School report time….Noah

This week was school report time.  Noah’s report is lovely, it is full of compliments about his intelligence and full of comments about his energy!!!  Here are a few quotes…..

“Noah is such a delightful young boy with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to learn.  He always arrives into nursery with a beaming smile and he is an extremely sociable boy.”

“He has an extremely close relationship with his older sister Caitlin and this is lovely to see.”

“Noah co-operates well in a group and his listening skills are quickly developing”  Glad his listening skills are developing at nursery because he certainly doesn’t listen to us :-)!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Noah is a competent talker” don’t we know it ha ha!! “and speaks very clearly and with a good vocabulary for his age.”  “he already recognises many letter sounds and can write his first name independently”

“Noah has good counting skills especially for his age”

“Noah is a delight to have in the nursery, with an adorable cheeky smile.  I am extremely pleased to be teaching him next year.”

So a fantastic report…we are really pleased with it.  We know he is clever and it’s really nice to hear a professional say so too.  It’s also really nice to hear them comment on how close him and Caitlin are, let’s hope they stay close and watch out for each other and Austin in the future.


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