Pine-cake Tuesday

Our pine-cake Tuesday (as Noah kept calling it!) started with an early birthday cake for Noah…

O & A were around after school so the cake was more for them really…and I forgot to get non-pink candles…but Noah loved it.

For tea we had savory pancakes with bacon and cheese…..

They went down very well with Caitlin and Noah….

Austin, as usual, was very reluctant to even try the savoury pancake, but eventually did and kind of liked it…

…then when we gave him a sugar and lemon pancake he reacted as if we’d poisoned him!!  And then when we got him to have another bite (for the camera since his first reaction was so funny) he was almost sick!!!!!!

He also wouldn’t eat a nutella one…and wouldn’t even try syrup!!!!!  Noah, obviously, loved the sweet ones and Caitlin ate FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!  I still do not know where she puts it all!!!!!


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