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School reports

They have all had school reports this week and as usual they were all brilliant.  (I’m not really convinced you get a bad report unless you are really pretty bad!  But I suppose people don’t always get brilliant grades as well as comments??)  Anyway Caitlin and Noah got mostly A’s and Caitlin did really well in her SATs, she sat the higher papers as well as the ones for her year and did well in those too.  She is especially good at reading and science.  Noah seems to be good at most things (apart from effort!!) but his real strong subjects are maths and sport.  He really gets maths and can figure out the logic of most things instantly in his head.

Austin’s report was hilarious!!  His teacher commented on our mini’s which I thought was really funny and also a nice personal touch.


I’m not sure it’s common place for teachers to include your car, especially by name, in your report but I loved it!!

Also this week Caitlin (and Noah) got a 100% attendance certificate.  This means Caitlin has a full set from the infants meaning she hasn’t had a single day off since she started 3 years ago!  Well done Caitlin!!



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Leavers assembly

Austin leaves nursery tomorrow and so they held an assembly for everyone.  The format was a bit different to previous years, they split the class into 2 halves which was a bit odd.  First of all they did a little PE display for us which was really nice…


And then they all received a record of achievement from the head teacher.


The book they get is lovely, filled with photos from throughout the year and also some little crafts they have made.  It was really odd to think I won’t have a child at that nursery anymore….with the exception of a few months last year we have had some involvement with the school since Caitlin was a few months old.  We have been to the play group and then gradually they have all progressed to the nursery and now they are all done!!

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Bugjam 2013

We were really lucky and had yet another weekend away!!!  Again with no kids!!  This time we went to bugjam.  We thought it would be good to test the comfort of the van with just 2 people sleeping in it, also Richard wasn’t sure how family friendly bugjam was. After what seemed like a million years stuck in endless traffic jams on the M6 overheating – both the van and us because we had to have the heater on full blast, we finally made it to bugjam!  It was just getting dark so we quickly set the bed up and then headed for the live stage where we just about managed to see the last 10 minutes of The Hoosiers!!


We then headed over to the tents (after buying a jumper because it was absolutely freezing!!!!!!!!!!!) to the Ministry of Sound lasers…


Richard had been right..there was a lot of people throwing up, lots of drugs and lots of things going on that were not in the slightest bit child friendly!!  It was definitely a good job we left them behind!

The next day we had a wander around and found a stretched camper….


…that’s what we need to fit us all in a bit more comfortably!!


The weather was nice but it started to cool off on the Saturday even though we’ve had fantastic weather for a few weeks now!  We watched the racing…


…and some more racing…


In the evening we went to the rock tent, which didn’t seem very popular really but we thought it was good.  Then we watched Bugjam’s got talent which was pretty funny, although it was a young lad who won..but he was really good!  Again there were lots of mad people around!!!!


We had a great weekend, definitely good we didn’t take the kids…!  I doubt we’ll go really was just a bit of a drug fest!!

I think this was my favourite van that we saw over the weekend….


Unfortunately on the Sunday morning we got a message to say Richards Dad had died…he’d not been well for a while so it was expected but still not nice news….  We then headed home….


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Noah’s assembly

Noah’s assembly was based on the story Handa’s Surprise, and Noah was an elephant!!  As usual it was brilliant and they were all very funny!!


There were loads of different animals and fruits!!




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Weekend away

I went away for a weekend with some friends to Malaga… would seem while we were gone we had some good weather here! Perfect for drying up chicken pox!!


Noah must be the only nutty child to wear his goggles while in a paddling pool!!  Well I say paddling pool it’s actually the birthing pool that they were all born in!!  They are fascinated by that!!  There was also lots of jumping in….



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Austin has the pox…..

…and so it would appear to most of his class!!  All of his friends have it and today there were only 4 children in school….there are over 30 in his class!!!!!!!!


He is covered in spots….they are even in his mouth!!!!!  He doesn’t seem too ill with it just a bit under the weather which is good.  Unfortunately though it did mean that he missed his school trip, along with lots of others!!  Fingers crossed he’s better soon……

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Noah’s investment

Noah has been going to Beavers for ages but they have been waiting for the neckerchiefs and so he couldn’t do his investment.  Finally they arrived and him and another boy became proper Beavers….


He already has a few badges, which he has sewn on himself, but today got his pack badges.  It wasn’t as impressive as the brownie enrolment, he just stood there while Magpie handed him some badges to sew on….


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Sports day

We were in Menorca for sports day but my Mum and Dad went along to cheer them on and lots of people sent us photos.  Noah was in the finals for the javelin…


…and he won!!!!!!!!!  I was gutted not to be there to watch…  Caitlin wasn’t in any finals (they do the heats before the actual day) so she just took part in all the races on the day…


As usual, the yellow team won!!!!!!!!!!


I think they have won for at least the past 5 or 6 years…



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Another 40th….

This weekend me and Richard have been to Menorca for a 40th celebration. I forgot to take my camera so no photos! We were there for 4 days….there were 6 couples altogether and we all had a brilliant time. There was lots of sunbathing and meals out, on the 2nd day there was even a tornado while we were on the beach!! Umbrellas and a sun lounger ended up on the beach bar roof and another lounger flew over and hit the life guard!! All very exciting!
The 4 days went very fast and it was soon time for home.  We got home on my birthday and made it just in time to collect from school then we had a nice meal out.
While we were away Caitlin went to a pamper party…..this is how she came home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


…she looks so strange with make up on!!!!!!!!!!

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Richard turns 40

Today was Richard’s 40th birthday party.  I was going to arrange a surprise party but decided to ask him what he wanted and who.  He had it at a local club and we arranged for curry and pizza to be delivered.  I also got a small balloon sculpture….


The photo really doesn’t do it justice…it was much cooler in real life!  I’d taken Caitlin shopping for a new dress and she picked a halter neck dress which I think she picked because it was really grown up!!!


As with all of our parties, there was blood/injury!!  My godson cut his ear open on a chair!!!!!!!!  It was pouring with blood and was quite a deep cut..but fortunately 2 of our guests are nurses, so one cleaned it up while the other went to her house and got steri-strips.  Between them they stuck it back together…


…but the blood still wouldn’t stop so he ended up with a huge bandage around his head!!  Soon after H was bandaged up Noah trapped his finger in the door…cue more blood and tears!!!!!!  They were all having a great time but all getting tired!  Noah was the first to drop and fell asleep on one of the benches….


There was a campervan cake (well it looked as close to a campervan cake as I could get!!)


I think everyone had a good time… to start thinking about mine in just over a year!!!

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