Sun, sun, sun!

It is brilliantly sunny here!  The mum’s from reception meet up for coffee after drop off on a Friday and there are quite a few of us with little one’s about to turn 2.  Today as it was really lovely and sunny we went to the park after coffee.  They all had a great time playing around on the swings and checking out the ducks….

We ended up staying for longer then we thought so we also had some lunch and then a run around in the trees…..

There was just time to go home and collect Caitlin and Noah’s swimming things and get to school!  When we got to swimming Graham was assessing them and Caitlin came away with a National Swimming Award level 2 and Noah a level 1.  Caitlin is getting on brilliantly with her swimming, every week she swims stronger and further it’s great.  It was also brilliant that she got a level higher than Noah…..she is always either equal or sometimes behind him, so it’s great to see her get that little bit further.  They were both very pleased with their awards and so as it was still sunny when we got home we had tea outside!!!

…shame our outside is still like a war zone!!!!!  But they were still excited to get to eat out there!


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