Today was the first proper day of half term and I was looking after Caitlin’s friend so we went to the museum of science and industry.  It’s ages since we’ve been there, with school it’s really hard to go.  I don’t like taking Austin because I always worry I won’t make it back in time for school pick up!  They had loads going on for the holidays, in the engine room there was wax crayon painting…where they drew a picture with a crayon then made it stand out with paint on the top…

..they all loved that and we left our paintings to dry while we looked around the rest of the museum.  There was more colouring in the polymers in sport exhibition which the girls loved.  Austin spent all his time there playing golf with a plastic golf club, and Noah watched them press car bodies out of recycled plastic sheets!!

We ate lunch by the side of the steam train ride which they all loved watching…

…and so we went on….

There was just about enough time to go to Xperiment and lift the mini, I love that bit!

We then had to rush to catch our train and in the process forgot to collect the paintings…there were a few tears from Caitlin but apart from that little blip it was a great day….


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