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I got my toy!!

I went back to the shop.. Aparently closed because an old lady reported gun shots…turned out (2 hours of closed roads and police later) to be fireworks!!!!!!!!!!

No photo’s from the said new camera because Caitlin and Noah weren’t co-operating!! Maybe tomorrow while we are out bowling!!!!!!! Haven’t been bowling for years should be funny!!


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Nan’s gone home :-(

Nan went home yesterday and I think Caitlin is missing playing with her and the bedtime stories.  They kept playing with her dolls house before bed, Nan bought Caitlin a gorgeous little vegetable garden to go alongside her dolls house which Caitlin is in love with.

Pic to follow…

Caitlin went to the train station to drop Nan off, then we went out to buy toys…  We got money for Christmas off our parents so we bought a new LCD tele for our swapped around living room.  Not too big only 26″ as anything more won’t fit in the space for it.  I then went back to buy myself a new camera as mine has goine missing in suspicious circumstances!!!!  But when I went back the road and shop were closed with loads of police around so no new toy for me…maybe later today!!

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Its Christmas Day again!!

Today we had Christmas Day all over again for Nan.  We had turkey, ham , roasties, sausages and bacon, loads of veg, stuffing and Yorkshire pud!!  Nanny and Aunty Amy also came over, Grandad couldn’t make it as he was at a funeral in Ireland.  We also had home made crackers which all had a keyring with this pic in them….


And each cracker had this picture on it….


I took these photos ages ago and was really impressed but couldn’t post them on here until the people receiving the presents got them!!!

Caitlin fell asleep during dinner and Noah made a massive mess!!!!


But she did wake up just in time for the Christmas tree cake I made for her…


After dinner we had some present opening (of course!!!)


Thats it now for Christmas 2007….. The holly fairy outfit has been packed away for next year (and the year after!!!) poor Father Christmas has been packed away for another child!!!  Roll on 2008 when Caitlin will really understand it all….

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Just playing…

Today is a quiet day. We’ve cleaned the bathroom and packed some too small clothes away for the loft since we got nice new clothes for Christmas!!

Caitlin has decided the dolls highchair is for her and this is what greeted us when we came back into the room!!!!!


Then we broke out the band…. Noah on the drum and microphone (just on the edge of the pic), Caitlin on piano dueting with special guest “Loo” .


“Loo” is Caitlin’s favourite friend, she can’t sleep without him and normally he never comes out of her bed. His full name is Kaloo and he is a big squashy bear.

Right best move onto tidying some toys away downstairs so Nan can get in the house when she arrives tomorrow!!!!

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HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well today is Christmas Day and WOW we have tonnes of pressies!!  It all started last night with Fifi pj’s for Caitlin and Lightening McQueen pj’s for Noah!!  Then Father Christmas arrived over night and left a big pile of presents for each of them!!

bpj.jpg      cpres.jpg

After we opened all of those which included the much wanted racey cars and books….  And also musical instruments, a mirror, clothes, a car transporter and a big road playmat for Noah.  And for Caitlin.. a doll, a dolls highchair, some dolls house accesories, clothes, beads and play food….  We left for Nanny’s house…..

For the uninitiated..Christmas dinner at my Mum’s is a bit of a mad affair!!!  And thats putting it mildly!  Today there were 18 of us for dinner…


This dinner included rescued turkey!!  My Mum had bought a chocolate fountain….wonderful you think…oh no my Dad managed to make it spray chocolate all over the kitchen, himself and the already sliced turkey while he was “fixing” it….  You can just see the left over lines of chocolate on this pic…I had washed the rest of it.  (No guests noticed!!!!!!!!!)

which means 18 lots of present swapping which is very hectic!!!!  Poor Noah (and my Mum’s cousin’s wife) who’s first Christmas/es (well 1st at my Mum’s for Michelle) were both over whelmed!!  Noah cried and Michelle was quiet!!  This time the presents included amongst lots of other things a drum, more cars, blocks, pj’s, a keyboard etc etc… I won’t go on too much…

 allpres.jpg    npres.jpg

So all in all a very hectic but great day!  With way too many presents, too much food and so much rubbish created we have filled both our normal wheelie bin and our “spare” bin!!!

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My Christmas swap…

Today we are having a lazy day….. First in ages!!

I also got my Christmas Swap parcel!!

The parcel I received. Its fantastic!!! 4 ornaments, a lovely long letter which describes what sounds like the best Christmas Day ever, some home made minty brownies which are gorgeous, some cards and dice, loads of candy kane kisses and a game for Caitlin and Noah.


Its brilliant so thankyou to Heather my swap partner…..

