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Toys and feet!

We’ve been Christmas shopping, well I’ve got most things so just wandering really!!  Father Christmas was opening his grotto today with lots of photos etc, Caitlin was amazed to see him and just kept say “bringing toys”.  This time last year we were in Poland visiting Father Christmas there with real reindeer!!


We also did foot prints for the calenders which will be with you all very soon…then you can compare how much they have grown since last time!  I’m sure it wasn’t as much of a struggle to get both sets on the paper so both must have grown, one more than the other !!!!!

Now I’m off out!  On the last Friday of every month all the Mum’s go out!!!


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Mini club on tour

Last night was mini club on tour!!  Our regular pub has shut down temporarily as the owner has handed back to the brewery because she couldn’t find a buyer, but she’s taken all the furniture with her (it is hers!) so the brewery have had to shut to refurnish!  The new pub put out crackers for us and we all drew names for our secret santa presents!!


Today we’ve been out to play group.  As you can see Noah’s cough hasn’t put him off his food!!




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Head over heels…

Today we’ve been to head over heels with E! We had a brilliant time apart from 15 minutes of chaos when this “butter wouldn’t melt” cherub….


went missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her Mum, L, went searching for her for about 10 minutes…she went round and round the play area and she was no where to be seen. Panic set in and we all frantically rushed around the place looking for her…. She was found sitting quite contentedly joining in with someones lunch. She looked very at home and didn’t seem to notice the chaos going on without her! Needless to say I don’t think L has recovered just yet!

Caitlin spent all day just climbing all the way to the top of the play area and coming down the slide then going back up again! Noah still has a cold and so he just crawled about having the odd play….

cn.jpg       ce1.jpg



Yesterday we went shopping with Nanny and Amy!! Caitlin did lots of walking. Then I had some knitting lessons!!!!


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Bath and Christmas cards

Today Noah’s cough was a bit worse so we stayed in to keep our germs to ourselves!!  So we made Christmas cards, well we started them, the last part of mine is a lot harder than I thought it would be and I have to do 26 more of them….can’t tell you what or I’ll have to shoot you!!!!!!!  The first part of Caitlin and Noah’s did not go down well with the participants so we may have to re-think the design!!

After our arty antics, a fajita tea and porridge a bath was desperately needed ….


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Table football

We’ve just been to check out our local pub which re-opened a few weeks ago…and its closing again on Friday!!!!!!!  These people have to be the quickest to quit in the past 6 years. We’ve had a lot of landlords…some alcoholics that get booted out, others run away and others just quietly leave.  Shame really because Caitlin had a brilliant time playing table football with a girl called Elsie, even though Caitlin could barely see over the table!!


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Playing and my head popping off!!

Today we went shopping in the morning where we almost got trapped when some idiot parked so close to me I couldn’t get in the drivers door!  I had to get in the passenger side (after removing Noah’s car seat!!) while Caitlin and Noah were abandoned out in the carpark!!  My head very nearly popped off as Linda would say!  (If you click this link it should take you to why her head very justifiably pops off!! )

Anyway we got lots of bargains…then headed off for play group where Noah became a policeman!!


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Elvis is famous!!!

A few months ago we went to the Gold Cup at Oulton Park with Spam in his mini Vinnie!  He knew that the Mini Cooper Register had a club stand there with parking nice and close to the track, so he told the first marshall he had forgotten his ticket/pass, to which he was told no pass no entry to the club stand.  Spam proceeded to drive towards the track skipping public parking.  I just kept waving out of my window that I was with him.  We met another marshall who again asked for our passes and again told us we couldn’t go that way….again Spam continued driving and I followed pretending I had no idea where I was going but was just following!!  We took our place on the Cooper Register stand right at the front and promptly ran away to watch the racing.  All the other cars were very old and all coopers (Elvis isn’t a cooper) and all VERY clean.  Anyway today Mini Magazine came out and who has pride of place in the photo of the write up of the club stand..only Elvis and Vinnie!!!!!!!!  Ooop’s…if we see some Coopers trying to run us off the road we know why!  I’ll post a photo of the article when it is in the shops, probably next week!!!

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Today we went to Eureka!! It was really good, but its not cheap. A 3 year old has to pay full adult price (£7.25) and 1 and 2 year olds have to pay £2.25, only Noah was free. We got there at 10am and finally had to admit defeat and not finish it at 3.30pm as we all needed to get home, plus all the kids were dropping!!  We’d gone with Gemma, Katie and Abigail and also Susannah and Hannah

There is loads to do, I’m sure Caitlin didn’t fully understand it all but she had a great time. I think her favourite was pretending to shop in the miniature M&S….


Or maybe it was sitting on the watch in the giant sized garden, or listening to high pitched noises in the sound section???

cmagpie.jpg c.jpg

Even Noah had a good time. He loved playing the the giant mouth from the body section. There we measured weight and height. Well we tried, Caitlin was too short for the height machine (until I stretched her up a bit) it thought she was zero metres high!!! And when I tried to weigh Noah he kept pressing against the sides and lightening the load!


Noah also like playing the spark plug game and taking a ride in the car with Caitlin. All the cars had mini steering wheels…cooooolllllll!!!!!!!!!!

nspark.jpg cncar.jpg

We also ate our dinner on an old train carriage which Caitlin has been talking about ever since!!

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Weekend away…

We’ve been away to Nan’s for the weekend!!  We arrived on Friday afternoon where Noah ate his first proper meal in weeks I think he liked Nan’s cooking!!  (I had a sneaky taste and it was very nice)  We’ve got the recipe so we’ll be trying to recreate it soon.  Caitlin also had fun trying to teach Noah to climb the stairs, but I think he was a bit too heavy…


OnSaturday morning we went for a walk along the quay and then for a quick play in the playground.  We had to cut it short when Caitlin started turning a funny colour in the cold!

 cwall.jpg     n.jpg

 In the afternoon it was time for the celebrations to begin!!  Grandad and Grandma came over to join in and Nan had lots of nice nibbles out.  We managed to get through 6 bottles of champagne toasting the happy couple.  Caitlin managed to convince a few people to share their bubbly..well it was a special occasion!!

 ab.jpg           cchamp.jpg

 While Noah spent his time eating Grandma’s necklace and trying to teach Grandad to do high five!!

 ngr.jpg          ng.jpg

 On Sunday it was time to say goodbye and Noah had a last cuddle with Nan…



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Christmas swap

Its been ages since I updated my site… We’ve not been upto much as Noah is still a bit off colour.  I think he seems better today but I thought that last Sat.

I’ve signed up for a Christmas swap.  You have to send your partner a home made Christmas decoration and tell them all about your Christmas traditions.  My partner is over in USA which is great because I get to share our traditional English day and I should hear all about an American day.  I have my decoration idea sorted but I just need to think of some “English” surprises to include….

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