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The summer has arrived!

I was sure the summer had been..what little we were getting so I gave away all of Austin’s shorts!  And now the sun seems to have come back!!  We took advantage of the sunshine and went to the park…..

There was lots of bread left over from Caitlin’s party which I had saved in anticipation of the sun, so we took that to feed to the ducks.  As usual Austin was scared of them!  Although I’m not surprised this time, they did seem really big and were obviously hungry because they were running right up to him snatching the bread of us and even digging about in the pram for it!

I noticed a few of the ducks had broken wings…


…on old man told us there are 7 of them like that and it’s a birth defect!  No idea if that’s true but I’m sure I’ve never seen any others like that in this park??!!

After school the sun was still blazing and one of Noah’s friends mentioned they were getting their paddling pool out so we got ours out too.

They had a great time splashing and throwing water over each other….

Today was the first time we’ve managed to get a paddling pool out at this house since the weather hasn’t been that good since we got the grass!


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Birthday party!

After the upset of Noah’s birthday party I swore we weren’t having another party!!  But then I decided it was a bit mean not to let them have parties and so I started to organise Caitlin’s.  She had a joint party with a boy in her class so that we could keep the cost down, which meant she could invite the whole class again.  This time though we hired an entertainer, who would be running a circus workshop.  Before he arrived we had a quick game of pass the parcel…

The first thing he got out was some little pedal racers.  The birthday boy was the first to try them out and it was a disaster…he just kept falling off and did not look happy!!  A few others tried and fell off too, there were tears and I thought the whole party was going to be a disaster with everyone claiming on Zippy’s insurance!!!!!!!  Then Caitlin got a turn….she isn’t the most balanced of people so I assumed she had no chance and got ready for the tears!!!!

She was fantastic!!!!!!  She got it straight away and was actually very good at it…amazing really when I think what a drama it is to get her to try to ride her bike!  After the pedal racers he moved onto something a bit easier…juggling….

…they loved this.  They then got to try plate spinning…

….can’t remember what this one is called….

Noah tried the Diablo but he didn’t like that one…he couldn’t do it at all…and got really mad with it!  So he moved back to the juggling!!

Austin had a try at juggling too….

…and he was one of the brave few who had a go at the stilts!!

Once the entertainer’s time was up it was time for party food and cake!!!  Caitlin really wanted a pink princess cake so we popped the legs off her barbie…gave her a bath!!…and made the cake into her dress!!!!!!

There wasn’t quite enough icing so it was a bit lumpy, but she loved it!

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Fabric shopping

Alfie needs some curtains so since Noah was finally at school all day me and Austin went fabric shopping!  We’d picked out some very nice Harlequin fabric but at £33 a metre…and needing 5 metres for all of the windows, we decided that was a bit steep.  I found some fabric quite like the Harlequin one but at just £15 a metre…  I decided to try one last place and we found the £15 fabric at just £23 for 4.5 metres…so we got that.  It means we haven’t quite got enough for matching cushions etc…but at a saving of over £100 on the Harlequin fabric we settled on that. 

I also really liked this fabric…I think it would have looked great with the silver….

But that would have been an extra £50 so the purple and blue stripe it is!  Now I just need to get the curtains made before our first camping trip!! 

Richard is working away on taking the insides apart and rearranging the seats so we can have seat belts.  Fingers crossed Alfie is back together and has curtains in time!

On our way from the train station to school we were a bit early so I let Austin walk.  He ran ahead to this tractor and sat himself in the wheel!!  (All my years of begging them for this type of in wheel photo have finally sunk in!)

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Ellies wedding

As Noah wasn’t in school until the afternoon I decided to take him to see Ellie, one of our friends getting married.  Me and Richard were going to the evening do but I thought it would be nice to see the service as well.

