This is our blog… The King family!! There is Richard, Byrney(the author), Caitlin, Noah, Austin, Goa, Flip, Shawshank, Kingvan, Kevout and Elvis. And thats where my first error lies I can’t count and we are actually 2 kids and SIX minis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And since we started the blog we have added a campervan – Alfie to our collection and since the death of Elvis a beetle called Belle.

Caitlin was born on Sept 1st 2005 , Noah on Feb 22nd 2007 and Austin on May 25th 2009. (you’ll see much more of them on the blog so I’ll leave it there for them)

Goa was my first mini who unfortunately died! His replacement got his number plate but he rusted away! The next replacement also got the plate and name and he lives on in our garden (although he doesn’t look quite as well as he does here!!)


Next is Flip…he is awaiting restoration and again is in our garden…


Next is Shawshank….he belongs to Richard and well the excuse that he’s not finished is Caitlin and Noah!! One day he will be a really fast mini but at the moment he looks very sad and he lives in the garage!


Next is Kingvan..he was our wedding present cool eh??!!


Next is Kevout. He got his name because I bought him while I was pregnant with Caitlin and our friends kept telling people the baby was going to be called Kevin (no offence to people called Kevin!!) so as the car was on the outside he became known as Kevout!! I then sold him to the friends who named Caitlin Kevin and then Richard bought him back!!! Yet again he lives in the garage awaiting attention to his suspension then he’ll be off driving again!


 And last but not least is Elvis.  He is our only mini currently on the road.  He is really fast and has a roll cage so he is a very family friendly mini!  He has been our sole car for 7 months so anyone who tries to say you need a giant 4×4 or people carrier when you have kids is sooo wrong!


And thats us 3 kids and 6 minis!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 responses to “About

  1. I LOVE it! I always wondered about all your minis and now I know! The purple convertable is too cute- I always wanted a convertable!

  2. Clare

    I came across your blog by trying to find somewhere to take my 2 girls Grace & Olivia Strawberry picking so i googled ‘Kenyon Hall Farm’ as we live in manchester. Im expecting my 3rd baby and loved reading your blog, made me cry in parts and laugh in others. I just wanted to say how lucky you are and you have a beautiful family 🙂 love clare xx

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