Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer was visiting Manchester so we went to see her!  Caitlin was fascinated that she had come out of our tele and into town!!  And she wondered who would put her back….she really doesn’t get the tele thing!  The queue was pretty small and we hardly had to wait at all…then we realised why…we had about 1 minute with her.  It felt seriously rushed we literally got to stand in front of her take one photo and then we were shoved out of the way for the next person!!

Austin made it about half way to Dora and then screamed the place down, looked terrified and ran away!!!  They all got a little keyring and a colouring book which was quite nice, but then it was all over!  I had expected it to all take over an hour (including queueing) so once we were done we were at a bit of a loss!  We went and played by a water feature for a while but Austin was really bored watching and it wasn’t really safe for him to get out and play so we went home….

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  1. That Dora thing was a total rip-off!! I thought it was going to be a show so I think I was more disappointed than you were. Ah well Es enjoyed and came home with a free toy so shouldn’t complain.

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