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32 and a half weeks!

Today was my 32 week check up.  It was supposed to be last Friday but I’d had to cancel that as we were in Snowdonia.  When the midwife opened the door I realised it was one of the midwives who had come out after Noah was born, not the first to arrive who had argued about the time but the second to arrive!  When I said “oh you delivered Noah, well my husband delivered him but you arrived just after” she replied…”oh yes ******* Avenue”…  So obviously we had stuck in her mind!!  She then said she’d have to let Cathy know I was at it again!!  Cathy was apparently thefirst to arrive although I couldn’t remember her name.  Anyway…all is well and despite the fact my bump sticks out loads its still measuring correctly!  I also managed to remember to ask for my grant form so I should get a nice little cheque soon!!  Caitlin was fascinated to hear the heartbeat and they have both been feeling each others tummy’s all evening!

This afternoon we went for story time again, I’m still not sure Noah really likes the story part but he likes meeting E there.  Noah is still doing well with the potty training and has had no accidents for a few days now and is still dry at night.  I think we’ll keep an eye on the night time thing until we move and if he’s still dry he can move into a bed and out of nappies completely!  Caitlin did show some interest in me saying Noah could wear pants to bed once we move as we were getting ready for bed tonight so we’ll see if its made any difference tomorrow morning.  I can’t see it myself I think you either get or don’t get the night time thing, its not something you can influence….



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Pre-Easter party!

Today was the pre-Easter party at play group and there was party food and a bouncy castle!!


Again we’ve had an accident free day and I don’t even have to prompt Noah to go to the loo he just asks or takes himself to the potty.  He also woke up dry again!!  And even the bouncy castle didn’t distract him so much he forgot….

While Caitlin was at school we went to the free soft play but it was heaving and so Noah hardly played at all… Then it was time for tea at Lucy and Ed’s, where Noah almost got to play with their hamster but I think Noah scared it to death and it ran back into its fluff!!!

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We’ve been on a little holiday to Snowdonia with the minis!!  Caitlin and Noah have been with Nanny and Grandad and potty training seems to be going well still!  And he’s still totally dry every morning…bizarre!!  I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do about that… Do I just not bother with nappies at night???  Is that not possible as he’s still in a cot??  I suppose I could swap him to a bed…..  But he sleeps so well I don’t want to jinx any of that…. 

Anyway…Snowdonia….  We set off on Friday and after our near death experience on a tiny weeny road we got to Snowdonia and to our house.  On the tiny road we were doing about 10mph having just got going again after stopping for a lolly-pop lady, we hadn’t actually been doing much more than that anyway as the road was really narrow.  Then we noticed a big yellow animal truck hurtling towards us not showing any sign of slowing down….  Fortunately minis are very small and so once I had veered up the embankment he just skimmed past us!  Poor Elvis was covered in mud but him and us were still in one piece!!  Lets just hope the lolly-pop lady and school kids were as lucky!  We were on our own as we’d set off a bit later than everyone else and when we got to the house and told them about the yellow truck they had also seen him flying over a cattle grid wheels almost off the ground….  Friday night was just about drinking really (although not for me) and guitar hero.

After a nice long lie in on Saturday morning we went to Harlech castle in the rain!!  Then went for pub lunch at the bottom of a very steep hill which came close to killing me off on the way back up!!  I had white pots in front of my eye’s when I got back to the house at the top of it!!!!  We then headed off for some bowling and go-karting – again no karting for me!!


I did however win the bowling out of my team, and even when all the scores were combined I still came second!!!  Once we were done with that the rain had stopped and so we headed back to the castle for some photo’s…


On the Saturday night we caused total chaos at the local Indian when we ordered a take out for 19!!  They couldn’t cope as the restaurant only seated 29 people and there were also 4 other families ordering take out!!  We eventually got our food which of course I had been sent to collect as the only person fit to drive!!  The other people in the restaurant luckily didn’t kill me when they realised I was the reason for their order’s being delayed!!

