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Party time central again!!

Why is it that every time we get party invites we get a few at once??  We had a party straight after school, which meant we had to leave the fun afternoon a bit early.  We made it on time though so that was good.  They had a great time and Austin just played on all the equipment without even a backward glance to us!!  He loved the party food….

After that and the school party they were all really tired!

In the morning it was time for another party but just for Caitlin this time.  It was one of her best friends from school, who is going to a different school so they probably won’t see much of each other in the future.  Her party was great, they had loads of games and Caitlin won the pass the parcel and the pin the horn on the unicorn – which she got spot on!!  She’s only played that game twice and she has got it spot on both times….sure she has x-ray vision or something??!!


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Last day at school….

Today was Caitlin’s last day at pre-school.  She has been there for 5 terms so it’s going to seem strange her not going there in September.  She has absolutely loved it and has changed so much in her time there, she is so much more confident now.  As a leaving present for the teachers Caitlin drew a picture of each teacher and I scanned it in and turned it into a notepad…..

The teachers seemed quite pleased with them so that was good.  In the morning there was a presentation assembly where they all got a record of achievement and the children who are staying get a certificate.  Last year Caitlin wouldn’t get up to collect her certificate, this year she got up and gave us a great big smile!!!

Noah, of course, bounded up to collect his certificate……

In the afternoon there was a fun afternoon with entertainers, he got most of the kids up and joining in and even amazed me by convincing Caitlin and her friend to get up!!  There are very few girls in the nursery and Caitlin and her friend were the only girls at the fun afternoon so they got picked to go up twice.  They are both quite shy but he got them up and speaking!!  He also got some kids up to sing and Noah sang humpty dumpty!!!!  Video to follow!!!!!!

They had a great day but we had to rush off at the end as we had a party to go to!!  When I asked Caitlin if she was sad to leave she said “yes, but she was happy to be going to big school because she likes school!!”…so hopefully that’s a good sign……

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Let the chaos begin…..

This morning a 4 year old and a 6 year old arrived for the day….  It was raining so my trip to the park was ruined!!  So we worked through my back up plans…a lot quicker than I thought we would!  It’s weird…Caitlin will colour or thread beads for hours…I didn’t realise how good her attention span was.  All of the others were done in 20 mins!  So we made spoon monsters….

…we made bracelets…we read….we ate snacks…we ate lunch….we coloured…we did stamping….we played happy families….we played snap….we ate kenaws….

….(thats a fruit kebab to the rest of us but Caitlin insists on calling them kenaws!!!!!!!)

Then we were joined by another 4 year old…and we moved onto playing monsters..but that was too scary so we played musical instruments!!  It was very very loud with 6 people joining in… that point I was glad to lose 2 of them!!!!!!!  The rest had tea and then stories before bed.  And sleep only took an hour and 15 minutes which I thought was fantastic for 3 excited little ones! (Austin went straight to sleep he was exhausted!!)  Tomorrow I am taking the easy option and taking Noah, Austin and their friend to playgroup!!!!  I’m knackered but have had a great day!!

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Dancing and BBQ

On Saturday we went to the open day for the ballet lessons just down the road from us.  Noah was fascinated and didn’t move a muscle for the entire hour!!!!!!!!  Shame it’s only Caitlin who’s signing up!!  Anyway Caitlin is now signed up and starts on Sept 3rd…she can’t wait!!

On our way home we stopped off at the park where Caitlin was feeling especially brave….

…she never normally climbs that high!!

In the evening we went to a BBQ where Austin had his first ever BBQ food….

and then he decided he was going to copy Caitlin bouncing around the garden on a space hopper…unfortunately there was only one space hopper so Austin improvised….

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School report time….Caitlin

Caitlin’s report was great as we expected.  It was full of comments about what a lovely person she is, how she is doing all the things she should be and is ready for school.  Here are some quotes….

“Caitlin has a delightful personality, she is very kind, caring and helpful”

she “has now learnt to stand up for her own rights”

“Caitlin has a competent grasp on the English language and is able to communicate effectively and maturely”

“She is becoming more confident with oral blending and segmenting and has a good understanding of alliteration.”

“She is very caring and interested in living animals although doesn’t feel the need to touch them or get too close!”