Noah as usual asked lots and lots of questions.  He was very concerned that Ellie was late for the service, he just didn’t get that the bride is supposed to be late!  When she did arrive Noah said she looked beautiful and very sparkly!!!!!!!  After the service I asked him if he wanted his photo taken with the wedding car and he said yes….he walked over to it but then spotted Tony’s mini just in the road opposite and decided he wanted his photo with that instead!!!  I eventually convinced him to stand by the wedding car…..

The evening reception was good too….although the kids went to Nanny’s for that!!!

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Meeting with Noah’s teacher

Today Richard had a meeting with Noah’s teacher to see how well he had settled in.  (I couldn’t go because one of us had to look after Austin)  Miss L said he had settled in really well and was doing brilliantly, she did mention that he was a bit lively though and with a class mainly made up of boys it was going to be a lively year!!

Noah is loving school and seems to have made lots of friends already.  He is exhausted though, which is odd considering he was full time last year!  I think they have been assessing them all and so have really been making them work!  One of the boys in his class has a hot air balloon (a real one!!) and so he has been telling the class all about it which Noah is fascinated by!  He has got his book bag and will soon start bringing books home and getting homework!

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Since Austin is now potty trained I decided to change his cot into a bed incase he needed the loo in the night.  Tonight was his first night in his bed.  He does not like change and he didn’t get in willingly…but once he was in he fell straight to sleep and stayed there all night…..

Well except when he fell out in the middle of the night but he got back in and went straight back to sleep.

Richard decided to let Caitlin and Noah sleep in Alfie (in the garden!!)!  They were very excited and so we all watched the x-factor and then they went out to Alfie…

They loved it!!!!!!

I’m not sure Richard enjoyed it…Caitlin is the wriggliest, noisiest (talking!!) sleeper ever!!!!!! 

We definitely need to get Caitlin a separate bed for when we go venturing into the great outdoors in October!!!!

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Campervan club

Tonight we went to campervan club!!  It was eventful to say the least!  It started out by us starting Alfie and his battery being flat, so we charged him up.  Eventually we set off and I reversed out of the drive.  Richard yelled STOP at me because I was getting near to the wall.  I thought I had hit the wall so it scared me to death and so I stalled!  I then looked up and there was a big queue of rush hour giant jeepy type cars waiting for me…so I couldn’t restart it!  I eventually got it started but couldn’t get it in gear!  I did get going in the end with a big queue of grumpy looking people.  All the way there I struggled with the gears, got beeped and cut up…it was awful!  By the time we made it the rain was really heavy and I actually felt sick the drive was so stressful!!!  We went into the pub for tea and met the other camper owners.  I’d taken my camera but by this time the rain was torrential and we were quite high up and I think we were actually in the raining cloud…so no photos were taken and we didn’t really get to see any other campers!  The journey home was much better…less traffic cutting us up but just as much rain!!!  Lets hope our next outing is better!!!

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The school walk

Now that Cailtin and Noah are in the same school we can walk to school….it is great…..

(I’m sure I won’t be saying that in the snow…but while it’s dry it is such a novelty to be able to walk)

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Noah’s first day at school

Finally….after being desperate to get through those doors since Caitlin started last September…it was Noah’s first day at school!  He was dressed with shoes on ready to go a good hour before we were going!  We had to make him take his shoes off while he waited!!

He was so excited he was fit to burst!!!!!! 

Eventually we were ready to set off….

We arrived at school fairly early and as I said good-bye to Caitlin, Noah also shouted bye and started wandering off!!!!  Unfortunately the reception kids don’t go in until 9.15am so I had to call him back to wait.  He looked completely panic striken…thinking he wasn’t actually going!! 

It was threatening to completely throw it down on us but managed to just about hold off for us!  Eventually he got to go in and barely looked back at us!!

After school he chose to go bowling…

They all loved the bowling, especially Austin!  He really loves bowling!!

When we were done (I won 🙂 !!) we went out for tea!!

So a very successful first day!!  And he can’t wait to go again!!!!!

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