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Look what we’re getting……

Ha ha…yes that’s what it looks like!! We’re getting a brother or sister for Caitlin and Noah around May 22nd!!!  Caitlin wants a sister and apparently it’s called “good girl” – I think that is her standard answer to what a baby will be called since Harry was called good and her new cousin is also going to be called good!!  Noah said he wants a brother but as long as he is allowed to cuddle him/her constantly he really won’t care!!  It doesn’t matter what we have we have clothes for either, but a good one would be preferable!!!

We had our scan yesterday but I wanted to make sure Richard had got hold of all of his family before posting on here.  The scan and booking appointment was really quick but getting my blood was a nightmare!  The midwife tried with no success so I waited 45 mins to see a Dr who also failed!  Then I was sent to the blood people (can’t remember how to spell their title!) and one refused to try but the 2nd one got some first time!  She said next time to go straight to them since the Dr and midwife had messed up both arms trying!!  Apart from a scan in January my next appointment isn’t until March!!!!!!!!!  That seems like an awful long time off but I like not being harassed so I’m quite happy, and they’ve agreed to another home birth which is good since with Noah they were really funny about it which I found very strange since I’d had one with Caitlin with no probs.   Although this time Richard is insisting we have a midwife there for the birth….think his nightmares might have come back since we found out about this little one!!!

We saw Harry last night as well and Noah spent the whole time sneaking strokes of his head and trying to get closer to him!!!



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Antz in your pantz!!

That where we’ve been today!  It was really good, it’s so much better set out that our usual soft play, it’s cheaper and cleaner.  They did let themselves down on the food took over 45mins to arrive!!! 

Noah came down the slide with his hands in the air everytime!!  I couldn’t get a shot of him closer though as everytime I tried someone walked in front of him…

There was also another slide which was pitch black inside it which Caitlin loved, I only went on once and I got an electric shock at the end so I avoided it after that!!

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Well our survey (on the wreck!) is getting done tomorrow and our mortgage application is all signed and sent off so things are going pretty fast!  The agents are hoping for a 6 week completion so we’re nearly 1 week into that…so fingers crossed we’ll have started work by Christmas!!

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Jitterbugs and more fame!!

We’ve been out playing to Jitterbugs with Abigail and Katie!  We had a great day, especially me and Gemma who just sat around the whole time as all the kids happily played on their own!

Trying to get a picture was virtually impossible….I took this…

and then this happened!!!!!!!!

they all threw themselves off!!!!  So then we moved onto lying down…..

..then we tried them sitting again, but by this point they were a little over excited!!!!!!!!!!

On our way home we stopped off at Ikea to pick up the latest catalogue which Caitlin and Noah have been chosen to model on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I keep meaning to post about Caitlin’s interest in music…  She has a few favourite songs at the moment, her first favourite that she decided she liked a while back is Nickelback’s “Rock Star”.  I think she first heard it on the DFS advert and quite often sings it….  She also likes “Here come the girls”…again probably from the Boots advert!  And her other favourite at the moment is “Sweet about me” which she gets very excited about when she hears it on the radio and also sings along!

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Pumpkin Olympics!

Today witch Caitlin and dracula Noah went to the pumpkin olympics!!  First of all we tried apple bobbing but Caitlin just looked at me like I was mad for sticking my head in a bowl of water!  And Noah just kept prodding the apples so they bobbed about in the water!  Then we tried pumpkin shot-put which was much more successful!  Caitlin threw hers just over a metre and won herself a medal….

Noah walked his to the 3 metre mark and also got a medal!! We then moved onto pumpkin bowling!  Again Noah didn’t really get it… this is his try….approaching the skittles…

and then just knocking them all down by hand!!!!

He decided he really liked knocking the skittles down and so gave Caitlin a helping hand on her go too!!!

In fact he ran over trying to help everyone!!  Then he tried to pinch all the balls from the pumpkin “coconut shy”…. I had to call him away so many times the guy running the stand knew his name…ooop’s!!  We then went inside the hall on a spider hunt where we spotted 11 spiders.

Then it was back to the apple bobbing where Caitlin got an apple and so won some sweets!  Noah charmed the lady and so he got some too, double in fact!

