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Majorca part 3

After Caitlin got her medal at the mini disco on the Monday night, Noah decided he wanted to go to the kids entertainment during the day to try to win a certificate.  Austin refused to go so we went to the kids splash pool with him.  The others all went to the entertainment where they made water balloons and played some games, they then came down to the splash pool and played with the balloons.

After the kids club there was dancing around the pool by the entertainment staff…a very weird idea really but the kids loved joining in!!

The kids all had a lie in the sun to dry out before lunch!!

After lunch Noah wanted to go to the entertainment again…he still hadn’t won a certificate or medal!!  Caitlin went with him and they played diving for coins in the pool, but again…no certificate!  In the evening since it was our last night we went out to the local town….

…we let each of the kids pick a ride to go on.  Caitlin went on some boats….

Noah and Austin both picked the cars, no surprise there!

Austin wasn’t happy because he wasn’t allowed on the cars by himself!  He kept saying how he was allowed on the kiddy karts by himself, so he went on with Richard and Richard told him we’d come back in two years and he could go on his own then….

The next day was our final day and Austin decided he would go along to the kids entertainment, they did some colouring and played some games.  I had to stay with Austin as he was only 3, so I helped with the colouring.  There was just about enough time for lunch and then it was time to head home…..


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Majorca part 2

On the Saturday we went for a walk into the town.  The kids all had some euros, so we set off to see what they could get with their money.  Noah and Austin bought cars…of course!!!!!!!!  Caitlin managed to buy tonnes of stuff with her money!!  She got a necklace, spanish dancing dress for her Barbie, a fan, a pram for her Barbie, a balancing dragonfly and some sweets…and she still had a few euros left over!  Noah then spent the rest of his money on a football kit!  They were ridiculously cheap…five euros!  He ended up with an Arsenal kit…very odd choice, but all Noah wants in a kit is that it has a number on the back and comes with the matching socks!!  And Arsenal was the only one in his size that did that…so Arsenal it was!!

In the evening the two girls we were with won a certificate and a medal at the mini disco.  Caitlin wore her new necklace….

..and Noah wore his new football kit!!!

On Sunday we stayed by the small kids pool, it was lovely and shady for the kids and quite quiet so we could move our sunbeds in or out of the sun.  There was also a lovely breeze coming up from the beach.  There was also a playground next to the pool so they could run between the two.  Noah loved the monkey bars and climbed all along the top…

In the afternoon they all wrote letters to the mini disco, and they all got to go on stage in the evening when the letters got read out.  Caitlin look petrified when they made her shout “yo” into the microphone, but then later said that was the best bit of the night!!

After getting her letter read out, Caitlin also ended up in the finals of the Miss Diva competition along with A.  She twirled and danced on stage and had a great time…

….and she won!!!!!!!!!!

On the Monday we went on a boat trip!  It was brilliant.  The kids all got pirate bandanas to wear which they loved.  Getting onto the boat was a bit scary as we had to go down some steps cut out of the cliff.  The boat was a glass bottomed catamaran but down in the hull was boiling hot so we just left the kids down there looking out at the fish.  I tried to take some photos but it wouldn’t take through the glass so I didn’t get any pictures of the fish.

We went into a cave and to a few little bay’s where you could get off and have a swim, but we’d not taken swimming things so we stayed on.

In the evening we went to the mini disco so that Caitlin could get her medal.  They were having a cowboy night and so they got their faces painted…

and Caitlin got her medal….

She was very very proud, and it was a great medal too, a proper metal one with Club Cala Romani on it!!  After the medals and certificates there was a reptile show.  It was the most bizarre reptile show I have ever seen….there was a big black screen and they just posted the reptiles out of it!!!!!!!!????

They all refused to hold the big Boa Constrictor but one of the girls we were with did.

