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Chatting away…

Noah is really starting to chat away.  He can say lots of words and some phrases.  He can say hiya, mummy, daddy, noah, mini, bye, baby, yeah, no, ta, uh oh, amy, narna (banana).  He can also say all done when he’s finished eating, row row and up stairs!!!!!!!  We have no idea why he has chosen up stairs to be one of his first phrases but he’s definately saying that as he points up there when he says it.

I’m sure he can say a lot more than Caitlin at this age…..  He also says No with a really strong Rochdale accent!!!


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Today we were supposed to be having a nice leisurely trip to the Blue Planet aquarium but Richard needed the car so we had to stay in!  Then the man fitting our windows phoned to say he couldn’t come tomorrow could he come today?  As we were carless and hence planless I said they could.  So now we have 3 new windows a day ahead of schedule.  I have also finished painting the front lounge so now we just need to clear it and we will be 4 rooms down, 2 rooms, 1 hall, stairs and landing and the minor task of a bathroom to go until we can go on the market!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is completely chaotic here because we have emptied the bathroom all over the landing, the new bathroom is all over our bedroom and everything in the living room is moved towards the middle in an attempt to make a start on that!!!

Messy doesn’t even begin to describe it……..

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I’m going to pop!

I really really am!!!!!!!!!!  The house we really like has been reduced which makes it a lot more affordable.  Well when I say we I really mean me since Richard hasn’t seen it yet!  He was banned in order to make the vendors think we weren’t that interested so they’d reduce it…it appears to have worked!!!  I am sooo sooo excited I think I am going to pop!!  Now we just need to get ours on the market which seems like a major task at the moment!!

So thats it really…….


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Yesterday we planted out the bedding plants that Nan bought for us.  Caitlin and Noah helped of course…..  By putting some compost in and patting it around the new plants…..

Then when the planting was done Caitlin helped to brish the spilt compost back into the border. No idea who put it all there…but Noah was covered in it near to the end!!!!!!

Then Noah had a drive of the car…

Before he decided the empty plant pot made a good hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy belated Birthday Noah!!!

Nan missed Noah’s birthday this year as Peter had just died.  So this morning we opened Noah’s birthday presents!  Nan had bought Noah a Thomas the Tank train set…..

Caitlin of course had to help open it…….

Then we set it up, and as you can see from the massive grin on Noah’s face it was a big success…

Then Nan did some reading with Caitlin before it was time for her to go home!

Yesterday Richard and his Mum took Caitlin and Noah plant shopping, there will be some photos of the plants as soon as they are planted!  Richard was supposed to be taking pics yesterday while I was at work but he forgot!!!!!!!!!!  We also went out for a drink which was good.

Caitlin has just been to wave Nan off at the train station….. Bye Nan hope you enjoyed your visit, I know we’ve all enjoyed seeing you!!  See you in a few weeks when we come down to yours.

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Nan’s visiting!

Nan has been visiting for a few days.  Caitlin and Noah have had lots of fun playing in the garden with her and reading books and sticking stickers!

Nan has also done loads of painting in the hallway which is great!!  It makes it looks lots bigger and is definately an improvement.  Yet again I’m not keen on the nuetral colours, which is good really because when its all complete I’m going to be very happy to move out and paint my new house in wild colours again!!!!

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Cloud 23

Last night we went to cloud 23 for a quick cocktail with Richards Mum. The weather was brilliant so we could see for miles and we had a nice window seat.
We then had a quick wander around the bar to see the other views then went for a tapas afterwards, which was also very nice. Then we had time for a quick drink before our train home…
Yesterday Richard and his Mum also worked on our garden and covered a rubbish border that just dies out with york stone which looks much better.

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A 1st birthday party

Yesterday we went to a first birthday party, a little girl called Esme.  Me and Noah met her at the under 1’s play group we used to go to on a Tuesday while Caitlin was at nursery.  It was a good day with lots of healthy party food.

Here is Noah with the birthday girl and her Nan….

And here’s Caitlin with another girl at the party…

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Head over heels, Lucy’s birthday and a Curry night…

Yesterday was a hectic day!!

First thing we went to Head over Heels for a play. Caitlin got quite hot and sat on my knee for a lot of time which isn’t like her. Noah did lots of running away!!

Linda did manage to get some good photo’s though and I’ve pinched them off her so here they are…

An amazing photo of Noah, Caitlin and Lindas little one all facing the front and all smiling!!

One of Noah and then another of the 2 girls holding hands with Noah!!!

And then as a special treat a photo with me in to prove I do actually go to these things!!!

After that we went to Lucy’s house for tea as its her birthday today. We had a roast dinner and then decorated gingerbread men.

Then it was time to go for a curry. The mini club had arranged a night out so we went. Caitlin and Noah have never had a curry before!! Noah liked the red onions and mango chutney with his popadoms and so did Caitlin. Noah also put some of his popadom in his ear!!! This is his latest trick, everything I leave him to eat alone goes in or very close to going in his ears!!!!!!!!! Here he is with something on his head!!

Caitlin fell asleep before the main course, but Noah seemed to like his chicken dhansak. He didn’t like the lemon though, unlike Caitlin who loves lemons!

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Loads of pots of sunflowers

Yesterday Caitlin and Richard repotted all the sunflower seedlings (and other plants in the house). Caitlin came back from B&Q and told me she’d bought pompom! Turns out that was compost for the seedings!

So no we have loads of little pots waiting for our summer to start so they can go in the garden!!!!!

We also now have the new bathroom suite all ready for installation in 2.5 weeks Arrrggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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