I got a deal on a website for 75% discount on a ticket for Gauntlet, a bird of prey centre near by.  It worked out £5 for me and the kids and that also got another child and her mum in too which was a bargain so we got it.

We got to see loads of birds of prey but it was a bit odd because they are all just tethered to a branch which seems a bit cruel.  During the feeding of the vultures the man assured us they all get flown and are happy tethered but I’m still not sure!  Anyway, they have passports that they give to the kids and they have to find the stamps as they visit each bird and when they hand in a completed passport they get some sweets!  I think this was the highlight for all of them!!!!  Although Caitlin was quite taken by a little owl that she thought was very cute….

The flying display was really good, the birds really get close to you…this very blurry photo shows how close!

They also wander around by your feet.  Noah seemed oblivious to the vulture about to walk by him but you can just see Austin looking over.   Austin was very excited by the birds flying around him which surprised me as he’s normally scared to death of animals close to him!

Gauntlet was good but I’m not sure the kids loved it enough to pay the full entry (although I’m sure those birds aren’t cheap).  We were only there about 2 hours and then we went to a park for a bit of a play…..

…and daredevil Austin set to work scaring people!!


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