Family fun day

We’d arranged to meet with all of Caitlin and Noah’s school friends and someone suggested a family fun day as our meeting place.  It was very rainy when we set off so I wasn’t very hopeful, but it was great!  There was loads for them to do….  We made a willow snail (times 2!) which are brilliant and will go perfectly in Caitlin’s bedroom with the willow butterfly we made a few years ago.  Then we visited the healthy eating stand where we got some free fruit to make a fruit salad, some bean bags and scarves to play around with (to keep you active!) and some bags filled with leaflets.  Caitlin then made a mask and entered a colouring competition while Noah spent a good 30 minutes completely mesmerized by a clown!!  He didn’t move a muscle, except to help with the tricks and balloon modelling…I think he might want to be a clown when he grows up!!  Then they had a go at some circus games….

Then we went and made a medieval necklace (Caitlin) and a clay pot (Noah) before they went to play in the hay!!

Austin wasn’t too impressed with the hay…he kept changing his mind if he liked it or not…

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