School report time….Caitlin

Caitlin’s report was great as we expected.  It was full of comments about what a lovely person she is, how she is doing all the things she should be and is ready for school.  Here are some quotes….

“Caitlin has a delightful personality, she is very kind, caring and helpful”

she “has now learnt to stand up for her own rights”

“Caitlin has a competent grasp on the English language and is able to communicate effectively and maturely”

“She is becoming more confident with oral blending and segmenting and has a good understanding of alliteration.”

“She is very caring and interested in living animals although doesn’t feel the need to touch them or get too close!”

“She is a competent artist and draws lovely detailed pictures over which she takes great care and consideration”

Another fantastic report!!!  It’s good to hear that she is standing up for herself but nice to hear that it hasn’t come at the expense of her caring about others.


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