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A very poor tooth fairy pillow

Well the tooth fairy worked late into the night trying to cobble together a bag but after quite a few attempts all that was possible was a very basic drawstring bag made of slightly sparkly purple fabric.

In my head I had planned to make a beautiful pillow with a pocket for the tooth/money.  I had an embroidered or appliqued fairy and tooth and Caitlin’s name!  With less time than I’d hoped I decided to try for a bag or pillow with Caitlin’s name embroidered on….  I kept getting to Cai and then the thread snapped or the thin fabric got chewed up.  After 4 attempts I decided embroidery was out until I’d had more practice.  So I went for a plain bag….even that I managed to make a mess of the first one…but finally I had a very simple bag and exchanged the tooth for a £1 and a book all about the tooth fairy which I had bought ages ago.

When Caitlin woke up she was very impressed with the sparkly bag and her money!  Although she is saving her money for the moment as she can’t think what to spend it on.  Noah suggested sweets but Caitlin said the tooth fairy wouldn’t like her buying sweets which I suppose is true!!!

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A big gap…

Caitlin has had a wobbly tooth for a while and it has been getting more and more wobbly.  I was really hoping it didn’t fall out while we were away…and she managed to hold on until the morning after we got back.  We were driving to school and she stuck her tongue out and said there was something on it so without looking I said just wipe it off and grabbed her a wipe.  Once it was out of her mouth she was very excited to see it was her tooth!!  The gap left behind looks enormous!!!!! 

So tonight she has gone to bed with her tooth in an envelope under her pillow…..and I believe the tooth fairy is having panic attacks making a last minute bag or pillow!!

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A fish and a monkey

While we were away in Wales Nanny was busy running back and forth sorting Caitlin’s dance show out.  She had 3 two hour long shows, a class practice and a dress rehearsal!  We came back a bit early from Wales to see the final show.  We took Noah along with us as I thought he’d like to see Caitlin perform.  Her first dance was a monkey dance which was great, then there were a few other classes performing during which Noah decided to start talking!  Caitlin had been told she had to have her hair in a bun and obviously Noah had heard us talking about that.  So he said in a fairly loud voice during a pretty quiet bit of a dance….”when they turn around I can see their buns”.  I nearly killed myself laughing!!!!!

Then Caitlin did a fish dance….

The costumes were amazing!!!  I have no idea who made them all but they were fantastic.  I was amazed by the whole show…. 

Caitlin’s dance school seems a lot more relaxed than the others, there is a uniform but it seems quite relaxed, just a set leotard which doesn’t seem compulsory and any ballet and tap shoes.  Hair has to be tied back but not in a bun normally…so I assumed when they said they were doing a show it would be a very informal thing at the church where the lessons are.  It was a massive event in Stockport Theatre with 3 shows and amazing costumes.  I’ve offered to help out next year so I hope I get to.

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Smugglers Cove

It was time for the annual mini trip to Wales and this year we went to a converted chapel called Smugglers Cove…

The house was owned by the same people who own the boat yard between the house and the beach so the house kind of had its own beach which was about 200m from the house.  We wandered down to the beach to explore and Richard pointed out an engine buried on the beach…and wondered what it was out of.  I had a look and realised it was a whole mini that was buried!!!!!!!

Given it was on the beach of the house we were in I thought that was a bit of a big coincidence!  It had obviously been buried for ages and basically the top had rotted off!  A few people dug down and all the bits under the pebbles and sand were still there!  Very odd.

On the Saturday we went out for a drive….

…over a really cool rickety bridge…

I love weird little bridges and toll crossings!  We then went for a wander around the town, went for a drink and drove back.

On the Sunday we had to set off for home early for a very special show………

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Goodbye playgroup

I have been going to a playgroup on a Thursday afternoon since Caitlin was about 6 months old.  It’s a great little playgroup, quite small with a crafty table, an outdoor area, a ball pool, a sit down snack time and songs at the end.  I started out taking Caitlin, then Caitlin and Noah…then Caitlin went to nursery and so I just took Noah, then Noah and Austin and now just Austin.  Today was the last session; it is subsidised by a government scheme which is being cut and so the playgroup has to finish.

The playground is attached to the school next door and Austin and his friends were fascinated by the girls practising a cheer leading routine!!

It’ll seem very strange to have Thursdays free after 5 years….

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Party time

Caitlin has been to a few birthday parties recently.  One was a joint party which is an idea that seems to be going down well in their class…I’m going to try to do a joint party for Caitlin with one of the others so that we can share the stress and the cost.

The joint party was a fancy dress party which the girls all loved and Caitlin went as a princess (of course).

They had hired an inflatable slide which the kids loved and had a fantastic time going around and around.  Later that week they had another party with a magician who had them all mesmerised!  They all loved it and Caitlin got to wear her new dress which she chose as her present for doing well at swimming and having a good parents evening.

….it spins!!!!!!!

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Out for tea!

Noah has seen Caitlin go to her friend E’s house for tea and E come to ours and has been desperate to go somewhere for tea or have someone for tea for ages!  With Richards shifts it takes quite a bit of planning to arrange to have someone over and with all the building work (our kids are used to tools being around…and bits and bobs not finished but I worry about others getting curious and hurt!) so I’ve been avoiding it!  Someone invited Noah over to theirs so he was beside himself with excitement!!!  The little boy who invited him is very quiet and reminds me a lot of Caitlin at his age so I think Noah’s confidence is good for him and he is a great calming influence on Noah.

So Noah went for tea and had a great time.  He had cheesy pasta which is his current favourite and biscuits!!!  When I collected him I tried to arrange a visit to our house and the earliest we could do (as in he could do anytime…) was MAY!!  So he is booked in for May!  I so so so hope Noah gets into Caitlin’s school.  I am really worried he won’t as they have changed the rules and siblings are no longer first in the priority which is great for all those only children out there but a completely impossible situation for anyone with more than one child..ah well fingers crossed!!

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