The park in the sun….followed by a party

It was lovely and sunny so we went to the park with a few of Austin’s friends.  It was a little park right outside my friend’s house but we’ve never been to play there before.  It’s brilliant, small but plenty for little ones to play on….

We stayed for ages, time just flew by!  I can’t believe how hot it was either…hopefully this means summer has arrived!!!!

Before we knew it, it was time to go home for some dinner and a snooze before school pickup and a party!!  Richard is still on lates so they all had to come with me again.  It was at a soft play so it was no problem, but it was about a million degrees in there!  They were all running around like lunatics….

Caitlin and Austin spent ages with another sibling blocking the slide with big foam blocks …..

By the end of the party every child was just a massive sweaty mess…..

..but I hope the heat lasts so we can go out and about!!!!


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