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Tour of Anfield

One of Noah’s Christmas presents was a tour of Liverpool’s ground.  He went with Grandad who also got a tour for one of his presents!!  Noah had a fantastic time…


He took his bear, Adam, with him….who is also a Liverpool fan.  They got to see the trophy cabinet, the players dressing room and had their photo taken with a replica Champions League trophy…


While they were on the tour I took Caitlin and Austin to town with my Mum to check out the sales.  They all had some Christmas money to spend so we went to a few shops where they picked something each.  When Noah met us we went for dinner and then he spent his money getting his name and the number 8 put on the back of his Liverpool kit!!


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Boxing Day

Today we had a nice relaxing pj day!  They all played with their many many toys!!!  Caitlin and Noah practised on their roller blades and Noah skateboarded up and down the hall!!!


Caitlin also filled her polly pocket water park with water which Austin loved!!


We also had another Christmas dinner!!  I love Christmas dinner!!  Noah also spent quite a while sending Austin up and down the hall on his skateboard…how there wasn’t an accident with the board or roller blades I don’t know….

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Christmas Day

We actually woke up before the kids!!  I really thought this year that Noah would be up at an un-Godly hour with excitement but we had to wake him!  Austin came up to our room at about 7am but when we asked him he said Father Christmas hadn’t been!!!  He got in bed for a bit then we decided to go down and look!  Surprise, surprise there on his bed was a full stocking!!!  He then woke Caitlin and Noah up and they all opened their stockings.  We then went downstairs to see if he had left any other presents…….


Noah got his football studs that he had requested…..


…I love Noah’s excited face!!!!  Austin got a hotwheels track…..


Caitlin opened all of her presents really slowly and carefully….as usual!!  She got roller blades and books etc…..


Austin got a new hat which he looked very funny in….


Once they had finished opening their presents and eaten breakfast it was time to get dressed into their new clothes and go to Nanny’s for even more presents and Christmas dinner!


Noah got a ramp….cue excited face again!!


Caitlin was very excited because she got Lelli Kelly boots!!!!!!!!!  We had Christmas dinner with everyone…there were 18 of us this year and then there was more mad present opening!!!  Eventually we headed home at about 8pm!!!!





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Christmas Eve

I’d been meaning to go for a drive to see the Christmas lights for a while so on Christmas eve we went to deliver a few cards that we hadn’t managed to pass on.  We saw some lights along the way but someone had recommended a road not too far from us.  I wasn’t sure exactly where it was but as soon as we pulled in we knew we were there!!!  I hadn’t taken my proper camera so I could only get a few pics on my phone and they really really do not do it justice!!!


About two-thirds of the street had lights up outside their houses….it looked completely amazing!!!!!!!!!!


There were loads of people walking up and down it and the kids were absolutely amazed!!!  I’ll have to go back next year with my camera!!!

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Days 18 to end!

I’m a bit behind on the advent calendar update so here are some highlights of what they got for days 18 onwards….

Day 23…more terrible glitter pictures!!


Day 19..Austin in his play


They also got more pictures and a photo of the kids at the school groto!!

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Gingerbread house

Today we finally found the time to make our gingerbread house!  They decorated all of the pieces….


…we then stuck all of the pieces together with the icing provided.  The instructions said to hold it together for 10 minutes so I did….it wasn’t stuck so we propped it all together and left it for over an hour….


…..and as I took this picture it all fell apart!!!!!!!!!  Ah well they had fun and enjoyed eating most of it!!!!!!!

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Final Rainbows

This Monday was Caitlin’s last ever Rainbows and she jumped over the pot of gold to become a Brownie!  At school she was crying because she didn’t want to leave but when she got to Rainbows she seemed fine about leaving!

As it was the last one before Christmas there were lots of games and Father Christmas even paid a visit!!


At the end she got 2 more badges and a lovely book full of photos from her time at Rainbows….


Now it’s on to Brownies!!!  Although I’m not sure how Noah and Austin will stay up late enough to collect her!

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