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BBQ tea for all!!

Tonight we had a BBQ for tea.  Noah has got a cold so he was miserable but Caitlin loves BBQ’s and had a great time!  She did keep asking when Harry was coming cos the last BBQ we had he came to.  Even Austin joined in..well he sat at the table with Caitlin and Noah….


…Caitlin ate all of her burger and then half of Noah’s as well!!  Then she played riding backwards on her bike!!  Copying Noah who even though he is ill was able to do stupid things!!!!!!!!!


Given the snottyness of his nose I think we have a bad night in store…….



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Oh the embarrassment!

Today I wanted the ground to swallow me up!!!!!!  I really want Austin to be Christened so decided I really needed to go to church.   I took all 3 kids with me and although they were very well behaved…no screaming or running around etc…. but oh my God they were embarrassing!!!!!!!!  It was a very musical service and the church was quite full so when it was hymn time it was a bit loud.  Caitlin put her hands over her ears and declared it was too loud.  This probably would have gone unnoticed if it hadn’t been for her fog horn of a brother next to her who decided to join in at full volume plus a bit!!!!!  And anyone who knows Noah in real life will know full volume is quite substantial!!!!!!  Obviously he didn’t know the words but made his own up and caught a couple that were being sung!  I really struggled not to laugh at this bit…

He also kept shouting “he said Noah” to the priest which he didn’t…I’ve no idea what he said that Noah thought sounded like his name!!!!!  Then it was time to pray…cue people closing their eyes… cue Noah saying quite loudly and definitely clearly…why is that man asleep!!!!!!!!!!  Said man was actually a woman and I had to explain she was praying….  One hour later and the torture was over!!!!!!!  I really hope I don’t have to go too often….I’m not sure I can take the embarrassment!!!!

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Another party…

This morning we went to Caitlin’s school fair.  I’d forgotten how expensive school fairs are…there are a million things for everyone to do and buy and since it’s all in a good cause you feel obliged to do lots!!  Today there was a donkey ride..Caitlin wouldn’t go on but Noah did….


…and he loved it!  He kept saying how he liked donkeys all the way around!  We also had a go of the tombola, the raffle, bought a cake or 2, a keyring, some burgers……  Also Austin had his photo taken in an Austin!!!  No idea how that will turn out..the guy taking the photo’s showed me one and it really didn’t look good!!!!!!!

After the fair we went straight to Katie’s birthday party.  We couldn’t make the actual party but Gemma said to just come afterwards to play and for BBQ.  Caitlin and Noah had a great time playing with Katie and Abigail…


And of course there was cake…..


Noah made quite a mess with his…..


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Party time

Party tea was requested for tonight for Daddy’s birthday…so we had sausage rolls, crisps and biscuits etc for tea!!  We’ve got no oven so cakes were out and for the birthday cake we had the only cake that was Caitlin friendly!!

Caitlin and Noah gave Richard his presents and then promptly took them back and opened them whilst telling him what they were!!!! 


They also told him all about his cake (which we had decorated in Caitlin friendly chocolate and sprinkles) before he’d even realised he was getting a party tea!!


Austin has been guzzling like a lunatic today.  Given his current growth rate on regular feeding I dread to think what he’ll be growing out of if he’s having a growth spurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Today is our wedding anniversary and we’ve been married for 5 years.  The “gift” for this year is something wooden.  With a new baby, birthday’s, Fathers day, the house etc etc we hadn’t got around to getting each other a present…..  But it would seem Stockport Council thought they would take care of it for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We applied a while back to replace our windows at the new house with uPVC windows with the old stained glass encapsulated in them.  Our adjoining neighbours have exactly that, carried out by the same company that we were proposing to use so we assumed our application would breeze through.  Nope!!!!!!!!!  They rejected us and said we had to have wooden windows!!!!!!!!!!!!  We can appeal but we are now at the stage where an appeal will delay the kitchen and so our moving in!   I’m sure that since a precedence has been set with next door we will get it granted eventually but its another hassle we don’t need.  For the time being we are going to have to do the kitchen in wooden windows and then replace them again once any appeal has been granted….not good!!  So thanks for our wooden present Mr over zealous conservation officer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Planes and farms!!

