Ponderosa rural retreat

We got a discounted ticket to the Ponderosa rural retreat along with a couple of friends so we all arranged to go over half term.  We bought some animal feed but they weren’t very keen on feeding the animals….

We went around to the indoor area which was very very smelly!!!!!

I can’t remember which animals were at the beginning but they had just been cleaned out and so were marking their territory which was very potent and very disgusting!!  We moved quickly out of there and into the pet section where Noah and Austin both held rabbits….

In the next section were the reptiles which were out of their tanks….

It’s funny, these are the only animals Caitlin isn’t scared of.  She refused to go near the rabbits but was happy to stroke the snake and would have held it if she got the chance.  She must remember Tye, my snake….

We then went to go on the pony rides but we were a bit too late so we had lunch and played in the beach area.

Then the ponies had finished their break and they all got a ride.

Caitlin surprised me by going on the biggest pony without even a second thought…seems she was happy to ride it but not feed them!

Even Austin got a turn on a little pony which he loved!!

By the end of the day Noah and Austin were happy to feed the animals, but Caitlin still wasn’t sure.

Our ticket included a little ice cream so we had that before going home….


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