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Movember day at school!

Today was a non uniform day for the fair and they could also wear a moustache for Movember!  Noah was convinced it had already happened so when I went to buy the fake moustaches he said no!  Turned out it hadn’t been…I didn’t think it had!!  So we had to draw on a moustache!!!


Tomorrow is going to be crazy day as I am helping in the grotto!!!


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A quiet crafty weekend

This weekend we had nothing planned so we made some things!  I made our costumes for the nativity plays that they are in.  Austin is a snowman, Caitlin an alien and very fittingly Noah is a King!!!  Caitlin carried on making her doll although it is taking so long I don’t think it will ever be finished!!

While I was helping Caitlin with her doll Austin and Noah made some things out of Noah’s play wood…


They made a plane and a car!

We also worked on our advent calendars…more on that to follow….I don’t want to ruin any surprises!!!

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Noah’s award for this week is…..

….gymnast of the week!!!!  I think Noah might be finally be getting the hang of not being such a sore loser, because today he won gymnast of the week.  Again he was really chuffed and came home waving his certificate around!!!  I forgot to take a picture of him….

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Christmas Markets

Today I took the kids to the Christmas Markets.  They had some money that they had earned for keeping their rooms tidy so we went to spend that first.  Caitlin had loads of money because she is really good at saving it up, so she bought a little bear with an outfit.  Noah and Austin hardly had anything so they bought something in the pound shop!!  As we were walking through towards the markets we met some people dressed as Angry Birds!  Austin has decided he quite likes the Angry Birds so we stopped for a photo!


we walked through the markets and while Austin slept Caitlin and Noah tried a few new foods, like pretzels….


…which they both loved!  They spotted a moose head….


…and were completely fascinated with deciding if it were real or fake!!!!  I then decided to get myself some mulled wine which they both had a try of…..  Just like last year, Noah liked it…..


…and Caitlin didn’t!!!


And then exactly like last year they decided they needed the loo!!!!!!!!!  You’re not allowed to take any alcohol out of the markets and I had a full mug!!  I made them wait a while so I could drink some, but then I gave in and hid the rest of my wine in the pram and went out to the loo’s!!!  Maybe next year I’ll get to drink my wine at leisure!!!!!!!!!!!  On our walk back we got some roasted chestnuts to try which Caitlin and Austin both loved.

Back at home we asked them what their favourite bits of the markets were…to which Austin replied “the chicken nuts”……..He meant chestnuts!!!!

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Children in Need disco

Tonight was the Children in Need disco at school.  Caitlin was very excited and had been planning her outfit and hair and nails for weeks!  She wanted curly hair again like she had for Nan’s birthday so we did that and then painted her nails, she looked so grown up!  Noah decided he was wearing his shirt and tie.  Very worryingly as Noah set of he said he was going to give out his phone number and then promptly recited my mobile number!!!!!!  I didn’t even know he knew it!!  I wrote it down on his place mat at the restaurant on Wednesday and that was it!!!  He must have learnt it during tea!


The highlight of Noah’s night was that I gave them both some money to buy some snacks with!  Noah had a great time buying sweets and sitting eating them with his friend!!


The DJ was giving out prizes throughout the disco and Noah won a glow bracelet.  I was just feeling really sorry for Caitlin when near the end she won a trophy and some sweets for good dancing….


She was over the moon!! After the disco she took it home and showed Austin where I managed to get a quite nice photo of the three of them….


They loved going to the disco, next year Austin will be able to go too!!!

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Player of the week again!

Noah took his trophy back to football to pass onto the next player of the week….and then they announced the player of the week was Noah!!!!!!!!!! He went up and said “it can’t be me I had it last week”…completely unprompted which was a lovely thing to say. The coaches then said, it was his again…you can get it again if you deserve it. Noah was over the moon!!!


So he brought his trophy home again….very very pleased with himself!  He is actually getting quite good at football, well so everyone tells me…..I have no idea what good football looks like, especially not at age 5!!!