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Another Christmas party and the coolest Christmas present

Today we had another party at a friends house. There was lots of party food and pass the parcel complete with Caitlin friendly prizes (no choc!) After the games the kids decorated a gingerbread house that Linda had brought along. Again it was a no milk house, and Caitlin had a great time and ate her bit as soon as it was decorated.


We then swap presents…  Caitlin gave knitted fairy cakes to the girls which her great great Aunty had knitted, they were much better than if I had done the knitting!!  We got lots of brilliant presents bath toys, puzzles, arty things….  But the best present was a print Linda had made for me and Caitlin….  Isn’t it fantastic….


Later on in the day we went to mini club for the secret Santa. It was a bit disappointing really.  We had put Caitlin and Noah’s name in which we thought would make it really easy for one person, but they got a big toblerone each!!!!  Caitlin can’t have chocolate because of the milk and well at 10 months, I think Noah is a little young for toblerone!!!!  We weren’t the only people who’d got a present with very little thought, our friend got a bottle of shower gel.  (The budget is £5 so way below that!!)

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Busy two days !

Right back to Monday.. I wrote a massive post about this but then our internet died and it all vanished…so take 2!!!!

Today was Richards first day of his Christmas holidays!! He’s now off until the New Year. This is normally completely unheard of, in the past the very most he has had Christmas day and Boxing day off, but a lot of the time he was on call for those days too. So to have a whole 2 weeks off is fantastic! We celebrated with a party and a trip to see the man in red!!!!

On Monday morning we went to the Monday Tots Christmas party. It was lovely, Pauline put on loads of food and had decorated the tables. Also everyone got a pressy to take home. I’ve decided though that I’m not too fond of this Christmas party lark…its completely impossible to keep a check on what Caitlin is eating…roll on normal play groups again where there’s either no food or just a quick snack that I can watch her at. She has a dodgy stomach at the mo from finding stray chocolate and biscuits at some of the parties!!! Noah on the other hand is having a field day with all the sweet food he’s getting his mitts on! He has a very sweet tooth. I wonder if its because I introduced fruit when I was weaning really early on?


cparty.jpg bparty.jpg

Straight after the party we went to see Father Christmas. After we found out we couldn’t see FC at the Chill Factore we started to think about where we could go. Last year we went to the Arndale Centre but its a bit odd and too quick.. You get a text saying its your queue and in and out in about 3 mins!! As we’d missed out on Farmer Ted’s FC trip last week when Noah was sick we thought we’d give that a try. It was good we played in the hay….



on the swings and saw the animals….


then we played on the tractors….


Then we went to see Father Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! To get there we went on a tractor ride, then through the grotto…..


Then we wrote a little letter to FC….


And finally we saw FATHER CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he was Very Very scary…..


On to Tuesday……

We went to another party….  This one wasn’t at all worrying because it was at Abigails house and she can’t have milk either so there was no dangerous food.  My photo’s are awfulso just a few…  None of the kids would sit still for a photo so they are all action shots….  Theres Milly handing out her Christmas present and Milly, Caitlin and Noah playing together


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Grandad’s birthday party

Well ok party might be a bit of an exaggeration but we went to visit Grandad for his birthday today.  We had a practice run for Christmas dinner in Nanny’s new house too.  There will be 18 people for Christmas dinner and as Nanny had never used the oven in her new house yet we tried it out.  It seemed very slow and so the roasties were a bit delayed but it all tasted good in the end.

After dinner we pulled some crackers and Noah won a moustache!!!


Then Caitlin and Noah posed under the Christmas tree…in their “deely boppers” (not really sure how you spell that!!!).


Then we gave Grandad his cake.  Noah made a grab for a football candle – good job it was out!!!!


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Christmas party

Today was the Friday play group Christmas party. We all brought a few things to make up a party. Linda brought lots of things but the favourite was ginger bread lollypop’s. They had an iced penguin on the front which Caitlin ate all the way around, then ate that bit too.


Noah was dressed up as Father Christmas..he looked very cute. There was another Father Christmas there but Noah kept trying to roll over him so the photo isn’t brilliant.

nr.jpg n.jpg

Then tonight we tried to arrange a trip to the new real snow ski centre near us to see the real Father Christmas but there are no under 2’s allowed so we can’t go…well not unless we wait outside with Noah which is mean so we’ll go to see FC somewhere else….. Hopefully she’ll tell him what she wants! At the moment the conversations goes like this… What do you want from FC… “Toys” Anything else… “racey cars” Anything else… “books. And what does Noah want… “books and racey cars” This was all unprompted and amazingly is what we’ve got!!!!




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