Flowers and an early birthday party

Today was our last full day at Nan’s and the weather was looking iffy again!  When it brightened up the kids played in the garden for a bit….

Nan’s boarders look so bright and colourful…I’d love ours to look like that…maybe one day!  After lunch we went to see Nan’s allotment….

She has 2 allotments next to each other, one for veg and the other for flowers.  Today was the local flower and veg show and Nan had entered a few of her flowers so we went to see.  The flowers were all gorgeous and the veg was massive and so perfect!  I was very impressed with these cabbages….

Lots of Nan’s flowers won and so she got a trophy to bring home!! 

As it was our last night and so close to Caitlin’s birthday we went out for a meal.  Sit down…here is a very rare and token photo of me!!  There’ll be another in about another 18 months!!!!

We had a lovely meal and cake and presents for Caitlin…who will be SIX in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!  I have no idea where the last 6 years have gone!!!!


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