On Sunday we went for a drive in the Snowdonia National Park….


and just had time for one last photo of Elvis before we had to head off to collect Caitlin and Noah and for Richard to start his night shift….


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The flashbacks are lessening!!

I don’t know if its because I’ve done it before but this time isn’t as bad as I remember from last time….  Yesterday we had to rush out for the new house as the dip-a-door man was bringing the doors back at very short notice…so of course Noah refused to go on the potty…said he didn’t need it!!  So we had to just go… I’ve got a piddle pad to catch any accidents in the car.  Then of course Noah decided that was a great time to fall asleep…a definite accident I thought!!  So almost an hour later we arrive back home and I get him out expecting a clean up job….but nope…totally dry!!!

Later it was time for playgroup, so we set off with 4 changes of clothes just in-case…again it all went without a hitch and he went for 2 wee’s while we were there!!  I thought it was going to be an accident free day since those two challenges had been so successful, but it seems watching Roary has too much appeal and he couldn’t drag himself away in time!!  I was busy cooking tea and so had forgotten to prompt him and it started on route to the potty!!

Finally it was bed time and so day 2 ended with just one accident, but 2 very successful outings.  This morning I went in to get him and could not believe it when I saw his nappy from over night was totally dry!!!!!!!!!  Caitlin’s night time nappy is still full to bursting and so is a long time off being dry at night whereas Noah may just crack both at once??!!

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Terrible flashbacks!!!

I distinctly remember just over a year and a half ago I swore I was never going through this again…… But no last night I had a moment of madness and decided it was cruel to say never…so I decided to be brave and put Noah in big boy pants!!!!!

24 hours later I am remembering how stressful I found it and I absolutely swear Number 3 is not being potty trained EVER!!!!!  I just find the whole “shall we try again” and “stay away from all things that might get ruined by being wee’d on” very stressful.

To be fair to Noah he has done loads of wee’s and even 3 poo’s on the potty and we are only on pants number 4 for the day.  Pair number 1 got wet when I left them in the kitchen unattended while I got dressed and I came back to find a puddle but also a reasonable size wee in the potty so he did correct his accident half way through….  Pair number 2 got wet when he was on the potty but it escaped over the top and got his pants wet.  Pair number 3 got wet when we were at the new house painting and he was gated in the other room, he shouted to say he needed a wee but it took me too long to haul my 7 month pregnant self from the top of the ladders and across the landing…the wee had started and not in the potty – although again only a little bit and then the rest was in the potty!!


Finally it was nap time and so pull up on after a potty trip, and 90 mins later it was bone dry…  Its mini club later so it will definitely pull up time again!!!

So all in all he’s done pretty well but I still hate potty training…….


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AA and school reports!

Today we went to drop Caitlin off at school as usual… And when we came back out Elvis was dead!  Absolutely nothing happened when I turned the key so I checked my battery and at first glance it looked like the positive lead had snapped off…. so I called the AA who said they’d be there soon.  I then went back for a better look at the lead only to notice it hadn’t snapped off it had just come out of the clamp.  Easy to fix but I had no tools with me….  So we waited for the AA, who were quick but not as quick as the last time I had battery trouble – I was a few weeks off having Noah and when asked if I was alone I said yep but I am almost 9 months pregnant…I have never had such a quick response from their patrols!!!!!  (And yes for those unaware of mini driving..I have called the AA A LOT!!!!!!!!!)

Noah was very excited when the patrolman came out and told him all about his AA motorbike at home and asked him all about what he was doing!  He has also told everyone who would listen that the AA fixed our mini!  We were fixed quite quickly so we made it to story time at the library which Noah seemed to enjoy a bit more this time!!

Then it was time for our “chat appointment” at Caitlin’s school.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect as it was only arranged yesterday but it seems they just wanted to meet with us and let us know how she was getting on…..  They said she has settled in well and her pencil control is great and she’s doing really well with her drawings, shapes, colours and letters.  They did say her numbers weren’t brilliant but she has a while to go until she’ll be in reception so she’ll be easily up to speed by then.  Her teacher did say her drawing and pencil control was as good as some of the kids about to go into reception which is a year and a term away for Caitlin yet so that was very nice to hear.  I’m convinced she knows her numbers but just refuses to use them…..  If you show her some objects and ask how many there are she will answer correctly every time BUT if you ask her to count them she quite often counts in the wrong order but ends with the right number….


