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The house shook!!!!!

We all (well except Caitlin!!) felt the earthquake last night.  I thought it was just a really loud and unevenly balanced freight train, Richard knew straight away it was an earthquake which I thought was a bit odd since they are so rare!  It was the strongest earthquake for 25 years.



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Kingvan’s home coming!!!

Tonight Kingvan finally made it to our house…..  Its too dark for new pics so here is an old pic taken when we got him!


Kingvan was modified when new by his owner who owned a sunbed company.  He had it extended so he could deliver the sunbeds.  He’s been off the road for years and years and my Mum and Dad gave him to us for a wedding present.  Spookily his number plate is our initials.


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For his birthday Noah got some things from the Thomas wooden train series.  We already have lots of the wooden road cars but hardly any track, so he got some more of that too.  After they went to bed, me and Richard set it out properly….we had a great time!!!!!!!!!!!

track1.jpg       road1.jpg
The next morning Caitlin was amazed by it all, Noah also like it but mainly liked to pull it all apart!!!!!

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Noah’s birthday party

Today we had Noah’s birthday party. The theme was animals so Noah dressed up as a cheetah/leopard and Caitlin was a ladybird…  We think Noah looks a bit like a yeti!!!!!!!!!!!

 costume.jpg        yeti1.jpg

 We had lots of party food which Noah loved, but unfortunately eating it wore him out and he fell asleep in his marshmallow wafer…..


 He managed to get a new lease of life and we played pass the parcel…..


Then (eventually!!) I remembered to get his cake out and we all sang happy birthday.


It was a good day and Caitlin and Noah were exhausted by the end…..


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New shoes and Birthday

Today is Noah’s birthday…..  We started with a lie in as Noah was obviously tired (for once!!)

Then we opened Caitlins presents to Noah and also ours….


 Then we went to meet Nanny and Amy.  We went to buy Noah his first pair of shoes, he had his picture taken and is a size 4g.  Caitlin is currently a 4.5f so she is a bit bigger than him at the moment!!  Here he is testing out his new shoes on the “magic” floor in Wigan.


When you walk on the floor the picture of water ripples where you stand and fish come out to swim!!!

We  then went for some dinner and Noah got some more presents from Nanny and Amy….


For tea we had a little cake and after that some present from Alex……

 cake.jpg       ntea.jpg

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Birthday eve

Bit late posting this.. Last night Caitlin wrapped her presents for Noah all by herself. This is the results!!!!


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Happy Birthday Tina!!!

Yesterday was Tina’s birthday so we went to Liverpool today for a little party!!  Caitlin and Noah got her a brain game for her DS and I took my DS so we played a few games (I had the youngest brain only beaten by Rich after lots of practice!! – Young is good by the way!)  We had party food and Noah showed off his dancing which is getting better and better.  Here is Tina opening her presents with lots of help….


And then we had cake….


We also had pressies for Amy as she has just moved into her first house, again she had lots of help opening her presents too!!  I was quite nervous since inside the big box is a big glass globe which is a lamp, looked a bit delicate for Noah’s drumming to me……

 allamy.jpg        ng.jpg

 Later on we made the sunglasses, necklace and sun parasol from Caitlin’s Dora magazine.  At least her nose won’t get burnt!!!!!!!

cdora2.jpg        cdora.jpg

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Birthday party.

Today we went to Jessicas 1st birthday party, she is Noahs friend from play group, they seem to follow each other around all the time.  They are really evenly matched as well, roughly the same size and both just walking.  We had a really good time and played with lots of toys and ate party food, Noah especially liked all the food!!!

cn1.jpg         jn.jpg

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A day out with the girls!!!

Poor Noah was slightly out numbered today when we went out with “Abookatie”!!  Abigail and Katie (2 separate people but I’m sure Caitlin thinks there is only one name as she always says “Abookatie”!!!  First of all we went for a walk in the park to see the animals…  We saw a Rog, a snake and some fish!!

 csnake.jpg     ck.jpg

After a quick play in the park and a stop for dinner, we headed back to Abigail and Katie’s house where we played with their guinea pigs.  Noah was fascinated by them – here he is staring in their cage….



 So we let him stroke Dora…or should that be poke poor Dora’s eye’s out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 Once Dora was safely away the girls decided to gang up on Noah and kiss him til he cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 We might have rescued him if he’d been nicer to Dora 🙂

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We’ve just returned from Peter’s funeral (Richard’s Mum’s partner). It was a lovely day, really sunny and actually quite warm. The wake was held at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club in Burnham and we spent most of the time out on the 1st floor balcony. There was no wind so with the sun we were all warm enough without coats.


Peter loved a good “debate” with people and every time me and Richard went down to visit he gave us grief on our collection of wrecks in our garden!! We always argued back but never very successfully on this one… During the church service we discovered at one time he had owned over 20 motorbikes!!!!!!! The cheek of it…..he is probably up there now having the last laugh that we never found that little snippet of information out!!!!!

Here are a couple of nice pics of Peter with Caitlin…

2005-10-23-09-11-33dscn0398.jpg 2005-10-23-09-17-04dscn0400.jpg


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