Mini in the Park

On the way home from Nan’s we went to Mini in the Park.  Just as we arrived the monster trucks and stunt driving were going on so we went there to watch….

The monster truck only managed 2 goes over the cars before it broke its back wheel and had to stop…

…so we wandered off for our dinner.  After that it was the jet car!  Austin had fallen asleep and somehow managed to stay asleep right through it all!!  The jet car is seriously noisy so I have no idea how!

We then walked around the show and saw the minis.  Noah and Austin also bought a drag car and monster truck and Caitlin got a note pad.  We then saw the stunt bikes.  Austin loves bikes (maybe even more than cars!!) and he spent the whole time copying their “no hands” and jumping up in the air pretending he was on a ramp!!!!

…luckily he didn’t fling himself upside down when he saw them doing this……

After the bikes it was Terry Grant, a stunt driver who drives on 2 wheels and gets out of a don-nut’ing car!!!  Here he is getting out of his car….it is spinning around while he does this….

Just as we were leaving there was a jet car that was letting people sit in in return for a charity donation so they all sat in….

Noah also found a piece of tyre rubber on the ground which he was pleased with!!!


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