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Majorca part 1

We went on holiday to Majorca with another family who have two girls.  It’s one of the families we go to Rhyl with but this time it was for a full week and with the Dad’s!  There was great discussion as to who was sitting with who on the plane.  The girls all ended up sitting together and Noah and Austin sat together…

The flight passed pretty quickly.  The girls played top trumps and the boys did robot mosaic’s!  We’d booked a bargain holiday so we weren’t 100% sure what we’d get and if it would be a disaster.  We’d also booked a transfer from the airport to the hotel.  We dropped off at what seemed like a million locations and drove around in circles…eventually after a very long two and a half hours!!!!!!!!…we made it to our hotel.  It all looked ok and it was well past tea time so we dropped the bags in the rooms where Austin decided to scale the balcony and I just spotted him as he was stood on it with everything above his knees above the top rail!!!!  It was a rare moment when I did not stop to take a photo!!!!  I couldn’t believe it…we had been in the room for a matter of minutes!!  He got suitably yelled at and hopefully scared off climbing the balcony for the rest of the holiday!  We then went for something to eat and then went straight to the club to test out the entertainment.  It was absolutely scorching and we were all sweating buckets!!!!

We didn’t last too long before the kids were all flagging so we went back to the rooms and arranged to meet by the main pool after breakfast since we had no idea when anyone would wake up.  The rooms were stiflingly hot!!!  We had to sleep with our balcony door open, but we couldn’t leave theirs open incase Austin decided to go climbing again!  We actually arrived at breakfast together so we ate and then went to the pool….

The pool was very busy which made it a bit difficult keeping track of all 5 kids but they had a great time and it was nice and cool in the water!!  After lunch we went for a snooze so that they’d have enough energy to stay up for the disco later.  Caitlin couldn’t sleep so I sat on the balcony with her and we took some photos of our view….

This view makes it look lovely…but unfortunately that was only the view if you looked out to the right!  If you looked straight ahead the view was of another block of the hotel which actually looked a bit like a council flat estate!!  I also took some lovely photos of Caitlin…

In the evening the girls got dressed up in their Spanish dancing dresses and Noah put his Barcelona kit on and they went to the disco where they played all the same songs as our Malaga holiday including chu chu ua song…..

The Barcelona kit turned out to be a good choice for Noah because they were showing the Barcelona v Real Madrid game in the bar and Noah ended up sitting and watching the whole thing with one of the hotel staff….Barcelona won but the man from the hotel was a Real Madrid supporter, but he was lovely and posed for a photo with Noah at the end of the game.  Why aren’t football supporters like that in England….

On the Friday we met again at breakfast and arranged to meet at the beach later on.  We walked down to the beach, on the way we spotted a rainbow in the hotel sprinkler system.  I spent a while trying to get a photo of it and while I was messing about the others caught us up so we walked the rest of the way all together.

Caitlin and her friend dawdled along at the back like two old women!!

They are funny together….on the walk back A put her towel over her head and Caitlin was “guiding” her back…we lost track of the number of times they fell off the path…both hopeless!!!  The beach was also really busy but they all had a great time.  Austin was scared to death we were going to make him go into the sea so he had insisted on wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  Everyone else went into the sea….

Austin stayed mainly on the beach getting absolutely covered in sand…

At the edge of the beach there was a little cave so we went over and took some photos before going back for lunch…

After lunch it was siesta time before meeting for tea and the disco!!!

The tiredness caught up with Austin and he fell asleep after the mini club…..

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Getting ready for holiday

One of Caitlin’s birthday presents was a suitcase and since we were going on holiday I thought she should have it before holiday….

So we gave her present which was a really cool mini suitcase that a friend had spotted and told me about…

and then we went out for an early birthday tea.  Noah told the waitress it was Caitlin’s birthday so they all sung to her which she loved!!!

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Cars 2

There is an outdoor cinema in Manchester which was showing Cars 2 this weekend so we went with some friends.  I kind of knew about the cinema but we’d never been.  We weren’t sure how quickly seats were taken, it is free so we assumed it would be fairly popular!  We got there pretty early and got front row deck chairs!!!

There was also a lady there doing free face painting.  She was absolutely amazing!!!  She did Lightening McQueen on Noah…

and butterflies on the girls…

Then the film started!  It was good really because it is outside the noise doesn’t really matter and there were a few little ones running around.  Our lot ate their picnics and stayed sitting down for most of the film.  The forecast was for light rain but it managed to hold off for the whole of the film.  Afterwards we did a bit of holiday shopping and then called for a drink before heading home.

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2 gold medals

Over the summer holidays Caitlin and Noah have both been taking part in the library reading challenge.  They had to read 2 books to get a bronze sticker, 2 more for the silver stickers & a key ring and 2 more for the gold stickers and a gold medal.  Caitlin read all of her books easily and got her gold medal today….

