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We seem to have been abandoned!

Our roofers are snowed in…and we are left with no roof!!!!!!!!  It is pretty cold up here…it did drop to -10’C at our local observation station about 3 miles away….lets hope the snow goes away and we get a new roof!!!!!!!!  At least our new snow boots are getting good use on our walk to school….

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I promise….

Caitlin has been going to Rainbows for a few months now and tonight was her night to make her promise.  She had a bit of a hang up about saying “God” since I told her it was a naughty word (not within the promise but more that you shouldn’t take the Lords name in vain type thing) but she got there in the end!  She said it along with 5 other girls in 2 groups of 3.  The first 3 said it nice and loudly but Caitlin’s group you could barely hear any of them!!!!  They then sang some slightly odd songs and she got her badge…..

Caitlin has been practising the words for her promise all week and obviously Noah has been joining in…and typically he has taken great pleasure in saying God in a very dramatic voice each time it got to that bit!!!!!!

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Party gatecrasher

Today Caitlin was invited to a party by a boy in her class.  It was at a softplay centre which has a fantastic idea….on the invite it advertises a sibling deal!  You can take the siblings along for £5 each including a meal!  The party was over tea time and Richard was working so we all went!!   It was actually a private party so just his friends and any siblings so it was brilliant.  Austin had a fantastic time and played with all of the bigger kids who all seemed to love him!

He  also cheered up for photo time earlier in the day………

I think it was the new clothing he didn’t like!  He seems to have a real problem with new things…any new clothes or food he gets really wound up about!!!!!  Odd child!!

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Never work with children or animals!!!

…or you get this…..

…we are working on a top-secret project so until then I thought I’d ask some questions and see how much has changed since I last did that!

What do you want to be when you grow up….

    Caitlin – a princess (better than a tooth fairy I suppose!)

    Noah – a dragon??  (How does his mind work!?  I am gutted he doesn’t want to be a mini any more!)

Who is your best friend?

    Caitlin – Eleana and Vika

    Noah – Alex

What is the best thing at school?

     C – the giant’s castle

     N – the water table

What is your favourite colour?

     C – pink and purple

     N – blue

Favourite food?

     C – fajita’s , raclette and cheesy pasta

     N – cheesy pasta

Favourite book?

     C – the tickley octopus

     N – the Gruffalo  (added after Caitlin’s answer – the tickley octopus)

Favourite toy?

     C – dolls

     N – minis

Who’s your favourite..Elvis or Jap Taxi?

     C – both (so diplomatic!)

     N – Elvis  (added after Caitlin…Oh yeah both…. Not really he’s just copying ha ha!!)

Which car are you going to have when you grow up?

     C – a convertible mini

     N – a mini  (added after Caitlin…oh yeah with no roof!…such a copycat!)

What’s your favourite clothes?

     C – dresses

     N – my green mini t-shirt

What are you asking Father Christmas for?

     C – a twizzeling out dress

     N – a campervan bed, a new bedroom and minis and cars!

What does Austin want for Christmas?

     C – a colouring book

     N – minis, a campervan bed when he’s bigger….

And then I gave up!  Noah is so easily influenced!!!!!  I asked him first, but he then added things after listening to Caitlin!  Glad to see he still rates minis right up there and they are in so many answers!!!!

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It’s minus 6’C…and we have had this done….

Yes!  We have had our roof removed!!!!!!!!  We have finally been given permission to have our loft converted and so work has begun!  It will be great to have enough bedrooms for us all but given the temperature at the very nearby weather station got to -6’C last night this week is a bit of bad timing for no roof!

Richard has been having a great time climbing up the scaffolding having a closer look at the roof and views so I sent him up with my camera!!

Brrrrr…its’ cold!!!

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Gigantic desks!

Today work has started on our loft conversion!  It won’t be complete for Christmas which is a shame but at least they’re not rushing it or blagging us that it will be done.  Today the scaffolders have put scaffolding all around our house which has fascinated Austin no end!  He has been staring out of the windows at them.  When Noah got home from school he asked why we had big desks all around the house???  Very strange thing to think they are but that’s not really any great surprise coming from him……  I just hope there isn’t too much disruption during the whole thing.  First job is to re-roof so that shouldn’t affect us….

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Spots for Caitlin!

School had a non-uniform day and a face painting session for Children in Need.  Caitlin was really excited about getting spots painted on her face so off she went with her pound in her pocket!  And when we picked her up she’d had a great day and she had the hardest to see spots imaginable!!!

She had picked pink (obviously!) but they have painted her in very pale pink spots!

After school they went straight to Nanny and Grandad’s for the weekend while me and Richard went to the Christmas markets and then on a night out.  The markets were ridiculously busy…really must go back during the week so I can actually see!  After the markets we went for a quick meal before meeting some people for a night out.  Once we met up we discovered we were meeting for a meal….so we ordered again!!!!!!!  Fortunately mine wasn’t very nice anyway so it was lucky I wasn’t hungry!!!!!!  Was a good night though..and we’ll know not to eat next time!

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