Caitlin had a full day school trip which meant for once we weren’t tied to a 2.5 hour slot to do something.  I spent ages trying to decide what we should do….  Really it should have been something that we can’t do in 2.5 hours, which from our old tried and tested things we do would have been MOSI or Urbis….  Or something for me like shopping in town or just staying at home.  I was tempted to stay at home and make Austin’s building blocks which I never seem to get chance to work on but the weather was gorgeous and so I couldn’t waste it on that or a museum trip…..  So we took a picnic and went to the airport viewing park to watch the planes – we kind of can’t do that..well we could but it would be rushed.  Noah loved it…


Austin had a good time snoozing in the pram too!!  We then went to collect Caitlin after her school trip.  She’d been to the farm and had a great time feeding the lambs and stroking the aminals (as she says!!)  When we got home they all played out in the garden and I tried to get a few photo’s of Austin.  I don’t think I succeeded in getting one of the 3 of them but the one of him is ok…


Then it was time for mini club…..

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All registered….

Today we have been to register Austin….  So now he is all official and has a birth certificate…  Which means he can get a passport and a bank account…well definitely a passport – the bank account is proving a little more difficult!  Given we are in a “financial crisis” and banks are supposedly crying out for savers I wasn’t able to open an account for him today!  Apparently you can’t open an account in the branch – you have to do it on-line but then you have to go into the branch to take the birth certificate!!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe they make it so difficult for you to give them your money!!

Then after school we went for tea and a play at Ed and Lucy’s!  Caitlin and Noah had a great time running round in the sprinkler, Austin…well Austin just slept as usual!!  Although last night I think he smiled…and today Louise thought he smiled…so maybe he is learning to smile.  Hard to tell with things like that it’s only when you look back you get a better idea….


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My chunky little monkey!!

Today I got Austin weighed and he is a whopping 10lb 9oz!!!!!  It took Caitlin until week 10 to get to that (and she didn’t stop growing til about week 12) and it even took Noah until week 6 to get to there!!!  He is also growing longer by the second I think!!!  He has even outgrown his 0-3 months sleep suits!!  So I have moved him up to the 3-6 months ones…and look how big they are on him……


…NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  His feet are right at the ends..they fit but I really can’t see them lasting him very long.  Some of the older sleep suits in that size have already been relegated to the charity pile as they must have shrunk a bit in the wash.  The one he is in above is one that was hardly worn as it does up at the back so I didn’t put Noah in it very often as it was hard work in the dark!  So at the grand age of 4 weeks (in 3 hours!!) he is beginning to outgrow his 3-6 months clothes…uh oh!!!!


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They sounded like a swarm of bee’s….and Caitlin ran away!!!!!  Noah just covered his ears…he obviously didn’t like the noise but couldn’t be drawn away from the racing!!!!


..They were strange little space framed cars racing and they were quite loud!!

Noah much preferred the minis racing and when I tried to get his picture during that he kept getting distracted by it!!


Austin also like his first grass track mini races – although on his photo I think he looks like an umpalumpa…aside from he’s not green obviously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Caitlin also liked the minis – check out her new funky leggings!!!!!!  She is fascinated by them…they are a bit wild but not surprisingly I LOVE them…I think I have a stripe addiction!! 


An added bonus of going to watch the grass track racing is that it is very close to the airport so Noah could even watch the planes taking off as well!!!!!!  When we got back they helped to wash “Gan” (Richards Megane).  It was filthy as grass track racing is very very dusty…tonnes of mud and soil dust all over everything!  While Richard was busy washing….it all went quiet!  Always a bad sign…and when he went round to the other side of the car…Caitlin and Noah were busy washing the back seat with their bucket of water…it is very wet…….


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Dresses, cake and a floor!!!

Today we have been to the Trafford Centre to return some shoes and while we were there we did a bit of testing out for Caitlin’s bridesmaid dress.  She is going to be a bridesmaid in October and can not wait!!  Alex has chosen a freya dress and it looked really nice on….


She also asked me to try on any other dresses just in case but there was only one other that didn’t have a colour in it…and given her colour scheme is purple and green a pink dress would not look good!!  (It was a horrible pink anyway!) 

After shopping we called at the new house to see Nanny and Grandad who were busy painting and digging drains!!  Nanny had made a fathers day cake so after a few attempts we got the dad’s to the cake before Noah blew the candles out!!!!!!


Talking of candles reminds me of something funny that happened at Harry’s Christening which I forgot about…. During the service Noah noticed the candles on the other side of the church and stood trying to blow them out from about 15 metres away!!!!!!!!  He tried for ages but not surprisingly he didn’t manage it!!

Richard has been working on insulating under the floor in the new house as we are having floor boards we insulated underneath so they aren’t drafty.  All of the floor boards are now back down following that and of course the joist replacements….  It looks so different with the floors back down.  Caitlin and Noah were very impressed with the space to run around again….


We just need to sand and stain them now……


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