Camping in Alfie!!

Just in time Richard got Alfie back together…well together enough to set off!!!  We were a bit late and so the people we were meeting all went on ahead.  So we packed Alfie and all got in….I got about 50 metres away and it was completely impossible to get into gear so I stopped and got out!!  Richard thought I was exaggerating and so had a go.  We’d get going then as we tried to change into 2nd gear it was nowhere to be found, we’d lose momentum and gain a queue of traffic behind us and come to a stop…with some beeping and bad looks!!!  Richard limped (with a lot of gear crunching) about 3 or 4 miles away and again came to a complete stop….next thing we knew a car pulled up just in front of us and someone got out.  Turned out they had seen us having trouble and had turned around to come and help us as they have a bay camper same year as Alfie!  While he was asking if he could be of any help Richard was messing with the clutch pedal and it suddenly popped back into the right place and all looked much improved!  The friendly campervan man followed us for a while but since everything seemed much better we waved him off and he turned back to his original destination and left us to it, and so we were finally on our way……. 

Finally we arrived at the show…busfreeze…and had a much deserved drink!  We went to the show with 2 sets of friends and their kids.  One of them had brought a caravan (Betty) so we made a little square out of all the vehicles!!


The kids had a fantastic time watching films on Dave’s tele in his blue van (which you can’t see on the picture above) – his is a really modern VW camper….which me and Cath really didn’t “get”…it just looks like a transit van with a bed in to us!!  We then hung our curtains..which caused many laughs at us doing that in the dark and so close to actually needing them!  Noah then asked to go to bed, so we posted him onto the parcel shelf in 2 sets of pj’s and with a hot water bottle and a duvet!  Soon after Caitlin asked to go to bed too…..

You can just see Noah peeping out at the back of the van from under the pile of duvet!!  Caitlin has got the school bear…Barnaby…for half term so he had come too!!  I totally forgot to take a photo of all of us crammed into Alfie which is a shame since all 5 of us somehow managed to sleep in just one (almost) double bed!!!!!  I was convinced since it was the end of October we would be freezing but it turned out that the weather was amazingly good to us and so with all the layers we’d all put on, we were boiling!!  Noah kept flinging his duvet onto Caitlin who in turn kept plonking her legs on top of mine and Austin’s heads!!!  Austin also managed to take up almost half of the width of the bed leaving me and Richard with the other half between us both!!!!!!!  We didn’t get a great nights sleep but it was a lot better than we expected!  We now have many plans for improvements for next time!!!

We were first up out of our group, although not as early as we had feared!!!  The kids were full of beans and ran around singing harvest festival songs while Cath very kindly cooked our breakfast as we hadn’t quite got the cooker back in!!!!

Since we hadn’t really had proper tea the bacon butties went down very very well!!!!!

In fact the bacon butties were the only proper food we had all weekend…there was a ridiculous amount of junk food, everyone kept coming over and giving more biscuits, chocolate puddings, rocky road..etc etc… Noah was in his element!!!!!!

Once we were done getting ready we headed over to the show where they all picked out their favourite vans…. Austins….

…Caitlin’s….very shiny of course!!!

…and Noah’s…complete with sirens…obviously!!!

After checking out lots of other vans I decided I didn’t like the curtains I’d made!!!  So I am planning to make them again, slightly differently (on tracks rather than wires) and in the lime green fabric that was my first choice originally!!  It was then time for a few more photo’s before home time….

….and Alfie with Eddie (with our kids and my Godson in front of them!!)

..I think H was tired and ready for home!!!!  So we set off for home all very tired, but thinking our first proper outing was a pretty good success!!  Now we just need to do the seats and covers properly and also fit the hammocks so that it’s not all 5 of us in the one bed!!!!!!!!!!


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