Noah’s topic at school last term was pirates and he kept picking books about pirates!  They all had really tough words in which he did really well reading, but did need quite a bit of help.  They also had some gruesome pictures in of things like hearts getting ripped out and people being cut in half which gave him nightmares!!!!!!!  He also got his gold medal though….

I’m very glad we’re finished though…I don’t think we could handle any more scary books!!  Caitlin decided to write a note recommending her book for the library wall….

Austin also got some books out but he is too young for the challenge.  They also get a certificate but they give those out at school when they go back in September.

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Fixing the chimney

My Dad came over to put a cowl on the chimney from Caitlin’s bedroom to prevent the birds coming back and re-establishing their nest!!  Noah got wind of the fact my Dad was going up on the roof and desperately wanted to go up too!  I thought he would get scared so I said he could go as far up the ladder as he dared…  He got almost half way before I realised he wasn’t going to get scared and so I stopped him!

Caitlin also amazed me and went as high as Noah!!!!!

Austin of course wanted to join in!  And his face was a picture when we said he could…he looked so pleased with himself!!!

He also got quite high, and was willing to go further, but we wouldn’t let him as he kept leaning off to talk to us!!

The cowl got fitted, once the kids had stopped messing on the ladder!!!  So fingers crossed Caitlin won’t have any more visitors in her room!

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Fun day

The weather wasn’t looking too promising but we decided to still give the fun day a try.  When we arrived it didn’t look like there was much there.  We stopped at the first stall and painted a picture and made badges.

We then queued up to get their faces painted, this was my idea which I really regretted because there were loads of really cool things that I took photos of them doing that I really wish I didn’t have Hello Kitty or Spiderman doing!!!!!  There was a lady there who was letting the kids all hold her Olympic torch….

….they loved holding a real torch…

..even Austin had a turn and since he had refused to get his face painted his was the best photo!

After the torch they got to see some birds of prey and they got to hold an owl (wouldn’t that have been a great picture if Spiderman hadn’t got in on the act!!)…

Caitlin also had a hold although the man had to help her a bit…

After the birds of prey they all had a go at archery, even Austin had a try.  The man in charge had to help Austin as he was too young really…

Caitlin and Noah then had a go in the zorbs….

There was also some bikes from the Wythenshaw Wheelers to try out.  Noah of course picked the biggest bike they had…

Caitlin tested out loads of different bikes and go-kart type bikes…

Austin went on a hand bike and had a great time.

They all spent absolutely ages on the bikes and I had said they could go on the park but it had started raining and we’d run out of time.   I can’t believe we’d managed to try out so many things and all for free too!  It wasn’t too close to us but I’m really glad we made the journey…well worth it!

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Back to the Kiddy Karts

After the fantastic time they all had at the kiddy karts last week we went back again.  I was looking after a friend of Caitlin so I took her along too.

They went on all the same things as last time like the trampolines and inflatables…

But we also decided to do the treasure hunt and we discovered some more rooms at the other end of the leisure centre.  Noah found some people playing football so was in heaven…Caitlin and her friend tried table tennis and curling!

They got to try out some more complicated things on the trampolines like front drops and forward rolls….

Noah and especially Austin still spent most of their time on the karts though.  Austin is completely in love with karting!!!!

While we were there we spotted a leaflet for a fun day tomorrow so I think we’ll give that a try tomorrow.

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Mini in the Park

We got up early in the morning and set off for Mini in the Park.  A few other people were going from Mini Club, one of them on his own so I asked if he’d take Richard so I could take Elvis with the kids.  Richard polished Elvis and he looked brilliant with his new bumpers and steering wheel….

At Santa Pod we watched Terry Grant doing his stunt driving….

I also had intended to take Elvis down the track but since we’ve not made any improvements since last time, my time would have been the same or worse than last time so I figured it would be a waste of money so I didn’t go.  There were a few people we knew racing and so the kids enjoyed that…

There was also someone who had painted their mini in chalk paint and he let the kids write on it…they loved that!

The journey home was a bit of a nightmare because the person I was following was a rush and raced off.  I didn’t see which way they had gone and so got lost…luckily Lee came back for us and he had satnav so we found our way back!!  There was also loads of traffic on the motorways but somehow we ended up getting home just a few minutes after Richard even though I had to stop a million times for toilet trips where I had to get all 3 kids out…then we had to stop for tea because they were hungry!  Next time I will make sure Richard takes his phone!!!

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