Mad Science

Caitlin and Noah have joined an after school club called Mad Science.  It’s quite pricey but we decided they could go, I especially thought they should go with it being science-y!!  Really Noah is probably a little bit young to fully appreciate it, but Caitlin already does quite a lot after school so it didn’t seem right to send her to something else and Noah to miss out again.  It’s a one-off course so a one-off payment!!

So far they have learnt all about light and came home with a black light and black light pen along with some toy money to add a mark to that would show up under the black light.  Each week they get something to bring home which is part the cost.  They have also learnt about chemicals, although from their descriptions I’m not certain exactly what they learnt about the chemicals!  That week they got a beaker to bring home and a tongue, hair and stickers to decorate it with….

They had a week were they brought aeroplanes home to make…

This week they have come home with worms!!!!!!!!  They have to feed them and look after them for a few days and then release them out into the garden!  They forgot all about the worms by day 2 so I am glad we don’t have any pets!!!!!!!!!!!!

They seem to be really enjoying the sessions and have learnt quite a bit.


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