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Mothers Day

Today as Richard was working on the new house (again!!) me, Caitlin and Noah went to see my Mum for mothers day.  Caitlin and Noah helped her to open her present…..


We also picked up some of our furniture ready to take over to the new house.  When we got back home Richard had cooked us all a nice tea of cordon bleu although no photos of that I’m afraid!!  We also have naughty chocolate cake for pudding but we’ll be having that in a mo now Caitlin and Noah are in bed!!!!!  Well we don’t want to have to share :-)!!

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Today we have been at the new house doing more painting!!  I finished off Caitlin and Noah’s room and aside from fitting the curtain pole (oh and the window!!!) we just have carpet left to do in that room woohooo!!!!

Then it was onto our bedroom.  The wallpaper is almost finished and so while Noah slept (what good timing that was!!!) me and Caitlin did some gloss painting!  Richard thought I was insane for letting Caitlin lose on gloss paint, but she was really careful and only got a few spots on her hand, none on her clothes – which were old scruffy clothes anyway!!


Admittedly she wasn’t perfect at the actual painting and I did have to fill in the very large gaps she left!!  But she didn’t just get it everywhere and she did listen to me saying she could only paint the skirting board and not anything above it!  She even got the hang of scraping her brush off on the edge of the tin when she got more paint….


She also painted about three quarters of the skirting board before getting bored and moving onto helping Richard paste his wall paper!!  Next week we should be able to finish off the painting in our room too and our doors will be back from being dipped (stop laughing at us Linda and any other US readers….:-) !!) so then we can get them carpeted and start the impossible task of moving our huge amount of possessions – that alone could take us a good few months!!!


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…because I cut paper!!

Today at school Caitlin has made a mothers day card and so the theme of the day has been mothers!!  One task they had was to say why they loved their Mum’s……  And yes Caitlin said….

” I love my Mummy because she cuts paper for me”

….I’m not entirely sure what to think of that…I do cut paper for her VERY OCCASIONALLY!!  But really I don’t do it that often….  How little ones minds work in mysterious ways!!

While Caitlin was at school deciding all of that me and Noah were at the new house painting!!  Basically I locked Noah into our bedroom with a stair gate and his scooter and painted in their room opposite….


Their room is extremely near to completion!!  I think I should get it finished tomorrow if I use the same tactics on Caitlin and Noah!!  Then once its dry in there I’ll trap them in their own room and get to work on painting our room.  Meanwhile Richard can get on with all the more technical jobs in the rest of the house!!!!!!!!!

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More shopping!!

After yesterday’s post about my boring purchase for Number 3 I decided to take Caitlin and Noah out today to pick a present each….  They picked much more exciting presents than I bought but both are a bit on the girly side!!  First of all we went around Mamas and Papas and picked out all the toys that were around £5 and then they each chose one!  Caitlin of course chose a doll!!  Its a very cute doll but not really a unisex toy…but hey who am I to say what Number 3 will like…Noah loves Caitlin’s dolls!!  Noah chose a flowery cow which again is very cute! 


The whole process took us quite a while!!!!!  Noah especially didn’t seem to get that he could only chose one thing and kept putting all the other toys back in his basket as well!!


…but even though he actually wanted all the toys that were around £5 he did keep picking the cow when pushed!  Caitlin was dead set on the little doll as soon as she saw it!  She initially thought the baby was a girl but has recently changed her mind to a boy, but when I mentioned that if it was a boy it would be sharing with Noah she got quite upset and said she wanted it to be a girl so it can share her bed!!  She even said she would show “her” how to hold Loo’s hand so they could share Loo as well as the bed!  Loo is her most treasured possession!!  Here are there choices up close….


Now I just need to sort some presents out from the baby to them!!!!!!


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