Mini in the Park

We got up early in the morning and set off for Mini in the Park.  A few other people were going from Mini Club, one of them on his own so I asked if he’d take Richard so I could take Elvis with the kids.  Richard polished Elvis and he looked brilliant with his new bumpers and steering wheel….

At Santa Pod we watched Terry Grant doing his stunt driving….

I also had intended to take Elvis down the track but since we’ve not made any improvements since last time, my time would have been the same or worse than last time so I figured it would be a waste of money so I didn’t go.  There were a few people we knew racing and so the kids enjoyed that…

There was also someone who had painted their mini in chalk paint and he let the kids write on it…they loved that!

The journey home was a bit of a nightmare because the person I was following was a rush and raced off.  I didn’t see which way they had gone and so got lost…luckily Lee came back for us and he had satnav so we found our way back!!  There was also loads of traffic on the motorways but somehow we ended up getting home just a few minutes after Richard even though I had to stop a million times for toilet trips where I had to get all 3 kids out…then we had to stop for tea because they were hungry!  Next time I will make sure Richard takes his phone!!!


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