The sun continues!

When we got up this morning the sun was shining again so we went for a quick park trip before ballet!  We took the bikes obviously!  But being a bit unpractised at the bike lark I forgot helmets which is not good considering how fast Noah now rides!!!  They had a great time twirling around…..

….running about…..

I really need to go on some sort of course so I can use my new camera properly!  The grass is in perfect focus…shame the kids aren’t!  They are still better photo’s than my other camera but one day when I find a course that fits in with the dreaded shifts I’ll learn how to get the right things in focus!

I tried to get a nice photo of Caitlin in the flowers…..

….and Austin the eternal copycat (aside from talking!!) also had a turn!!!!!!

Caitlin then found some other flowers so I got a nice photo of her with those!!

Then there was just time to ride over to the playground before we had to head off to ballet….


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