Happy 3rd Birthday Austin!!!

Today Austin turns three!!  That has gone so quickly…and then again I can’t remember him not being here!!  We started the day with some presents…..

Caitlin and Noah had both picked out little presents for him…

….and he also got a scooter as his main present….

….which he was desperate to get out on it!  The sun was shining so we went to a little park in the village for a quick scoot.

Since the weather was so good we headed home to get the paddling pool out and Austin had a great time playing in the water with two of his friends…

After the paddling pool we had a party lunch with Richard before he went to work.  We had a cake, although the candles refused to stay alight!!

As I’ve said before, Austin really doesn’t like cake and didn’t want any of this cake which was no surprise…so we didn’t cut it up instead we saved it to do candles with again when Caitlin and Noah got home…and he had some strawberries, his current favourite!

We then went to his swimming lesson and then picked the others up from school and headed back for their lesson!  After swimming we had chippy tea at Austin’s request and had the cake again!!

For some unknown reason Austin decided he did want some of the cake and ate a whole piece!!!!!!

I think he enjoyed his birthday, well maybe apart from the swimming lesson which he isn’t really that keen on at the moment!!


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