt and some matching tights which she’s also wearing…very nice!!!  Noah also liked his rucksack, pj’s, jigsaw and cars.  So Thank You Nan!!!!!!!!!

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More snowmen!

Later on yesterday we built some more snowmen!!  Here they are…….

allsnow.jpg       nsnow2.jpg       nsnow.jpg

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It’s snowing again!!!!!!!!  This morning Richard built a snowman, this time a really big one!!  Caitlin found him a hat which is really good….


And his photo is loads better, the right colour and hopefully enough border for Tesco not to chop off anything important like a head or a snowman….

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Today we went to Urbis with Caitlin’s friend E.  It seems like ages since we’ve seen her – it is ages, we haven’t seen her since I went back to work!!  Roll on my redundancy so we can play out during the week again!!

The exhibitions were giant stationary items and comic book type characters…  The giant stationary was really good, until we got told off for touching the exhibits….. We didn’t touch much….

 cntape.jpg      cetape.jpg      cpen.jpg

 Oh yes..there we are touching the masking tape, oh and the tape again, ooop’s and the highlighter!!  Then the woman said we could lie next to the tape measure so here they are…


Then we went dowstairs to see the comic type exhibition where Noah was amazed by the really big people!!


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Easter bonnets

Today it is Easter Bonnet day at nursery, so me and Richard made Noah a hat….


As you can see he is NOT impressed……

Caitlin helped to make her own hat and she is very pleased with hers…..

chat2.jpg chat.jpg

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End of an era…

Today I’m at home waiting for a bed to be delivered so I’m painting Noah’s bedroom. We are going to put our house on the market so need to neutralise it!! And trust me our house needs a lot of neutralising!!!!! This is the worst room to do though, because it took us hours and hours to paint it and it is so sad to see it go.

This is how it looks now… it’ll take several coats to cover our original handy work so with just one coat it looks very blotchy!!


This is what we’ve covered…..



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Jodrell Bank

Today we went for a chippy dinner then to Jodrell bank with the mini club.  We went to Fosters chippy in Alderley Edge which was very expensive £5 for a kids cod, chips and peas with a drink….  But it was nice!  Then we went to Jodrell Bank.  We went in the 3D cinema which was good, all about a trip to Mars.  Only about 10 mins long which was about all Noah could take!!  Then we went outside to the telescope and to a “thing” where you speak quietly into it and the people at the other “thing” can hear you really clearly.   All in all Jodrell Bank was a bit dissapointing, not a lot to see really other than the telescope from a distance and the 3D film…..

Here’s Caitlin and Noah at the telescope….

 crdish.jpg             cndish.jpg

Oh yes I forgot there was also a gravity hole that you could throw balls into….


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Some videos

Ages ago I uploaded some video clips of Noah walking and dancing. But they took soooo long to load I gave up and have only just remembered them!! So here they are…. Apologies you have to lie sideways to watch one, but I can’t figure out how to turn it around without re-loading it and that took so long I just can’t be bothered!!!

His walking is obviously loads better than that now since it is about 6 weeks old!!!

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