“She is a competent artist and draws lovely detailed pictures over which she takes great care and consideration”

Another fantastic report!!!  It’s good to hear that she is standing up for herself but nice to hear that it hasn’t come at the expense of her caring about others.

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School report time….Noah

This week was school report time.  Noah’s report is lovely, it is full of compliments about his intelligence and full of comments about his energy!!!  Here are a few quotes…..

“Noah is such a delightful young boy with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to learn.  He always arrives into nursery with a beaming smile and he is an extremely sociable boy.”

“He has an extremely close relationship with his older sister Caitlin and this is lovely to see.”

“Noah co-operates well in a group and his listening skills are quickly developing”  Glad his listening skills are developing at nursery because he certainly doesn’t listen to us :-)!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Noah is a competent talker” don’t we know it ha ha!! “and speaks very clearly and with a good vocabulary for his age.”  “he already recognises many letter sounds and can write his first name independently”

“Noah has good counting skills especially for his age”

“Noah is a delight to have in the nursery, with an adorable cheeky smile.  I am extremely pleased to be teaching him next year.”

So a fantastic report…we are really pleased with it.  We know he is clever and it’s really nice to hear a professional say so too.  It’s also really nice to hear them comment on how close him and Caitlin are, let’s hope they stay close and watch out for each other and Austin in the future.

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Feeding the ducks

Last week was an open night at Caitlin’s new school which we all went to.  Caitlin got to meet her other teacher (she only works Monday and Tuesday so wasn’t there on Caitlin’s trial day) which was good.  I also got to talk to the school cook about Caitlin going on school dinners and she was great, came up with lots of alternatives to the milky meals they have.

Our weekend was very boring, it rained a lot so we stayed in mostly and just played, coloured and made some necklaces!

Today the weather picked up so we went to the park to feed the ducks…

Noah walked the whole way there which is about 2 miles but could only make it about half way home before he started moaning too much and so I let him get in the pram!  Austin played on the swings as usual, then fell asleep!!

In the afternoon I finally sorted out some swimming lessons for Caitlin and Noah!!  Caitlin has had her name on the waiting list for a while now but a friend told me about some intensive courses they run over the holidays so I have booked them both in.  Hopefully they will both learn a bit and will be more confident for our holiday (if we ever make a decision where to go and book it!!)

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Each night Caitlin gets a book to read and then she is supposed to draw a picture in her diary.  She loves doing her homework and she picks a new book almost every day.  Her drawings are getting better and better.  Today she read a version of Chicken Licken, and she drew a picture of Henny Penny.  Here is the book…..

and here is Caitlin’s take on it….

She includes all the details, she spends ages adding things like umbrellas and feet etc….I love seeing what she has done for each book!

After homework we went to mini club.  Noah was obviously still tired from the farm because he fell asleep almost as soon as we got there…….

..he was sat talking, then went a bit quieter just watching and listening, then I looked around and he had given up…..

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Stockley farm

Today was school trip day and Noah got to go even though it wasn’t his day.  The weather wasn’t fantastic and I didn’t realise it had changed so they were a bit under dressed!!  They had a great time though, and they wore Noah out so much he even fell asleep on the tractor ride!!!!!  Someone has a fantastic photo of him asleep which I’ll add when I get it…

Noah came home full of stories and told us all about how he fed the lambs and the ghosts!!!!! (Goats!!)

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Fastest mini in the world competition!!!

Caitlin, Noah and Austin have been to Nanny and Grandad’s for the weekend.  They went to the yellow submarine and had a great time..while me and Richard went to Avon Park where the fastest mini in the world competition was being held.  We go most years, it is my one night of camping!!!  Sometimes I even race (not that I have any chance of winning..there are some very fast minis there!) but I didn’t this year since we don’t really have the time to fix Elvis if he breaks….

Marc raced…

I’m sure that blue mini is a monster coming up to eat him!!!!!!  They are quick mini’s but they really haven’t put any effort into making them look nice!  Along with the minis were some Fiat Abarth’s….

I really like them….I think when we win the lottery I’ll get one…along with a beetle, camper, giant house…etc!!!!!!!!!!!

The fastest mini on the day did a quarter-mile in 9.99 seconds so pretty quick!!!!!!!

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