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Richard turns 40

Today was Richard’s 40th birthday party.  I was going to arrange a surprise party but decided to ask him what he wanted and who.  He had it at a local club and we arranged for curry and pizza to be delivered.  I also got a small balloon sculpture….


The photo really doesn’t do it justice…it was much cooler in real life!  I’d taken Caitlin shopping for a new dress and she picked a halter neck dress which I think she picked because it was really grown up!!!


As with all of our parties, there was blood/injury!!  My godson cut his ear open on a chair!!!!!!!!  It was pouring with blood and was quite a deep cut..but fortunately 2 of our guests are nurses, so one cleaned it up while the other went to her house and got steri-strips.  Between them they stuck it back together…


…but the blood still wouldn’t stop so he ended up with a huge bandage around his head!!  Soon after H was bandaged up Noah trapped his finger in the door…cue more blood and tears!!!!!!  They were all having a great time but all getting tired!  Noah was the first to drop and fell asleep on one of the benches….


There was a campervan cake (well it looked as close to a campervan cake as I could get!!)


I think everyone had a good time… to start thinking about mine in just over a year!!!

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Noah’s first football tournament

This morning Noah played in his first ever football tournament.  He was very very excited to be in a tournament and Nan, Nanny and Grandad  all came to watch.  According to quite a few people Noah was our teams best player.  Unfortunately for Noah he is a good striker but his favourite position is in goal and as they move them all around so they all get a go in all positions he doesn’t get a lot of time in goal.


He did some good tackles though…

f2I think they played about 6 games and didn’t managed to win any of them, which was a real shame for them.


Noah did come very close to scoring but not quite….maybe next time when they’ve had some more practice!!  They did all get a medal for taking part though…



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Cholmondeley Pageant of Power

Richard has wanted to go to the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power for years so for Fathers day we got tickets.  I managed to get us tickets at less than half price but it was still almost £100 for us all to go.  It is completely massive with far too much to see in one day, but even so it seemed pretty pricey.  The show covered almost every type of transport.  We saw motocross bikes which covered us in mud as they set off…..


…we met “The Stig”


…try out some bikes and get free sunglasses…


…meet the Michelin man…


We saw air displays and boats racing on the lake.  They got to drive miniature Land Rovers….


We terrified Austin by standing very close to a car spitting out flames!!!


We saw Noah’s favourite….the wall of death!!!!!!!!!


…and they got to try on Police uniforms and kit…


It was a great day but there was loads we didn’t get to see.



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Street dancing Caitlin

Caitlin had a street dancing performance at the carnival in Marple so I took them all to watch. There were quite a few stalls so we had a look around…


…Noah and Austin loved the police bikes!!


Caitlin’s dancing had been swapped with the bagpipers so we watched them while we waited…


Caitlin’s group were really good and then we went on some of the fairground rides that were there before it started raining and so we went home!

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With no car the end of half term was pretty quiet and any trips we had planned got cancelled…  On the Friday after Richard had finished work we went camping.  We went to Chester lakes Campsite..which was a lovely site with 5 lakes and lots of surrounding camping fields.  The weather was amazing, when we arrived and were putting up the awning we were scorching!!  After tea we went for a wander to explore the site.  There were lots of people fishing and Noah decided he’s going to put a fishing rod on his Christmas list!!


There was an on-site bar with a disco for the kids so we went there.  There was a lovely patio area overlooking one of the lakes…


….and the kids loved the disco!!!


In the morning our friends arrived and we went for a play in the play area….


…and a quick game of football…of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!


then for a longer walk around the lakes, to see all the flowers for Caitlin’s homework…


We had BBQ tea complete with toasted marshmallows!!!


In the evening we headed off to the disco with me and Richard saying how great it was the night before…only to find Saturday nights weren’t the same atmosphere as Friday’s!!  Friday was really friendly but Saturday was just full of slightly dodgy people who were swearing and just generally not being very nice…so after buying some sweets from the tuck shop (as promised!!)..


…we went back and sat around by the vans.

On the Sunday morning there was a car boot on-site so we went for a look.  It was the most pathetic car boot I’ve ever seen with some very strange people and things!  The kids were desperate to buy something so I gave them each a pound.  Caitlin bought a ripped picture and Austin bought some lego!  Noah spotted a man selling fishing rods and asked if he could go and buy one.  I tried to explain he wouldn’t get a fishing rod for one pound but he was desperate so I told him to go try and then carried on walking a bit.  When I turned around there was Noah with a massive beaming grin and a fishing rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Somehow he’d managed to con someone into selling him a fishing rod and line for £1!!


He was very excited and managed to get the site owner to let him pretend to fish for free (there was a £15 per day charge for fishing!)  After about 5 minutes a man took pity on him and came over to help him….he ended up giving him fishing lessons, setting his rod up with a float, weights and some bait!!!!!!!!!


I was a bit gutted for him really because he didn’t catch anything but he had an amazing time……  We finally dragged him away from his fishing to pack up and go home ready for school……



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The death of Elvis….

So…we called to the shops for a few bits on our way home from the airport and we were metres from home when disaster struck!!!!!!!!!  We were behind an LGV at the traffic lights which were on red.  We waited and our lights turned green…..the LGV set off and we followed… thing I knew a car hit us from the right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He claims that he was already through his lights before they had turned red, but managed not to hit the truck in front of us, so he may well have been through the lights but I think he thought we were a gap after the truck and he floored it to get through.  Unfortunately we WERE NOT a gap and so he slammed into us at quite some speed!!!!!!!


We were going straight on and he shunted us across the road and hit us so hard that the force of the impact went right through the roll cage and onto the other side of the car…thank God for the roll cage!!  And thank God for decent car seats! The ambulance crew agreed that the fact we had good well fitted car seats meant there were no injuries…the roll cage meant we weren’t crushed and also that the windscreen didn’t shatter all over me and Caitlin!

When we crashed Noah was hysterical…I thought he was really hurt and so called the police and an ambulance as I had all 3 kids on my own along with a car blocking a 4 way junction!  It turned out Noah just had a bit of whiplash but was very very upset at Elvis being hurt!!!!!!!!  I had a bit of whiplash and somehow a cut finger!!!  Noah was sat on the crash side and I think he saw the car come toward us!!

Poor Elvis was dragged home until we can prove it was the other parties fault and get him fixed or replaced….


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Noah’s best friend went away to Dubai this school holidays and he went on the A380. I thought it would be quite cool to go and watch them land.  The took a big flag in the hope he would spot them on the side of the runway…


They spotted his plane coming in and waved like mad…


…and he landed!!!


We spotted a cargo plane lining up to take off so we stayed and watched that too…



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