Parents morning for Noah

We had a meeting with Noah’s teacher this morning…we weren’t expecting it to be that great as he is currently friends with a pretty naughty boy and it is affecting his (and a few others) behaviour.  The other teacher in the class has also recommended we tell him not to play with him because he is like a different person when he is with him.

So we went in and she didn’t really mention his behaviour, although the other teacher has mentioned it is much improved since he isn’t playing with E.  It was mainly a review of where Noah is up to with regards to the foundation stage.  As nursery isn’t compulsory the guidelines cover both nursery and reception and all of the targets within it are things that you should have achieved by the end of reception.  His teacher said Noah has pretty much achieved all of the desired outcomes already which is fantastic news.  She then asked us what we would like to set as something to work on for the summer term, and so I said his writing as I thought it wasn’t that great.  She then said that Noah has exceptionally good writing for a boy as they tend to be behind in writing.  So we agreed he’d work on that but also on his reading.  He is currently boycotting Caitlin’s reading homework and can read and spell about 70% of Caitlin’s spelling and read most words in her books.  He can count to 100 occasionally needing help and can do the simple addition and subtraction that Caitlin has on her school website.  So all in all he is doing really well and has a fantastic base for moving up to reception.

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