After all of that it was home time…

We’d been given some pumpkins (watch out for carvings later this week!!) but Linda wasn’t happy with hers so we used a little distraction to swap for a better looking one…

Any pumpkin recipes also gratefully received!!  The rain held off and the kids had a great time at the olympics, can’t wait for the fireworks display now…..just need to find one!

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We’re mad…we’ve done it!!!!

We’ve bought the house we went to look at this morning!!!!!  We only decided to look for plan B a few days ago and this is the only option we have looked at!!!

It is a complete wreck and needs gutting… for example here is the “kitchen”

and here is the bathroom Richard thinks the taps look like udders!!!!!!

It also needs completely rewiring, central heating putting in and we also want to knock down a wall or two!!   All in all it is a bit of a risk financially and we’ll be very skint while we’re doing the work but if we pull it off it’ll put us in a really good position once the housing market recovers, and I am very very excited!!!!!!!!!!

In order to make the financial stretch a little easier I have applied for  job just around the corner from our new house!  Its a very nice pub so I hope they get back to me…and soon too!!!!!!  (can you tell I’m an impulsive and impatient person???)

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Swimming and houses….

Today Caitlin has finally been swimming!!!!!!!  Since before she was born Richard has been promising to take her swimming, the initial plan being he would go every Sunday!!  Today was the first time she went!  That’s only 3 years later than planned!!

Today we have also been to see a mortgage consultant about our plan B!  Plan A is obviously the house we love and would fit us for a long time to come, but since we still haven’t had a viewer on ours that’s not looking possible until the market picks up!  So plan B is to buy another smaller house in the right area for schools, we have seen a brilliant house which needs gutting in just the right area but we weren’t sure if it was financially possible…  But the mortgage man said yes!!!  In fact he was really positive that our calculations were all workable and so we are going for a viewing tomorrow!!!!!!!!!  Actually we went spying through the windows today and took a sneaky look in the garden and store room!!! Look out for an update!

I love the idea of doing somewhere up as it will mean we can add some value and so at the very least stay with the market if not leap a bit ahead since we can keep ours, afterall houses are slightly lower in price at the moment so now is a good time to buy!  So keep your fingers crossed for us!

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I know she’s a girl…

but Caitlin has a stupid amount of clothing!!!!!  I counted her clothes this morning and despite the fact I have packed away 3 carrier bags of clothes this week (mainly of things that still fit but are summery) and also packed a whole bin bag FULL of clothes for the charity shop (also things that fitted but she never wears for various reasons)…..  Caitlin still has…

32 pairs of socks, 29 pairs of knickers, 9 pairs of PJ’s, 4 winter dresses, 8 skirts, 10 short sleeved t-shirts, 17 long sleeved t-shirts, 11 jumpers and 7 coats not including her rain coat or her coat that she keeps at Nanny’s house!!!!!!!!!!  That doesn’t include and clothes at the bottom of the washing basket although thats quite empty at the mo!! It also doesn’t include clothes she’s got that are still too big for her!!

She also has 3 pairs of wellies (although they are getting a bit small), a pair of boots, 2 pairs of trainers and a pair of crocs.  She actually has very few shoes at the moment but her feet have grown a lot recently!!

And I wonder why I can never find a spare hanger or any room in her drawers!!!!!!!

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Sock overload!!

A while back Nan sent some money to buy Caitlin and Noah some new socks.  So yesterday I got Noah some Roary socks as Roary is his favourite at the moment, well along with “dob da” (that’s bob the builder for those of you that don’t speak Noah!!)  Here he is modelling his socks….  he has drifter on his feet and roary on his hands.  He often wears socks on his hands!!

Caitlin on the other hand has 32 pairs of socks!!!!!!  Yes 32!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that doesn’t include her trainer socks which I packed away as they won’t fit next summer!!!!!!!  Oh or any pairs of tights she has, which is about 10!!  In fact she has a ridiculous amount of clothes, I might count up her t-shirts etc and post about that too!!  So I decided she didn’t really need socks (maybe for years!!)   So I let her chose what she was spending her money on and this is what she picked………

Its a racing car cushion!  She doesn’t look overjoyed about it in the photo but she was very very pleased with it when she picked it, she doesn’t like having to share it with Noah though!   She’d spotted it a while before I said she could pick something with her money, and that was her first request when I said she could buy something… So thank you Nan for our presents, hope you like what we bought!

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