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Parents evening

This week has been a week of parents evenings!!  First up was Austin…  I couldn’t go to Austins as it was my turn to do the Rainbows run and we had no-one to watch Austin anyway and there isn’t really anywhere to leave them at the school.  So Richard went and reported back!  Austin has settled in really well apart from his little moment where he got all hysterical!!  He is doing ok with his colours and numbers, and they agree with us that he knows lots more than he lets on!  They are happy with him so far…….

Tonight first up was Caitlin.  As usual they told us how good she is and how hard she tries at everything, they did say she needs to be a bit quicker.  She is painfully slow…at everything!!!!!!!!!!  They said her reading is excellent and her handwriting is really neat and she is working at junior level in most things…..basically all good!  We were really pleased.

Next was Noah.  His teacher told us he is really clever, his reading age is 7 years and 10 months which we were really pleased with since he was only 5 years 6 months when assessed.  We knew he was doing ok with his reading and English because he goes up to year 2 for phonics.  She said his maths is also fantastic and he is really kind and thoughful towards others which is also nice to hear….he does really worry about others.  Her only negative was that he rushes things….something we already know!  He is always desperate to get outside to play or to move onto the next thing and sometimes his work isn’t as good as it could be because of that.

…so as I reward we let them choose what they wanted as a treat.  Caitlin picked a restaurant nearby, which when we asked why she had picked there she replied that she liked the plants and the twinkly lights!!!!!!IMAG0846

Noah in true Noah style picked a ramp (something that is on his Christmas list!!) and then said “we can go for that then we can do Caitlin’s treat”…fully aware that by picking a ramp he’d get tea out as well…cheeky monkey!  We settled on tea out, which was very nice!!


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Selling books

At harvest festival school discussed charity and giving to others, as part of this a few children suggested holding sales and giving the proceeds to charity.  The head thought this was a good idea and so asked anyone interested to submit an application explaining what they’d sell and who for.

Noah decided he’d like to sell books for his old nursery and so recruited 2 of his friends.  He filled out their application and basically completely organised/railroaded them!!!  They had to do a presentation in assembly in front of the whole school, which his 2 friends refused to Noah said he’d do it by himself!  And he did!!  The head helped him a bit but apparently he stood up and told over 200 people what they’d be doing and who for.  They had to make some posters so his friends came over for tea and they all made some posters and price signs.  They then decided to make hats to go with them!!

Today was Noah’s day to do his sale so we took our donated books to school and me and another mum helped the three of them sell their books.  I forgot to take a photo of them in their hats!!  They sold their books and handed in their money to be counted.  I think they raised about £15 which is pretty good for 5 year olds, we’ll have to wait for the head to give the final total…..

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Back to school & football

This week was back to school after a hectic half term.  Noah has been pestering to do football so we said yes since he seems to really like football on a Saturday.  This week was his first session and he won player of the week which he was very very proud of!!!


He gets a trophy for the week which he has proudly put on his fireplace in his room!!!

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Relaxing Sunday

After a whirlwind of a week, we had a nice quiet day….  We should have been still camping so with that cancelled we had no plans.  The kids decided to write their letters to Father Christmas.  Caitlin’s wish list is very thorough!  She has got all kinds on it…..


….she spent ages writing it in lovely neat writing.  She’d like roller blades, a skateboard, a build a bear bed, a build a bear Ariel outfit etc etc  She also wants a Concorde!!!  She did want a remote control Concorde, but has simplified that to just a toy Concorde!!  She also wants an Easter egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????  They do ask for strange things!

Noah made a start on his and then decided he’d rather go and play so rushed through his!!  He only ended up putting a few things on his list and is regretting it now!


His was really hard to read, he’d write a bit then add a bit to the line above!  He’s asked for a playmobil pirate ship, roller blades, football boots, Astroturf trainers and chocolate buttons with toffee in the middle!!

Austin is hilarious!  He has one thing on his list…..a black car with a clock on the roof!  I have no idea what he means, it’s not ben 10 and he saw it in a red shop but they don’t sell food!  He is refusing point-blank to put anything else on his list!!  If you suggest anything he just says “no I’ll share Noah’s”…..except he hates football and says he doesn’t like pirates!!!!!!!!!!  Occasionally he agrees to add chocolate buttons!!!!

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