Another weekend …..another..yep you guessed it THREE parties!!

Three more parties….(2 of them joint ones…so 5 presents)  This weekend though it was the turn of Austin to have the most invites..but Noah still had one…and poor Caitlin none again!!  Austin’s parties were back to back so we set off with the 3 presents so we could go straight to the next one.  The first one was the little sister of one of Caitlin’s friends who we play with on a Friday morning.  I really wish I had taken Caitlin along because M really missed her.  I’d left Caitlin because I was going to 2 parties and Richard just the 1 so thought it would be best for her to gate crash just the 1….

L’s party was in a church hall where I used to go to playgroup with Caitlin when she was a was really odd being back.  It was a great party, really simple, just loads of toys out for them to play with, a bit of party food…

…a game of pass the parcel and then as it was lovely and sunny they took the bigger toys outside…


While we were at this party Richard set off to Noah’s friends party.  It was fancy dress so Noah went as a pirate….

I couldn’t decide if Caitlin should get dressed up too since she wasn’t actually invited but in the end we said she could….so she went as Tinkerbell

Richard wasn’t too impressed because he got roped into being a laughing policeman!!!  But he survived!

Austin’s next party started at the same time his first party ended, and it was about 8 miles away so we had to leave a bit early from the first party.  The second party was for a set of twins he is friends with.  They had a sensory party which was great too!!  I am going to make Austin’s party a combination of both of today’s parties!!  Again they had loads of toys out which they played with…

…then they played pass the parcel, but because they were little rather than getting the parcel when the music stopped, you got it when your name was on it!!  It was a great idea and meant everyone got a turn without worrying about missing someone…I’ll definitely be pinching that idea!!

…more party food!!!!!!!!

….and lots of games with big sheets of foil, ducks, frogs, play doh, gloop and giant inflatable balls….

I got a bit carried away with blurring out the other people and blurred Austin as well…but it was more a photo for the giant ball rather than a good picture of Austin!!!!!!

Finally the mammoth party Sunday was over…but there are still more parties to come!!!!!!!!!!!

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