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Last week, in amongst Noah’s birthday, my Mum’s cousin sent a present for the kids!  She had made them each a cushion…..and they are really cool!!!!!!!!!


A few people have seen them and said they love them and want one!!

Later in the year I am having a stall at a show in Tatton Park with a friend…I might steal this idea and make some of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are amazing!!!!!!!!!!



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Caitlin is better…

Well I have no idea what was wrong with Caitlin yesterday. It could have been she was just really cold, could have been getting shaken about on the horse, or maybe the fear of being on a horse, or maybe she had a very very mild version of the stomach bug everyone else had??? No idea but she is completely better today….. very strange! She keeps saying what a great time she had horse riding but I’m still not convinced it wasn’t fear that made her feel ill???

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Horse riding party

Caitlin went to a horse riding party today, I wasn’t completely convinced she would go on the horses…  She got all the kit on, but it was very very cold, they were all shivering!


Amazingly she got on the horse and was actually quite good!  She rode around and even did some trotting, and then hands free trotting!  They all went in and out of some markers and were having a great time.  Austin had to come with us and about half way through shouted really loudly “when are they going to ride the horses cos this is just a practise isn’t it?”  The birthday girl’s mum and dad thought he was very funny!  After about 45 minutes Caitlin stopped smiling and started looking very pale…as she passed by I asked her what was wrong and she said she felt sick.  At the end of the lesson she was completely white and shaking a lot!!!!!  They all went to the party room and I thought she had just got too cold and that along with bouncing around on the horse for an hour had been too much.  She started eating her party food and then was almost sick!  Two others hadn’t turned up for the party due to a stomach bug so I began think she had that, by then it was the end of the party so we headed home.

We had promised to take Noah out for his tea since Richard had been working on Friday and not able to properly celebrate his birthday and then we had visitors last night we had planned to go out tonight so Noah picked McDonalds!!!!!!!!!!!  Caitlin had seemed better in the car  for the journey home where it was nice and warm, but then when we got home she had a warm bath and decided she didn’t want to go out for tea!!!!!  So I stayed home with her.  She wasn’t actually sick but still looked pale and said she didn’t feel well….

Noah had a great time at McDonalds and even had pudding!!!!!!!!!

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Birthday visitors

Some friends came over to help celebrate Noah’s birthday…..there was a lot of table football playing!!  In his new football scarf of course!!!!!!!!!


Then we had a chippy tea….it was a great day……

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Noah turns 6!!!

Noah’s birthday celebration started the night before his birthday when Grandad picked him up from school and took him to Liverpool’s UEFA match against St Petersburg.  We knew it was going to be a late night but figured since it was his birthday he could go.  Liverpool won 3-1 but that wasn’t enough to get them through to the next round.  Luckily Noah didn’t understand that!  Richard was working lates so Grandad dropped Noah off at Richard’s work since it’s about half way.  Noah finally made it home and into bed at 12.05!!!!!!  The somehow…he woke up just before 6am!!!!!!!

He opened his presents and then went off to school….


After school he had 4 friends over for tea which made for a very hectic and loud evening but they all had a fantastic time…


He got loads of presents….mainly football kits and football toys; and he had a great 24 hours!!!  He is obsessed at the moment!!

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Today we went to Dubfreeze! We were supposed to be camping over the night before with some friends but they couldn’t make it so we decided to just go for the day…which was probably a good move because it was freezing!!!!!!!  We saw some gorgeous campervans including this ice-cream splitscreen!  Very nice!!


We also had a good look at seats in other vans because we need to re-cover ours.  We were contemplating paying someone to cover them but once we got a few quotes I decided to have a go as we could buy the materials for about 25% of the cost of someone else doing it.  So we went back to the vinyl stand and bought a load of black and grey vinyl and some piping!!  Now I just need to find some time to make the covers.  While we were walking around there was also the usual exhaust inspections!!!!!


I’m not sure what it is about exhausts that fascinates Noah…but the other 2 obviously thought they were missing out!!!!!!!  It was a great day even if it was a bit cold!!

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Party time!

Austin had a party invite which was at a soft play so Caitlin and Noah came along for a play.  Noah had a fantastic time being thrown around by one of the dads!!!!!


They were all taking turns being thrown about and upside down…the screams were deafening!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Today was the last day of half term so we went to the Museum of Science and Industry with some friends, it wasn’t half term in Manchester so it was pretty quiet.  They all took their photos and then waited to see them appear on the bank of tele’s above….


We managed to get most of them on the screens at the same time… is Austin (bottom right) and Caitlin (in the middle on the left)…


We went around the air and space gallery and then had our picnic before going to Caitlin and Noah’s favourite bit…the engine room!!!  Then it was onto Xperiment which seemed loads better than last time we went.  It was great, now that they are that bit older we left them to it and sat and had a drink by the exit…which they loved!!  Austin loved trying everything out, I doubt he remembered most of it since it’s been a while since our last visit.


He loved the fact there was a mini there!!!!


On our way out we saw the staff practising their talk that they would be doing during half term so we stopped to watch it.  It was very funny, although I’m not sure it was supposed to be!  The guy in charge of the music and video links looked like Chico (as in X-factor Chico) and kept pressing the wrong buttons and bursting out laughing!

After MOSI we went for a pub tea with Richard and Noah’s friends Dad…..a great finish to half term!

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Noah was invited to a go-karting party but since Richard was on lates I had to take Caitlin and Austin as well…  Noah had a great time karting and as usual was very competitive!!


This was one of the few photos I took where he wasn’t looking over his shoulder to check where the next person was…which usually resulted in him being overtaken!!  While they all had their party food the man in charge let all the siblings have a go on the karts which was really good of him.  Austin was in his element too!!


…as was Caitlin…


It was a fantastic party, shame Austin isn’t old enough for it…he would be fine on the karts but think there might be too many who couldn’t manage it in his class.

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The big blue slide!!

Today was the first day of half term and Caitlin had a friend over to play.  Noah has been asking to go to a soft play called zoom for ages because he wants to go on thier “big blue slide”…AGAIN!!  He regularly asks to go on the big blue slide, then gets their and isn’t brave enough to go on it!  So off we went and I couldn’t believe it when he went down the slide!  It is really steep… is is from the side!


…so Noah finally went down it!

After Noah went on it so did Caitlin which completely amazed me!  And then Caitlin’s friend went down!!  Noah then went around and around for as long as it was open, Caitlin went on a fair few times but her friend decided twice was plenty.  We ended up spending all day at Zoom and Noah can’t wait to go again now he has decided he will go down the slide.


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