VW Northwest

Today we went to VW Northwest to see the camper van’s and beetles.  It was threatening to rain but luckily it held off…  While we were looking at the for sale campers (we wish we could afford a decent camper van!!!!!!!!) Caitlin spotted a frog and picked it up straight away!  It’s weird she’s suddenly got really brave with picking animals up..it’s brilliant!!

We also spotted the camper van that some friends had for their wedding car….

and we have a similar photo to this from July 07!!!!!

…except with Caitlin peeping into the wheel!!

It was a great day, the camper van crowd are so crafty there were loads of things I saw that I thought ooo I could make that!  Soon we are planning to have a loft conversion, so everyone will have their own room…I’ll be making some things I saw for their rooms as Christmas presents!!

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  1. LOVE VW campers!! We found a great big whopping frog in our garden on Saturday too! It jumped into a little puddle of water in one of Es’ toys. Entertained us for a while but then again we’re easily amused!

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